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Zomtober: Week #4: Roving TV News crew.

27 Oct


So, I lead you to my last entry in Zomtober, rather than the usual hordes of dead things, I thought I’d make a little change and shake things up a bit by painting up some survivors instead.

This lot is from Irregular Miniatures in their 15mm Riot range (of which I have a lot of in my paint queue, you know rioters, cops, mounted riot police, dogs, etc) and is perfect for any zombie related skirmish scenarios as either a objective marker or even a crew looking to get the latest scoop on the biggest news story of their lives!


I love the way they have turned out, i’m still in two minds to if it was best to base them together, maybe it would have been a better idea to have them separate (Good thing is that they are cheap as chips, so I’ll maybe get a couple more sets to use too)


If your after these figures, get on over to Irregular Miniatures and have a look at their stuff, very reasonable and great service too!!

Zomtober is now over, but since I’m in a bit of a routine, you might see a bit more painting out of me (If time permits…)

Hope you enjoyed.

Catch you later.

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Grinning Skull at the movies: World War Z

4 Jul


Well, well well, I thought it was time to put up a review about the latest zombie movie everyone’s been talking about (mainly for negative reasons…) World War Z.

I had seen much about this movie on the net, before even seeing the film there were plenty of rumours and spoilers that I thought were going to cloud my opinions about it beforehand. Even so I hate pretty much anything with Brad Pitt in (well, just it’s Brad Pitt I can’t stand, he’s such a floppy haired dickhead…) I thought I should at least give the zombies a try, who doesn’t love zombies? Right?

Now, I haven’t read the Max Brooks book yet, and I was waiting for the film to come out, then read them (Yeah, I’m weird like that) to compare, that way I think I will appreciate the books more, since this cinematic effort is just a dire example of what hollywood deems to be a “zombie movie” (remember Warm Bodies, that was shit too)

I must like causing myself pain and suffering, because I really did try and watch it with an open mind, I wanted to be wrong about the swarming zombie ant, liquid poured effects, the poor story and script, ropey acting from Pitt and co, but the nails in the coffin for me at least, were mentions of the word “Zombie”, I mean come on, since when in decent zombie media of any type refers to the undead using the term? Walkers, runners, munchers, biters, ghouls etc are a mark of quality, albeit some might say an extra level of realism given to the setting by thoughtful writers to create more believeability to the thing. (Not that zombies are realistic anyway, but those involved in genre dabbling should at least try!) Using the word scores minus points in my book.

Without spoiling the end for you who haven’t seen it yet, or plan to, frankly it’s utter drivel, and so ridiculously cheesy, hooray for Brad, he saves the world! Nothing downbeat and signifiying the end of the human race here, everything works out for us! Gee, thanks Brad, it sure is swell you were here! What a load of bollocks! I’m just thinking of any good points, but it’s tricky! I thought the whole idea of the genre was that there was the impending doom of survival, not this crap. As the lyric from System of a Down’s song goes: you should have never trusted Hollywood. (to make a decent movie!)

Good points: Well, like I said not too many, a few good action bits, some odd bits of destruction here and there, high point for me zombie wise was how the infected went from being bitten etc, to rising as a zomer, that was OK. Still not enough to shout about.

I must add that there were parts I found pretty boring too, and when I get board, I have a habit of messing around in cinemas and such in situations like this, but I did resist the urge this time! Could it be World War ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz……

There are just so many things I dislike about this movie and it goes without saying on subsequent watching I fear there would be more faults I could pick (but I think I’ll be watching something else)


Please Brad, don’t adopt my children, you floppy haired c**t!

Note to Hollywood: It does not take a massive budget and big star to make a good zombie movie, most of the biggest films of the genre were made on tiny budgets. I get that the zombie bandwagon isn’t something that you’ve had much of an opportunity to exploit fully yet, and bastardise it to oblivion, so please take a hint from the past masters in the genre.

Wouldn’t it have been better to have called the film something else, thus eliminating the need for huge amounts to have been spent on the rights to the adaptation? Cast another lesser known, or even unknown actor to play the part of the hero too. Was it justified by casting Brad Pitt and spending more money for a film thats going to bomb (It’s no classic I tell ya!) You know all he’s going to do with his cash is buy some more orphans or something! Words cannot describe how disappointing this movie actually was for me, I wanted it to be OK, alas twas not to be!

Summing up after my vitriol. It’s shit.

I feel dirty and used that I spent my money on seeing it.

Watch it and be prepared to feel abused by the might of the studios and their latest mindf**k. (And I haven’t even told you what I thought about Man of Steel yet!!)

Grinning Skull rating: 1 frowning skull (1/10)

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Quick, Here come the running dead…!

17 Feb

I have done plenty of zombie related stuff in my time, from zombie themed LARP and airsoft events, and even some promo TV for a pub chain back in the day, but as we all know the undead are very “in” at the present. With every passing week there seems to be another madcap zombie idea comes to light that is meant to engage us fans of the genre and get us involved ready for the apocolypse.

This idea has been imported from the states to the shores of the UK in an attempt to make us a bit fitter and faster for the forthcoming zombie invasion. A zombie run!

The thought is that in these events, that we should get our running shoes on and peg it as fast as we can from the newer breed of faster more deadly undead toward the designated safe zone of the event. A sort of tag crossed with a short marathon. Several of these runs are set for the year up north and will no doubt be popular with those zombie fans with an emphasis on keeping fit.

Me for one am not sure that it’ll be for me, my fitness levels with running are a bit on the lacking side, I would much prefer to just pick something up and whack the bleeders repeatedly, or find a fast vehicle to deal with them! Lets face it, in the unlikely event of such an apocolypse happening, there would be very few “safe zones” and I imagine that with the amount of zombies one would have to contend with, you would not be able to run forever….

I do love the whole Z genre, but this I feel is pushing it just to cash in on the recent Walking dead phenomena, and even so I have been stated as saying things are better with an added zombie or two, there is a limit to what’s best suited for undead themes, this is pushing it to the limit! What ever next? zombie cookery classes? Zombie weight lifting challenge?  Zombie child day care or fashion shows?

Its bad enough that the media seems to be obsessed by poor zombie related projects (Warm bodies and World war Z, piss poor takes on the genre) S I fear it’s only a matter of time we see a total over saturation of sub standard zombie related material.

It looks like the zombie invasion has begun….

Check out Skulltopia events if you fancy the idea! Skulltopia Events.

Peace out….

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Zombie Neuroscientist Explains the Ant-Like Behavior of World War Z’s Running Dead | Underwire | Wired.com

17 Nov
Cover of "World War Z: An Oral History of...

Cover via Amazon

Zombie Neuroscientist Explains the Ant-Like Behavior of World War Z’s Running Dead | Underwire | Wired.com.

World War Z film set

World War Z film set (Photo credit: I like)

The recent new trailer of World war Z, has seemed to cause a fair bit of controversy in the zombie fan community, with everything from parrelels with the Israel/Gaza situation, to just plain crap. This article has a real Neuro scientist trying to justify the weird behavior of the CGI zombies…..One wonders if he’s not been hired by Mr Pitt…?

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World War Z trailer released

9 Nov

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