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Star Wars VII: JJ Abrams to direct

27 Jan

BBC News – Star Wars VII: JJ Abrams to direct.

English: J.J. Abrams at Time 100 Gala

English: J.J. Abrams at Time 100 Gala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Latest Star Wars rumours seem to have been focused on who would direct the latest in the franchise. Now it has been chosen (Imagine I said that in the style of Yoda….) JJ Abrams!

Well, I would have to agree that it would seem one of the better choices of director, I’m no fan of Trek, but the reboot was pretty cool. He admits that growing up he was more of a Star Wars fan than Star Trek, so hopefully he’ll kick ass!

Trust me, it could have been worse, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. This will either make or break him in legendary terms in movie history.

we will see….


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Slayers of the Great Serpent: A Fantasy Campaign in 5 Parts by David Caffee — Kickstarter

25 Jan

Slayers of the Great Serpent: A Fantasy Campaign in 5 Parts by David Caffee — Kickstarter.

Quick update, 8 days left on this KS for the epic RPG campaign. The total now stands at $1,756 which is quite a bit short of the $4,500 total to get this into print.

Please get over there and help support this project.

Personal thoughts and overview after the campaign ends.


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The Shop on the Corner Kickstarter

25 Jan

Blanchards Mucky books!

The Shop on the Corner by Anika Kohli — Kickstarter.

I really have to give this project a mention. some of you who read this blog might recognise this above pic of a place in Doncaster, and that’s exactly what I noticed as I was browsing through Kickstarter yesterday.

I can tell you that if you do know it, it’s no other than Doncaster’s own Blanchards Mucky book shop! Although I think the name has been changed to protect the innocent, there’s no mistaking it! Although it wasn’t always an adult book exchange/shop, in the days of my youth it had been a great place to go on an afternoon and spend a bit of time searching for old marvel, DC and horror comics, pulp sci-fi books and mags. You might be asking how I know it so well? Well, as it happens I used to live but five doors away with my family and it was a place straight out of my childhood, and where my love of horror comics and scifi began.

Back to the KS, by the looks the whole project is to make a comedy show based on the experiences of the family owners. So it might be the 21st century’s own version of BBC’s classic “Open all hours” starring Ronnie Barker and David Jason. (Incidentally filmed around the corner from my sisters house, also in Doncaster too!) The only difference between them being the porno mags!

Honestly, it does sound like a good premise for a sit com, and it’s one I shall be hoping will achieve funding, it is a shame that I didn’t discover this sooner as I would have even chipped a few quid in (Skint now!) to help get it funded.

There still is time to help get it done, they’re only asking to raise £300 so please go along and help them if you can, £300 isn’t a great deal of cash to raise, but there’s only a few days left so, you’ll have to be quick. I know there must be a few of my mates from Donny here reading my blog, so seeing as it’s a Doncaster project, stick your hands in your pocket and be a backer if you can!

Please go and check it out and hopefully they’ll get this comedy to a screen near you!!

Peace out my friends….

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Would you give money to this man for a Christian Zombie Apocalypse novel on Kickstarter?

25 Jan

“And the Dead Shall Rise” a Christian Zombie Apocalypse tale by M.Frederic Jennings — Kickstarter.

As you know Kickstarter and zombies feature quite a bit on here, so when I stumbled upon this new KS, I had a little bit of a chuckle!

“And the dead shall rise” is reported to be this authour’s sixth novel (None of which have been published I might add!)

Whenever I hear the words “A Christian Tale” it sends shivers down my spine, no offense to the christians out there, I just know its going to be crap. To top it off, the guy even looks like a creepy feller. Yeah, I know it’s a zombie novel, so he must be trying to come over like it’s going to be scary, but the impression I got was, that “He” is the creepy one! Take a look at the video he uploaded, would you give money to him? We all realise that there could be loads of potential horror taken from the pages of the bible, but lets face it, it’s been done before in many films, TV and movies. I couldn’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him to be honest, I kept thinking that in reality he could be using the KS cash to fund some mad ass plan to tool himself up ready for the rapture, go and buy some assault rifles and wait for Jesus to come and pick him up and go kill zombies!

The other problem I have with it, is how its marketed, as with a lot of stuff that is specifically geared towards the christian masses, we all know it’s going to feature some stupid moral lessons, quotes from the various out of date passages of revelations and other silly sections (booorriinng!!!) No offense dude, (Have you noticed that when someone says, “no offense, but…” it’s going to be offensive?) but, the bible might have some good quotes and the odd bit of wisdom/common sense, but it isn’t real, it’s not written by god. It’s just a story book. Get a grip. Have you seen the American Dad episode about the rapture? Well, I know it is more entertaining than your latest effort (six unpublished books and still no takers, I think you need to take a hint buddy!) This 21st century is most surely a godless age. Why spoil the zombie genre with christian claptrap.

I watch and read zombie stuff for reasons of entertainment, if there’s any messages to be made within the various stories, they would be about aspects of being human and the issues around us. If religion played a part, wouldn’t it be that god is dead, and that no one was to be saved from eternal damnation or rotting in hell.

Jesus if he ever existed was just a religious nut, preaching to almost primitive stupid ancient peasants, He’s not coming back to save you from the zombies, crazy fool!

Go find something else to do.

If this has made you feel as if you’d like to fund him, your crazy! But, it’s your choice pal!




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First Hints About How Zombieland Will Become a Weekly TV Show

25 Jan

First Hints About How Zombieland Will Become a Weekly TV Show.

It would seem like this is on the agenda once more, probably with all the success of the Walking Dead, people in TV land have decided to resurrect this shelved series, based on the hit 2009 movie.

It will bring back the main characters of the movie, but not the original cast. Just lets hope they do justice to it.

Peace out….

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