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Black Dog HQ landing pad scenic WIP

16 Dec

Every time I walk past the HQ model of the Black dog building I made, I get the urge to start expanding the scenery how I had intended to originally. I do then, realise that this kind of thing needs time devoted to it.

Yesterday, I had a couple of hours spare to get something going again with the Black dog terrain set/board. You will probably remember the junk shuttle I started a while ago. Well, this piece is part of my intended expansion for the HQ facility. Lets face it, every business needs a handy transport link nearby to allow its employees to get to work on time!

As you can see from the pics, all I have got done so far is  getting a few dark grey coats on the board, plus a liberal spray of silver paint to highlight (after these were taken, I gave it a wash of black to tone down the shininess of both the shuttle and the board)

The shots are there to show how the bits are intended to fit together. Also, I would like to point out that the security wall around the pad’s compound has now been altered to acommodate an additional entrance that leads nearer to the HQ, and allows access for troops to move through the models more realistically (you’ll see that in future updates)














As you can see, there is a shed load more stuff to do on this piece, but it’s shaping up fine. I’ll post the next shots once I get some of the details added (barrier, ticket booth with robo teller, more tubing/wires, more lighting, refuelling aparatus, signage etc etc…)


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The black Dog Salvage company WIP shots, Stage 2

27 Sep

So, stage two, painted and drybrushed with with a few washes, billboard added and extra light on post. still plenty to do, but on the home stretch.


Image ImageImage ImageImage ImageImage ImageImage ImageImage ImageImage ImageImage

Incidentally, the scrap in the scrap yard is made from a broken R/C mini helicopter as well as loads of bits from electronic stuff broken up, and broken toy bits and junk from my bits box. I will be attempting to finish this model in the next few days (I gotta get some supplies first, glue and paint is running low!)




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The Black Dog Salvage Company HQ, WIP stage one shots

27 Sep

I am in the process of creating a established colony set of terrain for my specific sci-fi 15mm games, the piece I’m going to show you, is a large piece, a similar size to the 28mm zombie ghost town I did (see earlier posts) and represents my HQ for the Salvage crew game. We play in 15mm so I get quite a few structures on it same as the other. The scrap yard and its office security station, the main “Black dog Salvage company” building, a heat exchange and generator/air filter, and a small staff quarters building are the start of an entire colony (one that’s been established a long time and had a chance to build further than  beyond the prefab stages) Next will be a star port and landing area (with customs etc), a business/entertainment quarter, civilian quarter complete with tower blocks, and shanty district, and a tech /power quarter. Each quarter will be around the central hub of street ending in the direction of the port.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with a tutorial, but I will say that the working security lights really work (similar to the UFO death ray) but this time I used small led battery powered lights taken out of disposable  gas lighters form the poundshop/cheap shop. They needed a bit of jiggling to make a housing and with a few metal plates and magnets, one on top of the staff building is attatched in this method. The other is affixed with a nail that slots into a socket made from a drinking straw. It turns a full 360 degrees, and hopefully should light up my advertising billboard displaying my “cash for scrap” advert (In the same style as the UK ads on TV and newspapers etc, postal gold for cash and such)

Any way here are the work in progress pics so far for stage one, I have completed stage two and now ready for stage three (Stage two to follow in next post.





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