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Black Cat Bases release Penguins & Seals. Pingu wargaming anyone?

4 Feb

Black cat bases

HiT Entertainment's remake of the original tit...

HiT Entertainment’s remake of the original title card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spotted this on TMP, Black cat bases are releasing packs of Penguins and seals, great for dioramas or inuit eskimo wargaming scenarios,   either that or you could run some seal clubbing games, or Pingu related madness.

Whatever you use them for, they are unique to say the least!

Now all we need now is some Walrus…..

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Bug Hunt Corridors KS smashes $6,000 goal with 21 days left!

17 Jan

Bug Hunt Corridors by Fantasy Arc — Kickstarter.

It would seem that 122 of you out there agree with me, when we talk about these brilliant scifi scenics.

Of the total raised thus far, they have exceeded the expected $6,000 goal and stand at a whopping $29,006 and still will raise more within the timeframe as there’s still 21 days left on the counter!

Jeezuz, if I ever win the jackpot, companies like these will bleed me dry as I invest in cool stuff like this! If only my granny was still here, I would have sold her in a heartbeat for some coin to get these babies!

Sorry Gran.


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More 15mm Alien plant terrain- Alien swamp

11 Jan


So I thought I would share my latest finished alien plant terrain piece, I regret, I wished had more time to spare between my projects, wargaming, sculpting and real life commitments.  Usually I would have taken some WIP shots as I made the piece, but due to time constraints and not having my camera charged, it didn’t happen. With that in mind, for those of you who would like a little insight into how it came about, I’ll give you a brief run through.

At Xmas, my daughter wanted mainly art and craft materials, one item of which was some DAS terracotta self drying clay, and she wanted me to show her how to use it, so I was given a bit to play with while she made various bits of stuff (I don’t know if I should start worrying about the latest fascination she has with making “poppits”, charms and worry dolls!) and I made something useful with mmy bit. So, I thought I would do a terrain piece.

I’m not a DAS fan usually, I find the smell of it a tad sickly, smelling like a hospital ward, and the material is usually brittle and shrinks slightly when dried, so is a bugger to attach the dried bits to other components to make it a staple material for me to use regularly (however, I probably will try to use it a bit more often down to the results of this) I opted to create an alien swamp to be part of my alien death world scenery for my 15mm scifi games. You might remember my fish tank man eating plant conversion (as I have several other bits I am working on also) The idea is to make enough to play a smallish board for this type of game, but for ages I have meant to make a small swamp, so now was as good a time as any.

When the DAS clay had dried a day or so later, I got to sticking it down on a flat bit of plastic, taken from a broken DVD case. Like I said about DAS, it does have a habit of shrinkage, so to make sure the bond was good, I used “Hard as Nails” adhesive, which worked out great, as it filled any gaps caused by the shrink, created a layer of padding under the clay piece and stopped it from breaking if mishandled (due to its rubbery texture) it was pretty good to blend the edges too, feeling like a polyfiller rather than adhesive.

After that it was just a case of painting it up, which consisted of a few black undercoats, followed by green/yellow/brown and white tones and mixes, followed by a few washes of chestnut ink, badab black and devlan mud inks.

The swamp was achieved by a mix of inks, paint and PVA mix, with a handfull of mustard seeds which were carefully dispersed in the area required. It was then washed with ink when dry, and subsequent coats of gloss varnish give a slimy and swampy effect.

A few details of the creepy eye, some extra tufts of fronds (taken from various bits of artificial flowers dotted around my home, without my wife knowing, sorry dear!) a few touch ups with paint, and parts of the tentacles were gloss varnished with a highlight, to insinuate a slimy effect. Follow this with some brown and dark green flock, static grass and moss and, thats about it!









You may notice my Criat Merc, lurking about in shot, as well as the GZG UNSC trooper, these were the only 15mm figures I had on hand for some idea of scale, I could have used 28mm, as this would fit perfectly too, as would 10mm. It’s pretty versatile like my other terrain, and I can see this getting use in WFB, 40K (when I eventually play again, my son keeps blagging me to get an army, so it may happen this year, if I find time…) Warmaster, my other homebrew games and even my dungeon bash I’m planning (I can fit it in all over the place…) It’s making me think that I should build an alien dungeon too, again if I get time, something that is lacking recently.

I hope you enjoy…


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More suggested 15mm figure ranges that should be made…

8 Jan

Following on from the last article I wrote about 15mm stuff they should do, the Xmas television I saw gave me some new ideas on ranges that SHOULD be made. I doubt that they will as these are mostly trademarked and licenced properties, this might be so but would not rule out some “not” versions of them. I think the threat of legal action puts off many manufacturers off trying to create some pretty cool miniatures like these, yet if marketed and advertised right with proper wording, painting and such would certainly make sure that any “not” lines fall below the radar of any big companies legal vultures and get us some mad additions to our collections!

I would truly attempt some of these, but alas I’m not in the right position to, nor do I feel confident enough to have a go at trying to create the things I am going to suggest, I suppose that’s why I’m suggesting that someone should try! Hopefully there may be someone reading this who in turn becomes inspired by this and creates something from the list! Well, I might be being optimistic, but you never know!

Duane "Dog" Chapman

Duane “Dog” Chapman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Dog the bounty hunter: “Theres fear and darkness all around you, the criminals are on the run, no use in playing 40K, you can go stick it up your bum….”, Yes, Ok, that intro isn’t exactly what Ozzy sings in the program, but you get the idea! This would be an excellent range of moderns for use in tons of different games. A straight campaign of bounty hunting the crim would be fantastic wouldn’t it? The guys from Da Kine bail bonds chasing the perps over a campaign, I’m not sure how useful Bobby Brown would be, or Beth (She of the huge knockers etc) but the rest would be very cool additions to the modern law enforcement selections of 15mm figures (which is lacking in my opinion) Imagine sticking them in a Zombie game, that’s something you know I would!! when I was a kid,  I really wanted to be a bounty hunter, but it’s just a shame I live in England and our laws don’t allow that sort of thing, but I seriously still would do it if I lived in the states! Seriously!!

Carry On Henry

Carry On Henry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2.Carry on cast: OOOhhh Matron, stop messing about!! This range would be so useless and useful, both at the same time! In addition many different versions of the same minis could be made, Victorian Horror: Carry on screaming, Tudors: Carry on Henry, Wild west: Carry on Cowboy, Modern emergency services: Carry on Doctor/nurse etc, WWII British: Carry on England…I could go on with more: Khyber, Jungle, Cleo, Jack, Follow that Camel etc etc….But you get the idea, ideal for historical gamers wanting to add a little humour and variety to their games, and just think of all the innuendo fun you can have with double entendres during game time. Don’t forget Carry on themed games too for the not too serious. Not arf missus, oo err!!


centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3.Jayce and the wheeled warriors: When I was young, this cartoon was on TV, it was a great Scifi series about a kid who was lookig for his scientist dad who had created an evil sentient plant race that could mutate into wheeled battle machines and kick ass all over the galaxy and take over. Jayce was assisted by a few gimpy sidekicks, but the cool bit was he had a load of automated wheeled battle wagons which would end up fighting the “Monster Minds” in almost every episode, who had teleported to a new planet and started to take root. Not the most inspired names I’ll admit, but they were very cool. Lots of 15mm Scifi goodness to be gleened from this idea, that’s if anyone ever chose to make them…

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.Asterix-15mm: When I was a young gamer, Hobby games I think, brought out a 25mm range of proper asterix figures, and I had a couple of the sets. Now these figures command a big price to collectors, and I am still kicking myself about not having them anymore. I would appreciate another company to produce something similar in 15mm. This way you could just have Asterix and Obelix Vs loads and loads of 15mm romans, just like in the comics. There are a lot of people I know who just love all things Asterix and would probably buy the figures to add to their collections, and even they don’t wargame or collect miniatures! someone just get the licence, either that or release Osterix and Abolix. You know you want to!!

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein’s Monster (Photo credit: Boogeyman13)

5.Classic Horror movie monsters: OK, so there are plenty that make figures of classic movie monsters, but I would like to see some reall acurate looking versions of the Unviversal Horror monsters, the Munsters, Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Chucky, Leatherface and a whole heap of other slashers, murderers and psychos. Countless horror scenarios could be done from these minis, plus add some of these killers in with the Carry on cast, or UK soap opera characters, and you could have some excellent, if not bizzarre cross over games. A few of the said films victims and Heroes wouldn’t go amiss either (Ash and some deadites would be great) Come on Industry people, if you can do “not” versions in 28mm, why they hell aren’t they in 15mm? Niche market you say? Balls to that, I’m not listening…LALALALALlalalalalalal (Fingers in ears etc!)

The Muppets Take Manhattan

The Muppets Take Manhattan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6.Muppet mayhem: Ok, by now your probably thinking, that guy is mental, what ever next? Ha, I say to my doubters, lets have a bit of Henson Magic!! On a more serious note, since Hensons is now a Disney company, I can’t imagine the licence to produce these figures would be cheap. A good alternative would be some not versions with Hermit the frog, Fuzzy Bear, Bonzo and Madame Piggles and crew would get my cash (Hmmm, maybe Madame Piggles might fit with my Oggam….) I can’t think of how I would use them, but one can’t ever say the Muppets weren’t versatile to fit into other genres, so you might have to throw in some “not” sesame street characters too, you know, Big Boyd, Almo, Mr Stuffalumpagog, Groper, Cokey Monster, and Ogster the Grumper might not be bad either too. However I don’t think Kevin Clash will be making an appearance any time soon to stick his hand up the puppet. That’s Almos world. That being said, lets just give them all weapons and let them go to war, Muppet style!!


Gremlins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7.Gremlins: Hey, why not? 15mm.co.uk has “not” Crites from the Critters movies, so lets have some gremlins too!!

Day 011/366: Slimer

Day 011/366: Slimer (Photo credit: Great Beyond)

8.Ghostbusters: Who you gonna’ call? Well, not me as I aint got my phone at the moment! These would be sweet wouldn’t they? Fancy a dungeon crawl game using these guys? Any number of gribbly monsters could be used as the supernatural creatures you would ever need, and you can even play the usual saving the world type games, or even simply just a ghost catching game as a one off. I aint afraid of no ghost!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the suggestions, please let me know what other ranges of 15mm figures they should be making, don’t forget, they will probably never get made, but we all can dream….


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Britanan All Stars Kickstarter Cancelled?!

8 Jan


Britanan All Stars – Relics:AL Fantasy Football Miniatures by Tor Gaming — Kickstarter.

Quick update…Tor gaming’s Stitch punk fantasy football team kickstarter has been cancelled!

Why? I really have no idea, I was pretty sure that they would get total funding for the unique little blighters, which is a shame.

I have been watching Tor games’s stuff for a bit now and I like their approach to minis, producing some good things, so I hope this cancellation is just a little glitch and they decide to bring out these little fellows soon!

Plus, since they are in Sheffield, I think I had better have a bit of South Yorkshire support for the company (as I’m literally a bus journey away!)

They are offering a good pre order deal on some groovy mutant crab men miniatures at the moment too, of which I admit would make excellent kaiju type monsters in my 15mm B-Movie games (especially the bigger one, I’m tempted to get that especially!)

You can see their other stuff and get some crabs (!) at the Tor Gaming website here


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