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15mm Space Orc Army: the mob so far…

22 Mar


Well, I thought I might a well share my progress on my 15mm space orc mob thats finished so far. I still need to get lots more done yet, more mobs of boys including my own lot (from CP models) as well as some GZG ones, more Ogryns, squigs, dreds and vehicles. They’ve ended up quite cool, with a unique feel, which will probably get better when I add the rest.




I like the GZG orcy types, while not similar to mine, I find that if you paint them all a putrid green, they look fine! Plenty more of these still left to paint and add, although it’ll take some time (I’m not the fastest painter…)



Vehicles and dredds, all I have done so far is these. I’m aiming for probably two units of three dredds, which will add a fair bit of firepower, plus I’ve got a battle wagon (Warbus) about 50% done, and even a dropship, but that’s going to need more TLC. One Squiggoth should suffice.


These I’ll be adding loads more of (I have quite a few) again will take time, but so far I’m low on actual orcs, plus they need a banner boy. I’ve got a feeling this army will be huge when I’m done.


Not sure if I’ll do any more ogryns (might save the others for my imperial guard force) I like them, but they don’t feel savage enough (might need to sculpt some… or convert some fantasy ones)


The boss and his retinue are made up from the ones from CP that I sculpted, as well as  converted 15mm sci-fi adventurers from them also.



The gobbos are made up from Magister militum, foundry(?), Pendraken and irregular goblins/orcs. These were just standard fantasy ones, converted with a bit of greenstuff and some neat MJ figures 15mm guns. I still have a few left to finish, including a shit shoveller. Out of everything here, I think I enjoyed these the most. Plenty of character, so I reckon I’ll have to do a big horde of these. I might even use my snotling bases with them (which are also made up from a variety of manufacturers of 10 & 15mm goblins) to add some feral types as fodder (they are based as the 40 x 40 swarms as per WFB, but it shouldn’t matter.) I’ve gotta get some of the Ion age ones yet, as I’m loving the really individual nature of this army.



Squigs are a combo of my own from CP, Pendraken Squoggler, and a great classic GW Kev Adams one to give them a truly RT feel. The herder is a converted Pendraken night orc (now carrying a small squig) To add to this section, there are quite a few more squogglers to paint up (even so they are supposed to be 10mm, they fit great here) and a load of CP carnosaurs (looking fine as large blind cave squigs) not to mention my own, might even add a few old GW ones as well.

I’m in sculpting mode presently, so they are all going to have to wait. Maybe I’ll have to make those other orc troop types I’ve been thinking of…


Zomtober: Week #4: Roving TV News crew.

27 Oct


So, I lead you to my last entry in Zomtober, rather than the usual hordes of dead things, I thought I’d make a little change and shake things up a bit by painting up some survivors instead.

This lot is from Irregular Miniatures in their 15mm Riot range (of which I have a lot of in my paint queue, you know rioters, cops, mounted riot police, dogs, etc) and is perfect for any zombie related skirmish scenarios as either a objective marker or even a crew looking to get the latest scoop on the biggest news story of their lives!


I love the way they have turned out, i’m still in two minds to if it was best to base them together, maybe it would have been a better idea to have them separate (Good thing is that they are cheap as chips, so I’ll maybe get a couple more sets to use too)


If your after these figures, get on over to Irregular Miniatures and have a look at their stuff, very reasonable and great service too!!

Zomtober is now over, but since I’m in a bit of a routine, you might see a bit more painting out of me (If time permits…)

Hope you enjoyed.

Catch you later.

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More Reinforcements, Irregular Miniatures 15mm & 6mm Treemen!

27 Feb


Ok, next up I’m continuing with my latest idea, my Treeman/ent warband for fantasy skirmishing. I’m trying to be as scale free as I can when it comes to bringing it all together, that way I can use these for both 15mm and 25/28mm if I fancy it.  First up are the two 15mm Irregular Miniatures ents from their fantasy range. You hve some idea of the size of these fellers when I say they are mounted on 40mm x 40mm bases, so they are quite chunky. While they aren’t the nicest sculpts, or even that well detailed, at least they do what they are supposed, big lumbering animated wooden brutes, they will suffice as big hitters lead by my Ent hero I sculpted before!



While I was pondering on them before I painted them, I swore that they reminded me of some famous celebrities. It bugged me for a while as I gave them a few coats of paint and my daughter said, “The hairy bikers. That’s who they look like!” She hit the nail on the head, that’s exactly who they reminded me of (minus the bushy tree canopy I stuck on them, trust me without that, they were Ent versions of the boys!! For anyone who isn’t familiar with the lads, the Hairy Bikers are successful BBC  TV chefs with many series under their belts, I wonder if the guys at Irregular were inspired by them to create the figures? Anyway here’s a pic to show you what I mean!


Back to the figures…These only cost me £2.60 a pop, so I think they are great value for the price, and could quite easily use these in big units as rank and file figures (which I may get a few more to add to the army on my next order) Next up 6mm treemen…


These lot are also from Iregular, they are Tree spirits in 6mm scale and are roughly the size of a 25mm figure, so will be ideal for a unit of rank and file lesser entlings. Even though they are 6mm, they’re still bigger than the average 15mm figure, and in heroic 28mm or similar games will provide me with cheap fodder foot soldiers in both scales. At 60p each, I will be getting a hell of a lot more to bulk out my Entish host. The sculpt is what you’d expect, nothing special, but these have more of a tree feel to them rather than human, een the face is more like a creature than that of a human, which is what I like, so thats a bonus!!


Ok, this one isn’t by Irregular, nor is it strictly a miniature, but I came across this resin figure on Ebay (or should it be tree-bay, or bay tree…) It came pre painted and shapes up to roughly the same size as the 6mm ents. All I did was base it up, give it some magic inkwashes and highlights, stick some modelling lichen on the top to match, and bob’s your uncle (and he was too!) Upside, he’s a good character figure to go in with the similar sized models, down side, it cost me a few quid (remember I am tight) Next time I get one, I’ll probably get some instamould stuff so I can reproduce it a few times, that way I will feel a little better for forking out more than I did for one of the 15mm ones!!


I have more stuff coming and to paint for this themed warband, next will follow the 2mm ents. Yes you heard right, 2mm! Why? little swarms of saplings of course, baby ents!

Trust me they’ll be ok when I’m finished…..

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In the future, even goats wear shades…15mm Irregular Miniatures Sci-fi Goatmen

27 Feb


Well, I’m back after a time of chaos and stress, hope you haven’t missed me too much!. Yes, as well as it was half term, I haven’t had much time near the PC as I would have liked, but it did mean I could attempt to get some stuff painted up out of my lead mountain.

First up are these irregular miniatures goatmen, I still have more to get done, but at least now I have a squad done and along with the Pendraken 10mm minotaurs I did, they will make a nice beastman force for my collection. I’ll slowly get my hands on some other manufacturers beastmen as and when I find them, both sci-fi and fantasy, that way I’ll have a perfectly good fantasy side to use as well, and a huge horde of variously armed types for future games. The pose goes well with the minotaurs too, given the right handed justification they blend in nicely and don’t look out of place. The shades they wear does mean that I’ll probably have to convert a few of the fantasy versions to wearing similar eyegear, but luckily for me a few of those actually broke while trimming them, so they needed a bit of greenstuff to make them usable anyway!

Overall I have always liked these models and did have a load of them years ago. I do wish Irregular would put out some newer versions, maybe a few different poses, or armour and weapon variants all wouldn’t go amiss, if they did, I for one would buy them.

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15mm US Marines to battle the zombie hordes…

19 Nov

I finally got to sit down and finish my Irregular Miniatures 15mm US  marines to go with my zombie game. This way I can add a few different scenarios to my campaigns. I guessed that if I just got enough for a decent squad for now, it made more sense than a whole load of them, don’t want them to have many more options than a force of normal survivors.

Overall, they are pretty good minis, although the other one I got had ended up with his gun snapped off (I’ll convert him later into something else) luckily I had a couple of GZG marine looking figures that have taken his place. I know they aren’t exactly a perfect match, but they will do fine, we are playing a fictional zombie war, so I think we are fine! I’ll get some British army stuff later as well, but these will do for now.

Now onto painting my UK riot police….

Here are a few pics of them in action.

As you can see from my pics, the truck is what I picked up from the poundshop, it’s an ideal size and actually has space in the back for a couple of figures or cargo. It needs a bit of a paintjob over bits, but I’m not going mad with it and leaving it mostly intact (It had some crappy transfers on the sides and bonnet, but with my missus’s fine nail file emmery board thing, they came off without much effort!)

The Black hawk helicopter, was from the recent UK part work collection called “Helicopters” surprisingly! It was the first and was introductionary priced at £2.99, so it was a bargain! Now these two army vehicles will serve as deployment vehicles and objectives/escape etc.

You may also notice the background terrain is mostly in black and white. Don’t worry, I have taken to printing a lot of my scenery out for this in just black ink. This I feel gives a great surreal comic book effect for play, keeps my costs down and allows the eye to focus on the action. The grey colour feels more urban and dead, ideal for zombie games.

All I need now is a tank or two and they’ll be ready for a rumble with my aliens too!! (or even a godzilla beasty!!)

EDIT: I would like to point out, US marines and US Army are two totally different things, so any confusion between the two is down to me, the simple English man. Sorry!


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