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Grinning Skull Preview: Wave #1 Oggam Light Infantry

25 Mar


A preview of a few of the first wave of Grinning Skull miniatures, coming next month…..


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Coming Soon…Grinning Skull Miniatures from

23 Mar


I have the great pleasure to let you all know that months of hard work has finally paid off, and that soon you will be able to get your hands on my new range of 15mm figures!

That’s right, if you remember last year, I failed to secure funding for my indiegogo campaign to get my oggam war pig miniatures into production. I vowed not to give up and held to the idea, and carried on toward my aim.

I am delighted to reveal that the Oggam, and a whole host of other strange and humorous creatures will be available next month from These figures are what I have termed “Heroic 15mm” scale, they are designed for those gamers who like a bit of fun with their  figures, and should appeal to the collector with a sense of humor!

Although they won’t be to everyone’s taste, I hope that they will be enjoyed by those of you who purchase them! They’re meant with firmly a tongue in cheek, cartoony take on wargaming. Expect to see new takes on my own versions of not just sci-fi zaniness, but pulp horror, and fantasy too!! I have so many ideas and plans to expand the range in the future, the sky’s the limit!!

Of course, the Oggam will feature prominently in the Grinning Skull range, with my plans to try and cover as many different types, factions, civilians, characters, flora/fauna, equipment and eventually even vehicles! It’ll mean loads of individual choice in designing an entire force of Oggam for the wargamer, allowing many players to each field an Oggam army which is totally different from each other (Indeed, entire Oggam WarPigs campaigns….more about that another time!!….)

I’d like to thank the guys at  for helping get this project seen to reality, and ultimately you the public who might end up giving the Grinning Skull Range a go!

Also, on a side note, I’d like to take a moment to give thanks to the many nay sayers who slated my attempts trying to bring my Oggam figures into the public eye, I thank you for your whining and abuse, without which I may have given up long ago. You taught me that while other people have a right to an opinion, what actually matters at the end of the day is determination, and to coin the immortal Grinning Skull moto: “There is only laughter in the face of adversity…”

I’ll be having a bit of a re-organisation here on the site, including regular updates for previews, teasers, and links to anything Grinning Skull miniature related (Well, it is the Grinning Skull blog after all!!) But you can find the home of the new range at’s site, where there’ll be a section devoted entirely to them!!

Check it out here and have a look at at a little teaser pic of what’s to come!!

Thanks people!!

Peace out…

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Update: Finished Book of the Oggam PDF available for free download!

22 Mar


Well, all I can say is its been a long time in coming, but finally the Book of the Oggam PDF has been finished! I thought I would let you know it’s now on site and available for free download!

This is the full version, complete with detailed history, geography and physiology about the oggam, plus faction history and descriptions, and full colour art.

Please feel free to take a look and leave me your comments  and suggestions about it.

It can be directly downloaded here the bookof theoggam v2 or from the download section of this site. I hope you enjoy!

Peace out….

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Long time no post!!

14 Mar

Hello there, yes, it’s me just letting you know that I’m not dead, just been busy having technical difficulties amongst other things.

I should be having a brand new internet connection installed properly by the days end, that is with a bit of luck of course, and I’ll be back to my updating on here, with some new stuff I have been working on.

I am using a crappy usb mobile modem, so I’m quite limited to what I can do at the moment, so this is going to be a relief to finally get enough bandwith to do something with!!

Peace out….



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Osprey Adventures: Jason and the Argonauts Review

1 Mar


Cover of "Jason and the Argonauts"

Cover of Jason and the Argonauts

It might not seem this way, but I have always loved the myths and legends of the ancient Greeks. With that in mind, I jumped at the chance to review the upcoming Osprey Adventures book, Jason and the Argonauts.

Most of us are familiar with the tales of the mythical hero Jason and his brave crew, and their quest for the golden fleece mainly from the  classic 1963 movie, featuring the ground breaking work of Ray Harryhausen, this book sets right the discrepencies in the film and puts them in line with the more scholarly original tales.

The author, Neil Smith has managed to keep a balance between these sometimes dry, long winded stories and presents us with a streamlined and easy to read narrative, keeping as true to the original legends. As anyone can tell you who has read various versions of the stories, the Greeks were known for their fondness of adding additional dramatic dialog and tended to sometimes spend a fair amount of time introducing themselves to one another, plus their extended bloodlines, plus their ancestors bold adventures and any other titles they had! Rest assured the author has avoided this ancient tendency and concentrated on the actual story in a way thats easy to read!

Additions of extra historical facts, references to the legend in the media all add weight to this very well put together book, which is what we have come to expect from Osprey over the years. I suppose that you are thinking I approve of this book, and I would agree with that entirely! I admit that this is one of the first Osprey books I have read for a long time, and if they are all as good as this one I will say that I will be reading a lot more over the coming months. This is just part of the Osprey adventures Myths and Legends series, along with Dragon Slayers and the Wars of Horus and Set, I foresee good things from this range!!

The artwork in this book is top notch, it really helps bring to life the text and imagine each segment with full colour. the artist  Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña can’t be faulted, his works ranking among some of the best renderings of fine art on the subject I have seen in a long time. Together with photos from the various movie versions, these all add more to the feel of the book, if I had one criticism about them it would be that the book hasn’t got anymore! They really are great to look at, and inspiring to boot!

From a wargamers perspective, or a roleplayers one for that matter, there really is the meat for some great campaigns and scenarios based around the myth, I especially liked the information and pictures on the crew of the argo. It really makes me want to go out and get a load of historical ancient greek 15mm miniatures to go and replay scenes from the story (before you ask, yes I know which particular scene I’m thinking, and yes I know the earthborn aren’t skeletons, but I would have to do it with earthborn and skellies, otherwise it wouldn’t be cricket!!)

Ok, I’m going to sum this up. If you enjoy an easy to read, lavishly illustrated full colour book based around one of the most enduring ancient greek quest stories, then go get this book. There’s tons of useful information that would be suitable for any fan or curious casual reader. Buy it, read it and you’ll love it too. Check it out here Link

Right, now where did I put my other sandal…..


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