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Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 coming in 2015 | Den of Geek

31 Oct
LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL - AUGUST 14:  In this han...

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL – AUGUST 14: In this handout image provided by Disney, ‘Star Wars’ creator and filmmaker George Lucas meets a group of ‘Star Wars’-inspired Disney characters Aug. 14, 2010 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Lucas is in central Florida for ‘Star Wars Celebration V,’ the official Lucasfilm fan event that is taking place this week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode 7 coming in 2015 | Den of Geekalt.

OMG! jeezuz I can’ t believe it, Lucas has sold Lucasfilm and its other companies to the big bad Disney corp! It’s reported that a massive 4 Billion and odd dollar deal has been done to secure his “retirement” fund!

I can see Walt Disney’s frozen head in a block of carbonite right now! Lets just hope that StarWars episode 7, 8, 9 and beyond are going to be better than the prequels. My question is, what about the planned Star Wars “Underworld” series? Will this just be watered down for kiddie Disney XD? or abandoned all together?

Time will tell.

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31 Oct

You know me, zombie mad I am, here’s a great article with more on the bath salts zombies and a bit of cannabalism added, reblogged from Storiesbywilliams, happy halloween!!



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Stories by Williams

zombiesI hear it more and more these days: “Is this the Zombie Apocalypse we were warned about?” Or is this just one of those rare occasions when pop culture and real news come together to create a sick, existential joke? In either case, I think we all know what I’m talking about. A little incident involving a naked man and some face eating? Yes, that one!

In that case, police indicated that drugs were involved, a strange new psychogenic named “Cloud Nine”. This drug is apparently a form of MDPV cocaine, also known by the street name “Bath Salts”. The “zombie man” Rudy Eugene was apparently loaded on the euphoric amphetamine when he attacked Ronald Poppo, bit half his face off, and then threatened to eat the police.

According to numerous stories on the subject, this product is a perfectly legal form of bath salt that is meant to provide an…

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New League of Anthracks 15mm Oggam Greens, plus engineer and trooper

31 Oct


So, since my kids broke the mobile internet dongle yesterday, I used my time wisely to get some more Oggam made up. this time I made a couple of league Of Anthracks troops as well, to see how they go. I really like them, so far, there will be a full set of them done to even out the different sides, so between 10-15 per set of the Light infantry and the League troops. Of course that is if you want to play Oggs Vs Oggs, there is nothing to stop you from using them all together as one! (I’m looking forward to a full Oggam campaign when they are done!)

Any way here are the full pics!





I’m currently part way through doing a hooded priest with a rifle, and a high priest command figure, as well as a nasty pigdog for the Beast Handler set. I have a feeling there will be several more sets that I have “gotta do” like the Heavy troops (I was going to do cybog commandos, but I gave it a bit more thought and ditched the other cybog sculpt and plan to be more subtle and do a set of heavy troops including a couple of Cybogs, a couple of Powersuits and such instead) I’ll just need a few meters of greenstuff and I’ll be OK!


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The BBC and real horror.

28 Oct

Dirty kiddie fiddling freak Jimmy Saville.

Ok, since the halloween season is almost upon us, I was going to post about some unspeakable horror, movies or myth, but what I am going to talk about isn’t some other worldly creature, zombie nightmare or ghost story.

Its all too real.

Here in the UK, at the moment has a problem that has shook the roots of the establishment and threatens even more shocking evidence to come.

I speak of the case of the disgraced “Sir” Jimmy Saville. You may know that here in Britain, he was one of the big TV/Radio showbiz names in the UK during the 60’s,70’s and 80’s. He had a one of the most popular TV shows of the time, “Jim’ll Fix it” in which he would grant the wishes of kids that would write in. A very iconic UK programme watched by millions at the time. He was also a successful DJ and could often be seen on another famous UK show “Top of the pops” presenting the bands and acts.

Myself and others in my generation (Late 70’s and 80’s) were brought up with these programmes, he was if you like, an icon of entertainment, he did extensive charity work for good causes, ran marathons for charity raising millions over the years. No one could touch him and his saintly dooings. He even managed to get knighted, and was honoured by the pope. Saville died last year, and was given almost a state funeral, his body went on display for a week in Leeds so that people could pay their respects to him.

Here’s the horror.

It comes to light after his death, that “saint” Jimmy wasn’t that kindly old uncle we were lead to believe he was.

It turns out that he could have been one of the most prolific child sex offenders in history.

You see Saville had been using his good guy image for years to cover up the fact he had been molesting anyone he wanted to. Mainly kids, but even young women, and it’s roumored, he was even a necrophiliac.

Over 300 people have now come forward to report what he has done in the time between the 60’s and late 80’s, and who knows probably even longer. To make matters worse, even so you may not think it could be, there seems to be an even bigger issue than just him at large.

The BBC, the giant corporation that is best known for almost inventing what we all know now as TV, seems like it had known damn well what Saville’s activities were, and many of it’s employees and high ranking officials  were turning a blind eye to his nefarious deeds. Many of the crimes were carried out on BBC premises, in dressing rooms and offices, caravans and other locations during filming days.

It also seems like this was due to him being one of their biggest stars at the time and in those days there was a culture of silence. Jimmy was apparently involved in a lot of dodgy things, he knew gangsters, IRA terrorists and is even been thought to have many friends in high positions of government (even linked to aides of a former prime minister) His victims were told if they said anything about what he had done, he would get on the phone and get someone to make them disappear.

Not so long ago, a TV news show, Newsnight was to broadcast a segment on a criminal investigation the police carried out in 2008 where he had been accused of abuse by a victim. Even so he had been questioned, nothing came of it as there was no evidence and/or he was deemed too old for prosecution. Only thing is the segment was dropped without warning from upstairs in the BBC.

It is thought that in light of his death, the Beeb had invested a lot of licence payers money on tribute programmes in the big Xmas scedule, and it wouldn’t have put them in too good light. So effectively the BBC covered it up. The conspiracy doesn’t end there.

It turns out as well as Saville abusing while at the BBC, he had been doing it at kids homes, hospitals and other institutions he was supposed to be helping or fund raising for. Again, the people at the top have covered it up. He used to take kids out on day trips, some even on the private yacht of Ted Heath, the UK prime minister. It seems he would use and abuse at every oppotunity, and people let him do it.

Now in the wake of all this evidence, the BBC and government have been forced to carry out a full investigation. Everyday that goes by, more evidence turns up.

There seems to be a very big cover up that goes far deeper than just him. It’s now revealed that he had dealings with a Jersey kids home Haut de la Garenne, that a few years ago was investigated for abuse by staff, while searching the old building the remains of kids were found. Now the police deny ever finding any.

There is a report that stated that there were big celebrities and BBC employees being a part of this “ring” of abuse, and we are told that there were household names involved. Who? time will tell.

The whole thing is going to blow open a can of writhing tentacles at the BBC and other establishments involved, more evil deeds and sickness will be told. There is a sickness deep in there. Government, police and NHS cover ups suggest that there is one hell of a secret paedo ring still in operations today. I’m not paranoid, this is a definate fact.

What gets to me is, my generation grew up with this freak on TV, effectively as kids we were put in front of the telly and for half an hour Saville was our virtual babysitter. All the time we were being entertained, behind the camera countless kids just like us were being molested and degraded.

I’m usually not at all easily shocked by stuff, but all this now makes me look back and there’s a black stain in my childhood. Sure lots of people used to say “He’s a freak, he looks like a paedophile” and yeah, we must have known all along in our heads. Looking back at the footage, it seems even more evident. It’s like he’s raped our childhood memories, I mean that everyone I speak to in my generation agrees that certain times like Christmas when the Xmas special used to be on, we would all sit around with our loved ones and watch it, it changes the memory to muck. That’s why its so shocking, and to me really sickens me to the stomach.

That is real horror. The only monsters that exist are human ones.

If anyone of the victims is reading this by any chance, I would say I hope that you get some justice even if that means blowing open the entire Government or UK establishment, my heart goes out to you all and good luck.




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Derren Brown’s End of the world Headf**k!

27 Oct

So, which of you had the chance to see Derren Brown‘s latest hypnotic headfuck “apocolypse”?

I must say, I’m not really keen on the man himself, but I found this really entertaining, and I found myself laughing at it a lot! Why did I laugh? Well, for one, the amount of set up that was prepared for the poor guy, including the hacking of everything from his phone to setting up entire radio segments in order for the victim to believe the end was coming. I found it funny. Funny but cruel.

Yes, I know that it was supposed to be to teach him a lesson about his lazy lifestyle, and make him prize the things in his life more, but I felt it was just another cruel prank, masquerading under the guise of a life lesson.

Not that I’m complaining, as I really enjoyed it. The effort that went into the whole set up was superb, and next weeks show looks like it’s going to be even better!

I just fear that the way TV is going, are we going to see more of this kind of set up with a cruel conspiracy trick pretending to be something other than what it is. It’s just taking the piss out of people for entertainment. That’s fair enough, but just don’t make out your doing something worthwhile rather than tell the truth.

Channel 4 seems to be a bit of a one trick pony for these “reality” programmes with another set up show coming soon, and that goddamn awful meet the parents show.

Still, last nights offering was at least, zombie related, so isn’t all bad!

For my international readers, I will try and search out a link to the program so you can watch it and judge for yourselves, UK readers will be able to see it on 4OD or youtube if you missed it!

Let me know what you thought about it?






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