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If this is right, we all love Satan!

18 Dec
Person using cell phone while driving.

Person using cell phone to call the devil while driving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does ‘LOL’ Mean ‘Lucifer Our Lord’? | LiveScience.

Now, we’ve all used the various acronyms in text messaging or the net from time to time, but some online sources are now citing that putting LOL at the end of your messages is just an affirmation to Satan!

Again the endless capacity for human stupidity the net allows, makes me smile at that the fact these God botherers seem to persue drivel like this, again and again. Why do people waste valuable time coming up with this crap? Shouldn’t these “good Christian” folk be doing some useful work in the community instead of speculative  obsessing over silly things?

Any informed Heretic worth his salt would tell you, even if any of the supposed acronyms had been used as an invokation, it is the intent of the writer/poster/message sender etc, that determines the affirmation, not the interpretation of others that counts in any occult sense.

All this nonsense, and talk of Nibiru too!



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