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Black Dog HQ landing pad scenic WIP

16 Dec

Every time I walk past the HQ model of the Black dog building I made, I get the urge to start expanding the scenery how I had intended to originally. I do then, realise that this kind of thing needs time devoted to it.

Yesterday, I had a couple of hours spare to get something going again with the Black dog terrain set/board. You will probably remember the junk shuttle I started a while ago. Well, this piece is part of my intended expansion for the HQ facility. Lets face it, every business needs a handy transport link nearby to allow its employees to get to work on time!

As you can see from the pics, all I have got done so far is  getting a few dark grey coats on the board, plus a liberal spray of silver paint to highlight (after these were taken, I gave it a wash of black to tone down the shininess of both the shuttle and the board)

The shots are there to show how the bits are intended to fit together. Also, I would like to point out that the security wall around the pad’s compound has now been altered to acommodate an additional entrance that leads nearer to the HQ, and allows access for troops to move through the models more realistically (you’ll see that in future updates)














As you can see, there is a shed load more stuff to do on this piece, but it’s shaping up fine. I’ll post the next shots once I get some of the details added (barrier, ticket booth with robo teller, more tubing/wires, more lighting, refuelling aparatus, signage etc etc…)


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15mm scratch built junk shuttle craft WIP

27 Oct

So I’m back to doing my 15mm salvage crew HQ. So far I have done my main admin block/junkyard, and I had another piece part done that goes on the front of it, a section on road with odds and sods on it.

However, a good examination of the model revealed it was bland. Hardly anything of value to it, very plain and boring.#

So I have decided to change it. The Black dog salvage co. really needed something to get their staff from A to B and to work on time, so instead of the road and rounabout turn, I made it into a small space taxi port with a landing pad (I’m still working on that so pics later)

As you can imagine, I needed to think about what was going to land on it as I started to make the pad.

A small company shuttle would do the trick! I admit, I had again cut myself out more work to do, and got carried away building the craft and got sidetracked from the main objective of the port. (Photos when I have tweaked the design a little and added customs/ticket booth with robot assistant, more billboards and dressing etc!)

So here is the work so far, I painted it up with a bit of metallic bronze/brown/silver/black, just to show up a bit more of the craft so I could work on it better. A lot of bits were quite hard to see on the model (They were made from clear plastic packaging) I think it helped show me what I need to do next, with more fine detail and such, so please don’t think i’m going to leave it like this!

Again, i used junk-fu scratch building skills, with the main body being a cigarette packet, other stuff like a hacked up toy car, broken toy bits, plastic packaging, card, wires, parts of a scrapped RC helicopter I cut up, bottle tops, straws, cig filters and bits from my tecchie bits box.

Like I said, it’s a bit rough round the edges, but it’s starting to take shape and it was a darn sight cheaper than trying to find something similar (it cost me nothing to make!)

I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress, hopefully I will have a shuttle port to go with it (A bit more work before that I’m afraid!)


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