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Pendraken painting Competition 2013 starts today!

1 Feb


You’ll be pleased to know that the Penraken annual painting comp officially starts today, and as you can imagine there are some great incentives for taking part, loads of prizes and potential bragging rights up for grabs!

I’ll be entering in a few categories (hopefully if I get it all sorted in time) and I expect the standard to be high as usual. I don’t think I’ll do badly, but there’s a few there who will give me a run for my money. I’ve never entered before so it’ll be a bit of fun in doing so, as they say its the taking part that matters!

If you want to take part, you’ll need to go along to the Pendraken Forum and make yourself a member, it’s a busy forum with most members there being very agreeable and helpful folks. Once you’ve joined, you’ll have to get hold of some lovely Pendraken 10mm minis (Just Pendraken figures I’m afraid) But you’ll have to be quick if you want to make an order, Leon and Dave are busy fellows so get your order in fast if you want to take part and get your stuff in time!!

I’ll let you have a peek at my competition entries here once they’re ready, and highlight some good entries I think are worthy of merit!

Visit the Pendraken Forum and get involved!!



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My Liebster award Nominations…..

22 Oct

So I have finally given some thought to nominations for the Liebster blog award, I would therefore like to name the following sites and the reasons why I’m nominating them!!

Please, if you have been nominated, please provide us a link back, along with this image found at this Url: blog award banner (just pop it on your blog) and your answers to the following questions below.

Don’t forget to nominate up to 11 of your own nominees for a liebster award and note them on your blog!

1. Will’s Sci-Fi News– So this is my son’s blog, he’s not been at it long, and I thought it would be an incentive for him to keep going!

2. The Z-plan Blog It seems like a great series of novels, he is a zomer fan, so that’s good enough for me!!

3. Black Mouse games blog I like 15mm historical gaming, I have a large collection from years back, Rex Bellator makes me want to start gaming with Medievals again!

Ok, the rest of the blogs I read have a big following, or have been going since the dark ages, so I can’t think of any more!


Here are your questions people, please answer as best you can:

1. If you could only have 3 items during a zombie apocolypse, what would they be, and why?

2. Your fave movie

3. Which celebrity do you admire the most?

4. Your least liked food and why?

5. VHS or DVD?

6. DC or Marvel?, and why?

7. Wars or Trek? and why?

8. Your thoughts on freedom of speech?

9. What offends you the most?

10. Your thoughts on Creationism

11. What’s your best loved nostalgic Kids TV show and why?

I look forward to reading your answers!



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Liebster Award Questions answered….!

21 Oct

I had totally forgotten to list the 11 questions and answers in order to receive my award, so without further ado, I present them for your amusement!

1. What’s a funny prank you pulled?

When me and my friends were younger, we used to try to swear live on air in the late night talk show on local radio, we had to try and catch them out as they had a time delay of a few seconds that allowed them to cut slightly if things went wrong. we did all sorts of mad scenarios to keep they guy talking, and then we’d try and sneak a quick swear before they cut us off!

2. What’s the most trouble you’ve ever been in?

I’m a good boy me! No, all I can say is I’ve never been to prison.

3. Who would win in a kung fu battle, a kiwi or a banana?

As a master of the art of anthropomorphic fruit fighting, The Kiwi, as it has a lower centre of gravity, and a tough skin, bananas are good at flips and jumps, but bruise easy.

4. Favorite song at the moment?

No one in particular, but having two small kids under five, I get to hear “The wiggles” a lot, so something like “Big red car” or similar!

5. Foreign accent that makes you laugh the most? Haha just kidding. What I really meant is who’s your favorite side character in a TV show or movie? Actually those questions are probably related…

Pops out of “The Regular show
6. Qualities you look for in a friend?

Honesty, Fairness, Manners, Twisted humour!

7. Qualities you look for in the opposite sex?

Honesty, Respect, Intelligence.

8. Any crazy date stories?

I’ve been Married too long to remember what a date is!!

9. Wild card: make up a question and answer it. What is best, Peas or Beans?


10. If you could write one law what would it be?

Bring back the UK death penalty for child murderers, serial killers, rapists and paedophiles.

11. Why so serious?

Its the Grinning Skull? Even when we’re serious, we’re still grinning!

Nominations and questions to follow……

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The Grinning Skull is nominated for a Liebster Blog award!

21 Oct

Here at the Grinning Skull, I’m happy to announce that we have been nominated for the Liebster Blog award, by Brick over at his blog “They are all against me!” I would like to send a message of thanks to him for this nomination, and accept it, even though I don’t really know much about it!!

I’ve read that its for up and coming new blogs, and as I have only been going for three months, I guess I qualify, and I’m humbled at the nomination!

According to what I have seen as far as I understand it, I have  to nominate five similar blogs that deserve a Liebster award.

I’ll have a think about that one and get back to you later with my nominations!




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