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Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter: Last day, will it get there?

30 Apr

So, the Ghosts of Hefei KS nears its final run, with still some funds to raise in the last 20 hours or so, there’s still over $1000 to go!

Will they make it? Its really up to you good folks out there to coff up the remaining cash and get in on this great scifi KS. especially if your a 15mm gamer (and 28mm too) and need a fix of near future cyberpunk type goodness!!

Why not get involved and help this great project see the light of day. Hopefully, all being well, we’ll see those great sculpts from PF made into metal and grace the gaming tables of gamers the world over!!

Ghosts of Hefei: Tabletop Near-Future Gang Warfare by Joseph Dragovich — Kickstarter.

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Get ready for Free Comic Book Day: May 4th 2013

25 Apr

If your a fan of comics, you might want to know that Free comic book day is on the 4th May 2013. It’s a regular drive to promote reading for kids to encourage them to read more. Comics are a great medium, and are a bit less daunting than a full book that maybe could put off a lot of kids, so on free comic book day they’re giving away lots to everyone through participating stores worldwide!

Free Comic Book Day 2007

Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Photo credit: Michael D. Dunn)

There are lots of retailers getting involved, as are there a whole heap of lovely free comics of all types. I myself will be taking my kids along to a store or two, in an attempt to get my spawn (They’re lovely really!!) to do a tad more reading than spend all their spare time playing on the PC or consoles.

Make a note of the date (Star wars day, May the 4th be with you!!) and check out the main site for details of the nearest places taking part, as well as check out some of the titles that will be available to pick up free on the day!!

Free Comic Book Day.

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World Book Night 2013 Giveaway: The Dark Judges

24 Apr


So, as ever I have been involved in this years World Book night (April 23rd) and my choice this year as a giver, is a collected 2000AD book about the evil deadworld Judges, Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis. This classic collection is what I remember as a kid, eagerly getting my copy of 2000AD every weekend!

I still have a few copies of this great little collected graphic novel (pocket sized paperback) so, I’m offering them up to you good UK blog readers (UK only I’m afraid due to the costs of the postage system) You’ll need to send me an A5 letterbox sized SAE (stamp addressed envelope) with your details, and I’ll mail one to you!!

So if you want a copy, please send me a message and I’ll put your name down for one and I’ll get back in touch to let you know. If there are many takers, I’ll stick all the names in a hat and let you know if your a winner! I can’t say fairer than that!


Apologies again to my international readers, its just that international postage will be far too high, and is a bit of a faff around! May I suggest you check your area for a world book night event or giver near you, and check out or that of your specific country to see what events are going on right now!!

I promise you all that I’ll include you in the next comp/sweepstake type affair I’m planning (and trust me, it’s going to be a good one!)

Slundig Vur Thrigg Earthlets!!

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Grinning Skull at the Movies: Dredd

23 Apr


I don’t get as much time as I would like to watch movies, and this one is one I’ve been wanting to see for ages, given that it’s comic book heritage is straight out of the pages of 2000AD. Yes, I finally got to see the latest movie based on the iconic, Judge Dredd!!

Right from the off, you could tell that this film meant business, with an amazing chase scene, a high octane thrill ride with Dredd (Karl Urban) chasing the perps through the strangely 21st century streets of megacity one. After the first failed attempt of filmland to capture the comics style and flow (We all remember that Stallone one, eeewww….) I was wary about it from the off. The last one was a stinker, and given that this one had even less of a budget by todays standards (Dredd 3D (2012) $35,000,000 vs Judge Dredd (1995) $70,000,000) I expected it to be even more of a waste of time.

I was soooo wrong.

This film rocks!! Absolutely fantastic it was, much, much better a representation than the previous, plenty of references from the comics, some cracking action and excellent videography, all combined into a pretty great movie. It’s really a shame that Lionsgate films didn’t pimp this movie as much as it could have. Yes, it didn’t do brilliantly I’ll admit, but it should have done better. If you want my opinion, its probably down to the script and the villain (Ma-Ma, jeeezuz people, lets get some decent classic Dredd villains in there instead….you know who I’m talking about!!)

On the negatives some more, there were some bits that were far too modern for Dredd, and that kind of didn’t quite gel with some of the more uber futuristic stuff thats so prevelent in the whole Mega-city vibe. Where were all the really crazy haired and kitted gangers? Hell, those perps have all sorts of crazy shit going on, but these were a bit of a let down. There was a little bit where it did show you some rival gangs getting knocked off, but I would have preferred them to the crappy ones with MaMa.

I ain’t going to tell you the plot, but safe to say Urban never takes off the iconic helmet throughout the entire movie, which he and all involved in this movie should be very proud of.

I do think, that movieland is nearly there when it comes to doing Dredd right, maybe if they mixed in the visuals of the 1995 movie, and gave it the balls of this one (and Urban not Stallone of course) they could be onto making a truly awesome film.

I live in hope.

Go get it and see this film if your a 2000AD fan (if you ain’t already) or, if you like a good futuristic action film.

8/10 Grinning Skulls

Now where’s my Slo-mo…..

Peace out Earthlets….

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15mm Zombies: The HOrdes. HO scale infected!

18 Apr


I decided to follow the idea’s over on TMP, here and here , and on the blog: Welcome to lazarus  with the creation of horde bases using HO scale model railway civilian figures. Armed with the idea, I went off on my travels to find some on line.

I managed to bag a set of 100 direct from china, I figured that it was better to get the prepainted versions instead of the unpainted lot, since they’d be easier and quicker to paint up and sort (plus getting 100 figures painted fast with the time I have is near on an impossible feat at the moment!) All in all I got them for £3.49 ($5.32 US) and it took 10 days to get from the other side of china to the UK! I love the internet for that, 20 years ago that kind of thing would have been impossible to think you’d be able to do that, but I guess the 21st century is pretty sci-fi in lots of ways!

So, within minutes of getting the package through the door, I was busy sticking them onto 2p pieces as lovely little zombie swarms. They stuck firm with a little superglue and once this was done, all I needed to do was wash them in a few washes of browns, blacks and reds. I didn’t want to spend much time making them pretty, a faceless, ragged and dirty mob of the hordes of the dead is what was needed and they looked fine!



I ended up getting 98 of them used (including some of the seated figures used as a small 1p sized swarm as a few zombies munching on a body!) and they look really good. I recommend if you need a load of cheap zombies, this my friends is the way to do it. The only reservation is that these are scaled at 1/100, true 15mm as I believe. Most of my other zombies are a slight bit bigger, but I can cope with that, from a distance and from a gaming perspective, these are minor things I’m willing to overlook in return for additional zombie troops for my zombie gaming.


Next time i’ll spend a little more time prepping them before I get around to sticking them to the bases, as they tend to have round mould marks on them a lot, but like I said, these are really just a quick and easy test project to see how good they are before buying more, so that I shall bare in mind for the next time. (Plus from a few foot away, you cant see that kind of thing, and they aren’t the prettiest of figures with hardly much detail!) I will say that it’s true that these little plastic figures being ideal for other uses like angry protest mob (which I will be doing next, I need them for scenarios at the start of the infection, with civil unrest and riots etc for my riot cops to beat up!)

If you need some quick and easy hordes of flesheaters for your game, honestly this is a really good plan! Well done to all the HO scale zombie pioneers before me for their ingenuity and savvy wargaming sense!

Peace out…..

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