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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Star Bowl Fantasy Football Miniatures on Indiegogo

7 Jun

Hello there folks, I just saw this on frother’s and thought it’d be worthy of a mention (I just hope it doesn’t grass them up by doing so!) Still, what’s the point of publicising something like this on the net!

As you can see, this project is for a Star Wars inspired set of fantasy football miniatures. A cool idea and well executed too. If only it weren’t for the fact this is not an officially licensed product. This would not stop me from getting some if I wanted them, but I don’t think the Empire of the Mouse would be happy at all with this. Somehow I think that soon this is going to be pulled when someone realises this is a really dumb move.

If people think GW’s legal department is bad, when the IP lawyers get a sniff of this, a C&D might be the least of this guy’s worries….

It is a shame, but the reality is that to officially license the iconology is going to be a lot of cash, and if your launching a project like this on a crowdfunding platform to ask for investment, you probably don’t have the money to get the license in the first place.

I mean, just take a look at the concept pic, and the miniature of the Not Yoda. I really do feel sorry for the guy as he seems a very creative and talented fella, the worst thing about it is, if he doe’s achieve funding, the lawyers will probably sting him for more than he makes in total. Someone needs to tell him at least, before Mickey Rat’s guys get to him.

Star Bowl Fantasy Football Team Miniatures | Indiegogo.

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The Grinning Skull, End of year crowd funding round up

30 Dec

Hello all, hope your enjoying the holiday season and santa brought you something nice!!

Ok I thought I’d give you a heads up on some of the stuff we have been following on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowd funding sites, as well as a couple to look out for too. Lets start with a new project hoping to get you, the public, to part with your hard earned cash to get some cool things into production….



If your a fogey like me, you might remember the GW game Bloodbowl, a fantasy gridiron football board game. It was pretty good as I remember, we had loads of fun making leagues, playing matches and creating sometimes offensive named teams…I aint played in years, but there still is a large community of fantasy footballers out there still playing it and other similar games along those lines. Now, Tor games want to get these little fellows into production. A “stitch-punk” team that seems straight from the console games, “little big planet”. We love Sackboy and all his crazy costumes in my house, and I love these equally, even so I don’t play any games these would be used for! Check it out and snag a team! I hope that they have the good sense to release some of these stitch-punk creations for a fantasy and scifi setting too in te not too distant….

Britanan All Stars – Relics:AL Fantasy Football Miniatures by Tor Gaming — Kickstarter.



This one I think isn’t going to make it. I had my reservations when I first saw it, as they were asking for a shed load of cash, but very little real concrete details. I still wish them all the luck in the world, but I think that they need to put more work into the thing before launching another campaign.

Museum of D&D



So, this one failed. Much as most LARP is still looked upon with wonder and regarded with suspicion and distain by normals. So it is a no brainer that the world is not ready for LARP just yet. It is a shame that people with the inspiration in the live roleplaying community won’t get to see their good ideas into reality, and I think that while LARP is a niche hobby, there is a place for a magazine like this, and the failure is possibly down to the Apathy I have seen, time and time again by other LARPers (That’s what it’s like in the UK anyway!) Bad luck folks and I do hope you keep trying, and regroup and re-evaluate the project rather than give up on it! Oh, maybe it was bad karma to change the mag’s name part way through your campaign….!

Role play magazine (Live Action magazine)



As I like zombie movies, and I love post apoc movies too, I know I’m going to buzz off this. Described as Mad Max with zombies, I have a feeling that many others will too. Go and have a look at how you can get involved with some production credits and even be on set if you become a funder (Hey, you can even be in for the whole red carpet premiere thing,if you fancy sticking your hand in your pocket to help fund the rest of the movie!) It’s most certainly one you should at least check out. Very cool!

Wyrmwood-zombie movie.


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