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Grinning Skull at the movies: World War Z

4 Jul


Well, well well, I thought it was time to put up a review about the latest zombie movie everyone’s been talking about (mainly for negative reasons…) World War Z.

I had seen much about this movie on the net, before even seeing the film there were plenty of rumours and spoilers that I thought were going to cloud my opinions about it beforehand. Even so I hate pretty much anything with Brad Pitt in (well, just it’s Brad Pitt I can’t stand, he’s such a floppy haired dickhead…) I thought I should at least give the zombies a try, who doesn’t love zombies? Right?

Now, I haven’t read the Max Brooks book yet, and I was waiting for the film to come out, then read them (Yeah, I’m weird like that) to compare, that way I think I will appreciate the books more, since this cinematic effort is just a dire example of what hollywood deems to be a “zombie movie” (remember Warm Bodies, that was shit too)

I must like causing myself pain and suffering, because I really did try and watch it with an open mind, I wanted to be wrong about the swarming zombie ant, liquid poured effects, the poor story and script, ropey acting from Pitt and co, but the nails in the coffin for me at least, were mentions of the word “Zombie”, I mean come on, since when in decent zombie media of any type refers to the undead using the term? Walkers, runners, munchers, biters, ghouls etc are a mark of quality, albeit some might say an extra level of realism given to the setting by thoughtful writers to create more believeability to the thing. (Not that zombies are realistic anyway, but those involved in genre dabbling should at least try!) Using the word scores minus points in my book.

Without spoiling the end for you who haven’t seen it yet, or plan to, frankly it’s utter drivel, and so ridiculously cheesy, hooray for Brad, he saves the world! Nothing downbeat and signifiying the end of the human race here, everything works out for us! Gee, thanks Brad, it sure is swell you were here! What a load of bollocks! I’m just thinking of any good points, but it’s tricky! I thought the whole idea of the genre was that there was the impending doom of survival, not this crap. As the lyric from System of a Down’s song goes: you should have never trusted Hollywood. (to make a decent movie!)

Good points: Well, like I said not too many, a few good action bits, some odd bits of destruction here and there, high point for me zombie wise was how the infected went from being bitten etc, to rising as a zomer, that was OK. Still not enough to shout about.

I must add that there were parts I found pretty boring too, and when I get board, I have a habit of messing around in cinemas and such in situations like this, but I did resist the urge this time! Could it be World War ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz……

There are just so many things I dislike about this movie and it goes without saying on subsequent watching I fear there would be more faults I could pick (but I think I’ll be watching something else)


Please Brad, don’t adopt my children, you floppy haired c**t!

Note to Hollywood: It does not take a massive budget and big star to make a good zombie movie, most of the biggest films of the genre were made on tiny budgets. I get that the zombie bandwagon isn’t something that you’ve had much of an opportunity to exploit fully yet, and bastardise it to oblivion, so please take a hint from the past masters in the genre.

Wouldn’t it have been better to have called the film something else, thus eliminating the need for huge amounts to have been spent on the rights to the adaptation? Cast another lesser known, or even unknown actor to play the part of the hero too. Was it justified by casting Brad Pitt and spending more money for a film thats going to bomb (It’s no classic I tell ya!) You know all he’s going to do with his cash is buy some more orphans or something! Words cannot describe how disappointing this movie actually was for me, I wanted it to be OK, alas twas not to be!

Summing up after my vitriol. It’s shit.

I feel dirty and used that I spent my money on seeing it.

Watch it and be prepared to feel abused by the might of the studios and their latest mindf**k. (And I haven’t even told you what I thought about Man of Steel yet!!)

Grinning Skull rating: 1 frowning skull (1/10)

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It’s the 21st and we’re still here….Happy Yule!

21 Dec


English: Mayan calendar created by a modern cr...

English: Mayan calendar created by a modern craftsman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harold Camping in 2008

Harold Camping in 2008. A few years before it would be revealed as a lying fantasist.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, what a surprise. It’s the Mayan day of apocolypse and we are still here. Still there are some that are citing that it’s still coming, to be invaded by saucers over the remaining temples that the sun shines on at the exact point of the equinox, as well as other crazy ideas that are floating around, as of 5.30am UK time, we are told that we have just 6 hours left.

As I and lots of others expected, it goes down in the long list of stupid predictions foretelling the end of days.

It kind of takes me back to last year with the prophecies that Harold Camping came out with, first stating that the rapture would come on May 21st 2011, with earthquakes and related fire and brimstone god bothering balloney. The earth would apparently shift its axis, and pretty much destroy humanity, taking 3% population to heaven….but on the 22nd, nothing happened.

When this date came, he retracted what he’d said and “rescheduled” it for October 21st 2011, which of course never happened either. Quick to escape from the shame of being a total lying douche, he retired from the prophecy business to study the bible better (Apparently  he had a stroke, what he was stroking is up for issue, it seemed like he had been stroking his ego for years, I fear it was more like stroking his cock as clearly he was a wanker!)

Humanity has a primordial fear deep inside them, this comes out as a strange self hate that almost begs the question if we all have a inner self destruct button, each one of us secretly praying for the end of days. Just take a look back at the countless foretelling of earths destruction. Sure, the world will end one day, when the sun swallows us whole in a great red giant, but by that time if humanity survives to that point, we will probably have developed the technology to escape of planets fate and find new places to infest in true Star Trek style (Lets hope the fashion will not be as crap)

I’m also sure that the many people here all over the UK suffering from severe flash flooding today, I’m sure that they feel as if a biblical flood has been visited on them on this auspicious day, plus countless others around the world who are really suffering in natural disasters, famines and wars, but hey lets have our press and media focus on this total crap “Mayan Apocolypse” prediction to make us all feel even worse about what it means to be human and living here on earth.

I’m no christian, and I feel that again the old establishment is trying to derail what is potentially a quite hopeful start for our future, after all it’s the equinox, or “Yule” to us paganistic types, the original celebration of the winter and end of the year until the brainwashed god botherers warped it to include biblical rubbish for our pagan ancestors.

Yule is the real basis of Xmas, nothing to do with baby jesus and donkeys, even good old Father Crimbo has more of a basis as an original (The bearded one bears resembelance to the winter king of old), Yes my friends, your Xmas may well be more ungodly than you imagine!

This day should be time for celebration in a world of economic uncertainty, wars and suffering, not fervently bead jiggling and praying for salvation from Nibiru! The fact that this cycle of the Mayan calendar runs out should be cause to look ahead to the start of a new cycle. Not our end.

Happy Mayan Apocolypse day all!!

Oh and happy Yule too!!

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Derren Brown’s End of the world Headf**k!

27 Oct

So, which of you had the chance to see Derren Brown‘s latest hypnotic headfuck “apocolypse”?

I must say, I’m not really keen on the man himself, but I found this really entertaining, and I found myself laughing at it a lot! Why did I laugh? Well, for one, the amount of set up that was prepared for the poor guy, including the hacking of everything from his phone to setting up entire radio segments in order for the victim to believe the end was coming. I found it funny. Funny but cruel.

Yes, I know that it was supposed to be to teach him a lesson about his lazy lifestyle, and make him prize the things in his life more, but I felt it was just another cruel prank, masquerading under the guise of a life lesson.

Not that I’m complaining, as I really enjoyed it. The effort that went into the whole set up was superb, and next weeks show looks like it’s going to be even better!

I just fear that the way TV is going, are we going to see more of this kind of set up with a cruel conspiracy trick pretending to be something other than what it is. It’s just taking the piss out of people for entertainment. That’s fair enough, but just don’t make out your doing something worthwhile rather than tell the truth.

Channel 4 seems to be a bit of a one trick pony for these “reality” programmes with another set up show coming soon, and that goddamn awful meet the parents show.

Still, last nights offering was at least, zombie related, so isn’t all bad!

For my international readers, I will try and search out a link to the program so you can watch it and judge for yourselves, UK readers will be able to see it on 4OD or youtube if you missed it!

Let me know what you thought about it?






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Derren Brown’s Apocalypse promises the end of the world for just one.

22 Oct

This one is for all you zombie apocolypse fans out there, Derren Brown, famous hypnotist/magician has a new show on Channel 4 this Friday. Its called Derren Brown’s Apocolypse and is centred around one guy, getting a wake up call on his lazy living!

here’s a snippet from the daily record:

IF Derren Brown ever asks for a volunteer, think very, very carefully before saying yes. The illusionist, mentalist and magician has long moved on from card tricks and cold reading.

His repertoire of psychological experiments and stunts includes everything from performing Russian roulette live on TV to successfully predicting the National Lottery. But as his projects get bigger and bolder, so does the role played by those taking part.

His next venture is a case in point. He begins a new series of specials with a two-part show, which is a journey into a living nightmare, where the planet has been devastated by a catastrophic meteorite strike, zombies roam the wasteland and he is one of a handful of survivors.

Called Apocalypse, for one poor soul, a young volunteer called Steven, it really is the end of the world.

He said: “The show is about taking somebody who basically takes his life for granted, and suffers from that lazy sense of entitlement that many of us do, and giving him a second chance at discovering the value of what he has. So what we do is end the world for him.

“It’s over two episodes, which I’ve never done before. The first part is getting him to believe that this is going to happen, that the world is going to end, or at least has a chance of ending.

“It was based on a seed of truth, because there was a meteor shower around August, so we just used the idea that this shower was masking a much bigger potential collision.

“The end of the world happens. And he wakes seemingly two weeks later in an abandoned military hospital, in a post-apocalyptic world, and goes through a meticulously-crafted horror movie plot. The point of the plot, aside from being exciting to watch, is that it takes him through various lessons that are going to be useful for him, in terms of teaching him things that he needs to know. Are his family still alive? Is he going to get back to them?”

It’s a jaw-dropping concept that involved months of planning, hacking into his phone, controlling his Twitter and news feeds, having TV and radio presenters record special versions of their programmes just for him, and more than 100 actors. Once you have recovered your senses, however, it sounds a bit like a sick joke masquerading as entertainment.

Read the full article here: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/celebrity-interviews/illusionist-derren-brown-on-how-he-destroyed-1387166

For my international readers, as soon as there is a link to a copy online, I will post it here so you can see the prog, and I’ll do a full critique when I have watched it! It seems like Derren has a thing for zombies, on a previous show, he hypnotised a man who played a zombie shoot em up game in an arcade, then transplanted him direct into a level in a disused warehouse, complete with zomers. Check it out here to show you what I mean!

I thought it was cruel, but amusing, especially when he starts freaking out when he’s cornered!

I expect Fridays program will feature something similar.


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How to modify your car in a zombie apocolypse

28 Sep

This great video from Mighty car mods, show the pro’s and cons of the various vehicular transport you might need to use in the event of a zombie takeover!!


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