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Government plans Esoteric content ban on the net for UK users!

23 Sep

I just wanted to share this info graphic with you, the Uk Government are at it again with even more censorship planned, not only do they want to see us spoon fed exactly what info they feel is right, but they want to dictate your religious freedom.

Take a read and make your own mind up about it, sign the petition.

Original graphic published at http://www.reachinglight.com.

Infographic: UK Filter to Block ‘Esoteric Content’ - Worldwide Implications



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Chaos Worshippers! Strange monument to Azathoth appears in front of restaurant

31 Aug



Azathoth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Followers of the strange, might have seen this already, but for those who haven’t, in the US state of Oklahoma in a place called Paseo, a strange and unspeakable monument has turned up out of the blue.

No one apparently knows just who or what has put it there, or for what purpose, and it seems as if there could be a dark and brooding connection….

Inscribed on a brass plaque, it reads..

“In the year of our lord 2012, Creer Pipi, Claims this land for Azathoth

Is this an indication that sinister cults are up to no good? Or that cthonic entities are about to claw up some land in the new world? Crawling chaos indeed!

Well, as for Creer Pipi, it seems that the answer could be a few Mythos fans having a laugh, as Creer seems to mean “to believe” and Pipi literally is “Pee” or “Piss”! Quite literally they seem to be taking the piss!

The area is reportedly one of lots of arty types, and knowing lots of types like that, it wouldn’t surprise me this was the case.

However, there could indeed be more to this mystery if you take into account that there do exist actual covens of Neo pagan chaos magickians that really do use the whole HPL mythos in their rites and ceremonies, so in another sense we could be looking at a real attempt at some kind of fucked up new age occult rituals. Markers stones like this are used in the occult to create larger sacred working spaces and/or sanctify/corrupt the area for better use with rituals, in much the same way christians will bless or consecrate holy ground.

My money is on a joke, the creer pipi reference sort of gives it away.

Regardless, we might never know the truth behind the mystery, as it’s going to be removed anyway. I’m sure the culprits are basking in their 15 minutes of internet stardom….

Strange monument mysteriously shows up in front of Paseo area restaurant | KFOR.com.

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Would you give money to this man for a Christian Zombie Apocalypse novel on Kickstarter?

25 Jan

“And the Dead Shall Rise” a Christian Zombie Apocalypse tale by M.Frederic Jennings — Kickstarter.

As you know Kickstarter and zombies feature quite a bit on here, so when I stumbled upon this new KS, I had a little bit of a chuckle!

“And the dead shall rise” is reported to be this authour’s sixth novel (None of which have been published I might add!)

Whenever I hear the words “A Christian Tale” it sends shivers down my spine, no offense to the christians out there, I just know its going to be crap. To top it off, the guy even looks like a creepy feller. Yeah, I know it’s a zombie novel, so he must be trying to come over like it’s going to be scary, but the impression I got was, that “He” is the creepy one! Take a look at the video he uploaded, would you give money to him? We all realise that there could be loads of potential horror taken from the pages of the bible, but lets face it, it’s been done before in many films, TV and movies. I couldn’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him to be honest, I kept thinking that in reality he could be using the KS cash to fund some mad ass plan to tool himself up ready for the rapture, go and buy some assault rifles and wait for Jesus to come and pick him up and go kill zombies!

The other problem I have with it, is how its marketed, as with a lot of stuff that is specifically geared towards the christian masses, we all know it’s going to feature some stupid moral lessons, quotes from the various out of date passages of revelations and other silly sections (booorriinng!!!) No offense dude, (Have you noticed that when someone says, “no offense, but…” it’s going to be offensive?) but, the bible might have some good quotes and the odd bit of wisdom/common sense, but it isn’t real, it’s not written by god. It’s just a story book. Get a grip. Have you seen the American Dad episode about the rapture? Well, I know it is more entertaining than your latest effort (six unpublished books and still no takers, I think you need to take a hint buddy!) This 21st century is most surely a godless age. Why spoil the zombie genre with christian claptrap.

I watch and read zombie stuff for reasons of entertainment, if there’s any messages to be made within the various stories, they would be about aspects of being human and the issues around us. If religion played a part, wouldn’t it be that god is dead, and that no one was to be saved from eternal damnation or rotting in hell.

Jesus if he ever existed was just a religious nut, preaching to almost primitive stupid ancient peasants, He’s not coming back to save you from the zombies, crazy fool!

Go find something else to do.

If this has made you feel as if you’d like to fund him, your crazy! But, it’s your choice pal!




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It’s the 21st and we’re still here….Happy Yule!

21 Dec


English: Mayan calendar created by a modern cr...

English: Mayan calendar created by a modern craftsman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harold Camping in 2008

Harold Camping in 2008. A few years before it would be revealed as a lying fantasist.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, what a surprise. It’s the Mayan day of apocolypse and we are still here. Still there are some that are citing that it’s still coming, to be invaded by saucers over the remaining temples that the sun shines on at the exact point of the equinox, as well as other crazy ideas that are floating around, as of 5.30am UK time, we are told that we have just 6 hours left.

As I and lots of others expected, it goes down in the long list of stupid predictions foretelling the end of days.

It kind of takes me back to last year with the prophecies that Harold Camping came out with, first stating that the rapture would come on May 21st 2011, with earthquakes and related fire and brimstone god bothering balloney. The earth would apparently shift its axis, and pretty much destroy humanity, taking 3% population to heaven….but on the 22nd, nothing happened.

When this date came, he retracted what he’d said and “rescheduled” it for October 21st 2011, which of course never happened either. Quick to escape from the shame of being a total lying douche, he retired from the prophecy business to study the bible better (Apparently  he had a stroke, what he was stroking is up for issue, it seemed like he had been stroking his ego for years, I fear it was more like stroking his cock as clearly he was a wanker!)

Humanity has a primordial fear deep inside them, this comes out as a strange self hate that almost begs the question if we all have a inner self destruct button, each one of us secretly praying for the end of days. Just take a look back at the countless foretelling of earths destruction. Sure, the world will end one day, when the sun swallows us whole in a great red giant, but by that time if humanity survives to that point, we will probably have developed the technology to escape of planets fate and find new places to infest in true Star Trek style (Lets hope the fashion will not be as crap)

I’m also sure that the many people here all over the UK suffering from severe flash flooding today, I’m sure that they feel as if a biblical flood has been visited on them on this auspicious day, plus countless others around the world who are really suffering in natural disasters, famines and wars, but hey lets have our press and media focus on this total crap “Mayan Apocolypse” prediction to make us all feel even worse about what it means to be human and living here on earth.

I’m no christian, and I feel that again the old establishment is trying to derail what is potentially a quite hopeful start for our future, after all it’s the equinox, or “Yule” to us paganistic types, the original celebration of the winter and end of the year until the brainwashed god botherers warped it to include biblical rubbish for our pagan ancestors.

Yule is the real basis of Xmas, nothing to do with baby jesus and donkeys, even good old Father Crimbo has more of a basis as an original (The bearded one bears resembelance to the winter king of old), Yes my friends, your Xmas may well be more ungodly than you imagine!

This day should be time for celebration in a world of economic uncertainty, wars and suffering, not fervently bead jiggling and praying for salvation from Nibiru! The fact that this cycle of the Mayan calendar runs out should be cause to look ahead to the start of a new cycle. Not our end.

Happy Mayan Apocolypse day all!!

Oh and happy Yule too!!

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