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Possibly the best TV advert? EVER!! (Oh yes!!)

29 Mar

If you live here in the UK, you have probably seen this excellent advertisement for Moneysupermarket (Comparison site) that features Skeletor, Iconic 80’s cartoon villain. All I can say, is Brilliant! By far the best advert I have seen in a long, long time!
So for the benefit of my international visitors who may not have seen this great piece of video, here it is…

I can’t tell you how much this ad made me laugh out loud! Just gotta love that epic dancing Skeletor!!

(Note: Updated with new video link as the previous was not playable outside the UK! Enjoy!)

Weird 15mm Games I should run: Zombies On The Buses…

7 Jul


I have some weird ideas for wargames, and while most can be somewhat surreal at times, there are some that really stick in my head. A lot of these would be ideal games for conventions as they aren’t really ideas you’d use in a campaign over the course of a few sessions. These would prove to be a great laugh and fun games, and just maybe it might inspire someone to have a go…

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Cannibals and Corpses (No, it’s not a Roleplaying game, or a band. It’s real!)

3 Apr
Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de B...

Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de Bry for Hans Staden’s account of his 1557 captivity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from this weeks finale in The Walking Dead, what with their suspected terminus cannibal types, I thought I’d take it upon myself to guide you to a few choice real world tales of flesh munchers and cadavers.

On the theme of people eaters, that being cannibals to me and you, firstly I want to show you the recent report of what has been dubbed the cannibal cafe. You won’t see Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver here, but what you will see is human head on the menu (and I don’t mean the customers getting a BJ, it’s real human head!) The funny thing is that it seems like they did have customers, so it makes you wonder how widespread cannibalism is in the world. Sure, it’s certainly taboo, it would be naive to think it doesn’t happen anymore after thousands of years of human evolution, peppered with all sorts of human munching for various reasons of cuture, nessesity and madness.


The next bit of cannibal craziness is a most definitely 21st century spin on the theme, and some would even argue that this is even actually cannibalism (which in my opinion it is) This company hopes to take samples from the famous and then lab grow their meat to be eaten by others! I can’t see this being cheap since with the recent lab grown meat experiments costing a whole stack of cash, add on the cost of obtaining the original samples of the subjects, then the real costs of doing the do, then the hype and nonsense, then the cannibal costs (the privilage of eating long pig etc) then I surmise, this isn’t something you’ll just be able to get on the way back from the pub on a weekend like the humble dona kebab, and you’d have to be among the elite to afford it.

“It’s made out of people!” Making meat from celebrity tissue samples.

Of corpses, or not corpses (well, he is now anyway) with the story of the guy who was suspected dead, and woke up in a morgue. Well, two weeks after the incident, he died! It makes you wonder why he actually bothered, unless he’s going to wake up again in another two weeks and this is going to be a regular thing. I feel sorry for his family, it’s going to cost them a shit load in funerals!


More corpses, and the news that it seems likely that the infamous Black death was not as it was thought, spread by rat fleas, but it was airbourne. If you remember the old rhyme, ring O roses, “atichoo, atichoo, we all fall down” seems to be in line with some sort of flu type of strain and not infection from flea bites. Since when do you sneeze from getting bit by a flea? (I might be wrong, but the new synopsis seems more plausable in my opine!) What does bother me is, exhuming plague victims corpses doesn’t sound like a great idea since things like viruses, bacteria and such can lie dormant for thousands of years. Why is it a good idea to start digging up plague pits and fucking around with them? Whatever they do, the scientists can stay the fuck away from me! (and make sure they wash their hands!)


I’ll be back later with some recent developments in clown news…..


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Ooooow, you cheeky Starblazer you!

9 Jul


I recently managed to get hold of a bundle of vintage “Starblazer” comics to help inspire me with a bit of retro sci-fi for my projects. I did bag them at a pretty good price, considering that I see them about individually for up to £3 a piece, 15 for just over a fiver is a steal! I thought they were in decent condition, until I took a look through PLANET OF FEAR


Typical 80’s schoolboy humour!

As you can see on page 33 of the issue, someone back in the day has drawn on a huge set of cock and balls on one of the main characters in the story! Not only that, there’s a speech bubble with the phrase “Suck it Creep!” too, no doubt pertaining to his endowment!


Over on the previous page, there’s also a bit more defacement in the book, again with the usual cock and balls (Always it seems with the cock and balls!)

I think a lot of comic collectors would be aghast, but not me. This kind of antic just went on more to remind me of the 80’s, when I was actually reading Starblazer, 2000AD and Spiderman etc! We used to do exactly the same as this, defacing everything from comics, to library and text books! All in the vain attempt to make each other snigger and laugh at school!

I’m pretty sure there will be no value to this copy anymore, but that’s fine, it gave me a good laugh when I read it, as well as a great nostalgia buzz!

Peace out…..

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Doomed to fail: Kickstarters that’ll kick the bucket

3 Apr
Epic Fail

Epic Fail (Photo credit: j.gurian)

Again, looking through kickstarter does throw up some god awful funding campaigns, lets face it for every one or two good ones, there’s going to be many real stinkers. So with that in mind, I’ve selected a few that my money is on to really fail. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a great feeling with a failed crowdfunding campaign, so I’m going to try and highlight those that don’t seem to have grasped the principle of value and why anyone should give these people money. Ever!


Ok, I think this one is really someone just messing around, hopefully! How it’s even got £8 is anyone’s guess. If this IS real, they really have a few issues. Either they’re a little kid, one of the “special” people, or whatever, it’s all very poor indeed! Check it out here and see it. Grinning Skulls 1/10


I watched both the KS promo video, and the piss poor “trailer” from this supposed funny man. Yeah you have to remember that humour is subjective. His stuff seems about as funny as Freddy Krueger working in an abortion clinic. How the hell he’s going to get his cash for this idea? Well maybe he should try selling a kidney, just don’t try making paid deposits at the sperm bank dude, there’s enough fuckwits walking around without you adding to the collected genepool. This is just shit to the power of 10. Grinning Skulls 0/10


Ok, this guy seems a bit creepy, he’s looking for $3500 to make a 2-3 minute short trailer style puppet monster movie thing. Why? He thinks it would be great, I would think that lots would disagree. If the video is anything to go by, he’s a shit puppeteer as well. trust me, if you pledge money to this, your really pissing in the wind. Stop playing with puppets and get a job dude!!Norman bates scores this 1/10.


This guy is seriously deluded. He thinks he’s MJ, but he’s just bad! I love the way he mentions that he wants the support of the real Jackson family, as if! The accompanying video is really surreal too, with it claiming that he’s accepted that wacko Jacko is his artistic father! The guy has even changed his name too. They let too many out on day release these days, I felt really embarrassed for him while I was watching. Cringeworthy grinning skulls 1/10

So there you have it, a few badly conceived project destined to end up on the scrap heap, let me know if you find any really funny ones!

Peace out….

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