New Mugal Concept art for Oggam forces!

26 Oct

Hello there, I have been kept busy with quite a few different commissions and other life stuff, so this is my first post in what seems like ages (Well 3 days or so!)

I want to show you a taste of some Oggam stuff that’s still in the works, first up is this concept design for a trained Mugal and it’s Oggam handler. For those who haven’t been paying attention to the Ogs, A mugal is a mutant cattle beast from the Oggam homeworld, feared by most sane Oggam, but for a section of their society are sought out for use in fighting arenas, used as guardian beasts and more usually, as shock troops on the field of battle.  As with any kind of minotaur creature, they are big and deadly, and known for killing and eating stuff.

Oggam beware!

I hope to release these figures as rewards for backers at stretch goal levels along with some other specials I have in the works when I launch the New Kickstarter, I won’t tell you about them too much until I have more to show, I’m currently finishing off the first set of Oggam generic light infantry before I get onto the next lot (The baddies, League of Anthracks dudes…) which will be another set of 10 minis. I was going to do the blander engineer/tech figures, but I thought that now the generic guys are done, I had better do another faction side so folks could at least run an all Oggam V Oggam game, and after that, I would just make a few variants and other generic troopers to tailor your Oggam force to your liking!

The Oggam beastmasters will consist of more than just an odd Mugal or two, there will be a set of savage Pigdogs to accompany the handler figure, as well as the possibility of either Snatchworms or A six toed Nutgrinder! Both I can assure are deadly alien creatures in their own right. I may do a version of all of them so that an oggam player will have a wide choice  of troop types.

Hope you like the idea of the Mugal anyway, and if you’d like to read a little about them take a look at the PDF

I will be doing an update on the PDF in the next few days, to include any new info since the last.




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