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The Grinning Skull, End of year crowd funding round up

30 Dec

Hello all, hope your enjoying the holiday season and santa brought you something nice!!

Ok I thought I’d give you a heads up on some of the stuff we have been following on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowd funding sites, as well as a couple to look out for too. Lets start with a new project hoping to get you, the public, to part with your hard earned cash to get some cool things into production….



If your a fogey like me, you might remember the GW game Bloodbowl, a fantasy gridiron football board game. It was pretty good as I remember, we had loads of fun making leagues, playing matches and creating sometimes offensive named teams…I aint played in years, but there still is a large community of fantasy footballers out there still playing it and other similar games along those lines. Now, Tor games want to get these little fellows into production. A “stitch-punk” team that seems straight from the console games, “little big planet”. We love Sackboy and all his crazy costumes in my house, and I love these equally, even so I don’t play any games these would be used for! Check it out and snag a team! I hope that they have the good sense to release some of these stitch-punk creations for a fantasy and scifi setting too in te not too distant….

Britanan All Stars – Relics:AL Fantasy Football Miniatures by Tor Gaming — Kickstarter.



This one I think isn’t going to make it. I had my reservations when I first saw it, as they were asking for a shed load of cash, but very little real concrete details. I still wish them all the luck in the world, but I think that they need to put more work into the thing before launching another campaign.

Museum of D&D



So, this one failed. Much as most LARP is still looked upon with wonder and regarded with suspicion and distain by normals. So it is a no brainer that the world is not ready for LARP just yet. It is a shame that people with the inspiration in the live roleplaying community won’t get to see their good ideas into reality, and I think that while LARP is a niche hobby, there is a place for a magazine like this, and the failure is possibly down to the Apathy I have seen, time and time again by other LARPers (That’s what it’s like in the UK anyway!) Bad luck folks and I do hope you keep trying, and regroup and re-evaluate the project rather than give up on it! Oh, maybe it was bad karma to change the mag’s name part way through your campaign….!

Role play magazine (Live Action magazine)



As I like zombie movies, and I love post apoc movies too, I know I’m going to buzz off this. Described as Mad Max with zombies, I have a feeling that many others will too. Go and have a look at how you can get involved with some production credits and even be on set if you become a funder (Hey, you can even be in for the whole red carpet premiere thing,if you fancy sticking your hand in your pocket to help fund the rest of the movie!) It’s most certainly one you should at least check out. Very cool!

Wyrmwood-zombie movie.


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It’s the 21st and we’re still here….Happy Yule!

21 Dec


English: Mayan calendar created by a modern cr...

English: Mayan calendar created by a modern craftsman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harold Camping in 2008

Harold Camping in 2008. A few years before it would be revealed as a lying fantasist.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, what a surprise. It’s the Mayan day of apocolypse and we are still here. Still there are some that are citing that it’s still coming, to be invaded by saucers over the remaining temples that the sun shines on at the exact point of the equinox, as well as other crazy ideas that are floating around, as of 5.30am UK time, we are told that we have just 6 hours left.

As I and lots of others expected, it goes down in the long list of stupid predictions foretelling the end of days.

It kind of takes me back to last year with the prophecies that Harold Camping came out with, first stating that the rapture would come on May 21st 2011, with earthquakes and related fire and brimstone god bothering balloney. The earth would apparently shift its axis, and pretty much destroy humanity, taking 3% population to heaven….but on the 22nd, nothing happened.

When this date came, he retracted what he’d said and “rescheduled” it for October 21st 2011, which of course never happened either. Quick to escape from the shame of being a total lying douche, he retired from the prophecy business to study the bible better (Apparently  he had a stroke, what he was stroking is up for issue, it seemed like he had been stroking his ego for years, I fear it was more like stroking his cock as clearly he was a wanker!)

Humanity has a primordial fear deep inside them, this comes out as a strange self hate that almost begs the question if we all have a inner self destruct button, each one of us secretly praying for the end of days. Just take a look back at the countless foretelling of earths destruction. Sure, the world will end one day, when the sun swallows us whole in a great red giant, but by that time if humanity survives to that point, we will probably have developed the technology to escape of planets fate and find new places to infest in true Star Trek style (Lets hope the fashion will not be as crap)

I’m also sure that the many people here all over the UK suffering from severe flash flooding today, I’m sure that they feel as if a biblical flood has been visited on them on this auspicious day, plus countless others around the world who are really suffering in natural disasters, famines and wars, but hey lets have our press and media focus on this total crap “Mayan Apocolypse” prediction to make us all feel even worse about what it means to be human and living here on earth.

I’m no christian, and I feel that again the old establishment is trying to derail what is potentially a quite hopeful start for our future, after all it’s the equinox, or “Yule” to us paganistic types, the original celebration of the winter and end of the year until the brainwashed god botherers warped it to include biblical rubbish for our pagan ancestors.

Yule is the real basis of Xmas, nothing to do with baby jesus and donkeys, even good old Father Crimbo has more of a basis as an original (The bearded one bears resembelance to the winter king of old), Yes my friends, your Xmas may well be more ungodly than you imagine!

This day should be time for celebration in a world of economic uncertainty, wars and suffering, not fervently bead jiggling and praying for salvation from Nibiru! The fact that this cycle of the Mayan calendar runs out should be cause to look ahead to the start of a new cycle. Not our end.

Happy Mayan Apocolypse day all!!

Oh and happy Yule too!!

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If this is right, we all love Satan!

18 Dec
Person using cell phone while driving.

Person using cell phone to call the devil while driving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does ‘LOL’ Mean ‘Lucifer Our Lord’? | LiveScience.

Now, we’ve all used the various acronyms in text messaging or the net from time to time, but some online sources are now citing that putting LOL at the end of your messages is just an affirmation to Satan!

Again the endless capacity for human stupidity the net allows, makes me smile at that the fact these God botherers seem to persue drivel like this, again and again. Why do people waste valuable time coming up with this crap? Shouldn’t these “good Christian” folk be doing some useful work in the community instead of speculative  obsessing over silly things?

Any informed Heretic worth his salt would tell you, even if any of the supposed acronyms had been used as an invokation, it is the intent of the writer/poster/message sender etc, that determines the affirmation, not the interpretation of others that counts in any occult sense.

All this nonsense, and talk of Nibiru too!



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Black Dog HQ landing pad scenic WIP

16 Dec

Every time I walk past the HQ model of the Black dog building I made, I get the urge to start expanding the scenery how I had intended to originally. I do then, realise that this kind of thing needs time devoted to it.

Yesterday, I had a couple of hours spare to get something going again with the Black dog terrain set/board. You will probably remember the junk shuttle I started a while ago. Well, this piece is part of my intended expansion for the HQ facility. Lets face it, every business needs a handy transport link nearby to allow its employees to get to work on time!

As you can see from the pics, all I have got done so far is  getting a few dark grey coats on the board, plus a liberal spray of silver paint to highlight (after these were taken, I gave it a wash of black to tone down the shininess of both the shuttle and the board)

The shots are there to show how the bits are intended to fit together. Also, I would like to point out that the security wall around the pad’s compound has now been altered to acommodate an additional entrance that leads nearer to the HQ, and allows access for troops to move through the models more realistically (you’ll see that in future updates)














As you can see, there is a shed load more stuff to do on this piece, but it’s shaping up fine. I’ll post the next shots once I get some of the details added (barrier, ticket booth with robo teller, more tubing/wires, more lighting, refuelling aparatus, signage etc etc…)


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Warning: Snorting cremated ashes of man and two dogs is not advised

16 Dec

Cocaine (Photo credit: JLM Photography.) Not dead dog ashes, just dead stuff…

Jose David Diaz-Marrero Steals, Snorts Dog And Human Ashes In Florida.

Human stupidity will never cease to amaze me.

What made them think it was a good idea to snort the ashes of a person as well as that of two great dane dogs is anyone’s guess! I have heard on several occasions that there is a rumor of cremated human remains can give you a buzz, but not of dogs. Another thing that puzzles me is ashes are usually kept in distinctive looking urns as far as I’m aware, so to miss that fact alone to think they were crushed up pills or sniff, shows a level of stupidity beyond the norm!

Trust me, don’t try this at home kiddies.

No seriously, don’t! Snorting great danes is scooby dooby dumb!


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