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Mars Hoax? Lizard creature spotted on Mars! (Not!)

29 May

Well, if you got my last post mentioning about beards, just forget it, this is what I was trying to get across (No beards though) The reports of this photo from Curiosity on Mars, pertaining to be a lizard like creature, no doubt a hoax, which is a pity.

As much as I’d like to believe it, alas its all probably BS, life probably existed there millions of years ago, but theres little likelihood of anything remaining. The guy who’s put this about sure knows how to pull in a few more hits for his blog, but other than that, sort of looks like a twat!

For those who want to believe, check it out!!!

Space: Is there life – including lizards – on Mars? – Science – News – The Independent.


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So, what’s what in the new Grinning Skull range? (Part 2)

28 May


Ok, part two in the guide to the latest Grinning Skull releases at!


GRN13: League of Anthracks Fire warrior.

The Fire warriors of the moon of Tor are total fanatics, hence the tall pointed cultist attire. They carry a burner with attatched gas tanks and proceed with the LOA troops to provide flamer support. Smoky bacon anyone? On my list is an entire set or two of the Tor fire worshipping heathens. They look too cool in the pointy helm, that’s they problem with em’!


GRN14:  Light infantry heavy weapons Bazooka.

Ground troops need a bit of help against heavily armored foes, so here with that bit of extra firepower is the light infantry bazooka heavy. There will be more heavy weapons in the future, with maybe a set of heavies for each side, just depends if folks want them (If they do, I’ll do it!)

grn15_300dpiGRN15: Light Infantry Hero.

I love this oggam, he certainly to me is perfect for that dashing Og type that would swoop in and save the day (or ruin it if you use him as a baddie) but he’s got a great face! I’d like a unit of these as special ops empire troops, but I can imagine tons of use for him in all sorts of games.

grn16_300dpiGRN16: Light Infantry Trooper #3.

This was the very first Oggam I sculpted, and he’s pretty good if I can say that. He’s definitely a rank and file bod, with his imperial crest and pack, he’s very cute! Since doing this one, the facial style of the oggam have changed much, I still like it’s more cutesy look. Wait till you see some of the Blander assitants, they are even cuter!

grn17_300dpiGRN17: Oggam Light Infantry Demolitions.

Right from the start, I knew that I wanted to provide people with lots of personalisation with the Oggam, so when creating an Oggam force of any kind, folks would really have a good choice in making a warband personal. That’s why there will always be more and more expansions with other oggam types. Here’s the demolitions expert, ready to plant his explosives, and run away!!

grn18_300dpiGRN18: Light Infantry Officer.

Every unit needs some direction, so here’s some in the form of this big bruiser! With little or no work he’d easily fit in the LOA or Uggaram (or Scrofa for that matter) He’s a stern looking Og, and fits the idea that the biggest and most corpulent Oggam tend to dominate in Oggam society. (What is termed as Oggra by other oggam)

grn19_300dpiGRN19: Oggam Light infantry trooper#4.

You’ll notice there’s a few ferals in the mix with the Light infantry lot, I thought this would be best, since I didn’t want all the oggam to be total carbon copies of the standard snorts. There too is a certain feel of revolutionary about him, but I really like how he’s turned out (they look good as rank and file troopers too, so jobs a good un’!)


GRN20: Oggam Light Infantry Medic.

Even the Oggam need a bit of medical care, even so it might be a bit haphazard and involve unwanted amputations or surgery in the field! Again diversity in troop types is what I wanted to achieve so I created him. I do have some more medical staff and scientists planned, but I have others to get done before these will see the light of day. I have a picture in my book of an oggam surgeon with a huge anesthetic hypodermic needle that needs to be made!


GRN21: League of Anthracks Battle Brother #2.

This Battle brother is equipped in partial armor and respirator of the Okvan factory designs, they are made with blending in the Okvan storm trooper and plain brothers (as another Okvan type or just well equipped city state troops) The LOA use a lot of toxic attacks so even those who peddle the black pig of death’s wares need a bit of protection!


GRN22: Oggam Light infantry Comms.

Every command unit needs a comms guy, so here’s what we have. He’s big, but he needs to be when he’s carrying around a load of bulky radio equipment!


GRN23: Light Infantry Trooper #4.

This is the last of bog standard troopers, this one being the assault trooper, armed with both handgun and sword. I think I’ll need to do a few more generic trooper types, maybe armed with an axe, two pistols, blunderbuss etc. Let me know if you want to suggest something!!


GRN24: League of Anthracks Battle Brother #3.

This is just the basic robed brother. Fodder for the Black pig of death me thinks! I have a unit of these brethren ready to be painted and I do think he’s the part. As with everything it seems, I do want some other variants of the brothers, so they too will be on the cards for the future. One can never have enough types of Oggam!

So there you have it, a run down of all the first releases in the Grinning Skull range, please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the range, the Oggam or anything else that you want to put to me.

All hail the black Pig!!

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So, what’s what in the new Grinning Skull range? (Part 1)

28 May



So, I guess I’d better put a bit more meat on the bone for those of you who are interested in what figures are in the new Grinning Skull range. What exactly are each of the miniatures and what’s their background?

Therefore I will reveal to you a little more information about each of them and help colour in a bit of background about them! I know that folks will like to work these figures into their own games and settings, but I’d like to share with you where I was coming from in creating these figures.

The Grinning Skull Miniature range can be found at 


Ok, lets start with GRN01:  The Mutant Reptiloid soldier.

These troopers are big fellers, a nice heavy trooper while not really meant for their swiftness, I had envisioned squad after squad in some Draxxion Khatoika war clan (The Draxxion are many races of sentient saurians all of which are decended from their ruling elites dragons and their close kin) The Reptiloid being a stock type of warrior, with a this kind of mutant two headed reptiloid having either coming from one of the Draxx homeworlds that has ancestry of some hydra dragon lord, or vat grown to maturity for the purpose of war (or egg grown, however you prefer) I’ll sure be adding other reptiloids and Draxxion in the future, so look out for them.


GRN02: Kize Soldier.

Now, the Kize are a race of psionic/telepathic worm humanoids with a single eye. Distantly related to the Oggam home world’s native Stingworm (which start life as an intestinal parasytic worm, before being defecated out and raised as a warbeast), the Kize will infest a world with just a few individuals and set to releasing their microscopic young into a water supply. These in turn grow inside an unknowing host who ingest them, and gradually hatch out and invasion begins. Eventually I’ll be sculpting some more Kize troopers, with other types and a few gribbly bits like monsters and vehicles possibly.


GRN03: Pliiim Adventurer.

Pliiim are a race I created a long time ago for the Spacemaster ICE game campaign we used to play, but then was transplanted to my Universal Carnage Scifi game from wayback. I thought that they should feature as a cameo in my range at least, but who knows, if folks like him, I’ll no doubt do some more Pliiim figures (heavy weapons, troopers and tech)


GRN04: Oggam Pigdog.

These creatures are a strange breed of mutant pig on the homeworld. Used by most Oggam as guard dogs, pets, hunting beasts and all manner of tasks and jobs. They are most prized if one can find a pigdog with a nose for truffles. Scrofa Truffle hunters and miners always have one or more trained pigdogs for this task. (Oggam do love the truffles…)


GRN05; League of Anthracks standard barer.

As you may know about the League of Anthracks, these are the nasty, death god worshipping Ogs, fanatical war priests and zealots. Heres the battle brother standard barer. I love his face, he’s got a big cheeky grin that just cracks me up! (I know I sculpted him, and it could be seen like me laughing at my own jokes etc. but, I love it!)

grn06_300dpiGRN06: Oggam Mechanic.

Another cheeky faced one! The Og Empire  has vast resources invested in the Mechanog war machine. These maintain and create the heavy support for the entire empire, from bikes, to tanks and armoured vehicles, and the mighty Ogmech. It was fitting that they would need some field mechanics to accompany the empire squads (who knows what equipment a warband would find on the battlefield?) These guys fit that role. There will be more Mechanog stuff later, still busy on the Scrofa and okvans for now!


GRN07: Oggam Light Infantry Trooper #1

This was the first Oggam to come to being, a commission piece from Richard “Spacecow” Smith, he’s a lovely little model. He’s got that great piggy face that goes fantastic with the other Ogs. The Light Infantry are intended for the Empire of Og, but they will work well in the other factions too!


GRN08: Oggam Light Infantry Trooper #2.

It was my intention to arm the Ogs in the light infantry, with different stuff, so this little guy has a pistol. He’s got a really creepy face I think, but giant ogre sized pig mutants would be creepy, don’t you think!!


GRN09; Oggam light Infantry standard.

If the LOA have big bold battle standards, so must the empire! Empire troops are well drilled and patriotic chaps all in all, so the role of the standard barer is an important one, and I wanted him to look the part. He’s got a south american revolutionary look to him,  so I imagine he’d do fine as a Notocheros freedom fighter too (I’ll get round to doing them I promise, when I get lots of others ticked off my list!)


GRN10: League of Anthracks Battle Brother #1.

This LOA battle brother is quite a serious faced og, he really means business! I think by the moment I sculpted this one, I finally worked out the pattern of how to scupt an Oggams face. A little variation from figure to figure provides a huge range of expressions, which is where the unique selling point of the range is, its something you can see looking down on the battlefield for gaming. Yes they are cartoony, but they are supposed to be!


GRN11: League of Anthracks Okvan Storm trooper.

The Okvans are part of the LOA and reside on a large country to the south west of the main continent. Their land is harsh and dangerous, filled with poison and polluted air, swamps and savage creatures. Okvan Stormtroopers are well equipped to deal with these awful climes with heavy enviromental resistant suits. The troopers are elites among the Okvan hordes and can be found with other LOA troops where ever they are. Some legends even say they have elaborate blood drinking rites when they celebrate the full moons…..


GRN12: Scrofa Tribe Hero.

As you might know, the Scrofa are the wild, mad max oggam tribes, and even so he’s the only Scrofa miniature in this release, the scrofa will be found in the armies of most factions to some degree. They aren’t fussy in who they tend to hang with so often will be in retinues of Og Empire warlords, guides, trackers and scouts, Truffle hunters and miners etc. The Scrofa are in line at the moment with me modelling a set of Hoggit gangers, so those who fancy getting a Scrofa warband won’t be dissapointed (There are some already done, but can’t tell you a release date for them yet, but I’ll let you know when they are!)


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Grinning Skull Miniatures Released Today!!

24 May




So, the day has come for my very own miniatures range, Grinning Skull Miniatures to be available on general release!

It’s been a long journey to get them from their humble beginnings to the fully fledged range as they are, and I’m really glad that this project has bore fruit! The excellent team at have done an excellent job in turning my little piggies (and aliens) into great looking miniatures for everyone to enjoy!

Priced at just £1 each, or get all the first wave set of 24 for £22, they are more than a match for many a fighting force on the battlefield! The Oggam are big meaty, mean MoFo’s who mean business!

I feel a great relief that finally I achieved what I set out to do (with help of course!) and bring them from my imagination into war gaming reality. Even so that sort of sounds as if that’s it from my end, well you couldn’t be more further from the truth. This set of Grinning Skull Miniatures is just the first set of releases you’ll see in the line. It won’t be the last that you’ll see of the Oggam (or Oggum if you prefer!) as even more of my war pigs setting will be expanded upon to include everything that’s included in the Book of the Oggam (Available to download from here the bookof theoggam v2 or on the website) and lots more that aren’t! These will even include fearsome Oggam war beasts and handlers like the psychotic Mugal minotaur, psionic giant intestinal worms called Stingworm, and the chemically resurrected  remains of fallen oggam known as “Zoggom”!!

There will be more troops and specials for the other races like the Kize, Reptiloids and the Pliim, as well as new alien types such as the Volpurgi, Draxxion, Charcodonians and the forces of OAM Corp meat farmers. There will be native alien flora and fauna, and lots of other interesting stuff too, you might even see a few mutant zombies and killer clowns as well!

I’ll be putting up any previews, concept stuff and greens here on the blog, as well as additional background and art, so please pop in from time to time to see what’s new!!

I do hope that you the end user, that I have served you well, after all, all these figures were created and brought to reality with you lot in mind, so that you’ll get a kick out of using them in your own games and to have fun with. Thank you!!

If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback on the range, please feel free to get in touch and let me know! (Don’t forget to fill in the survey at the side of the page to help influence the future of Grinning Skull Miniatures!!)

Peace out

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Amazon call time on Zombieland TV series.

23 May
Zombie design for Zombieland, in a scene from ...

Zombie design for Zombieland, in a scene from the film’s climax. Characterized by tousled hair, blood markings on the face, and ragged clothing, the makeup was used to maintain a balance between comedy and horror. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a quick post to tell you that if you enjoyed the Zombieland TV pilot from Amazon, well sad news is it’s been cancelled.

It seems they will not be carrying on with the series, which is a shame, but not something any of us should loose sleep over. It was OK, but like I said it was lacking on that spark that was in the original movie.

Too bad for zombie media, but with all undead, there will be others to rise up and take its place…

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