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More Reinforcements, Irregular Miniatures 15mm & 6mm Treemen!

27 Feb


Ok, next up I’m continuing with my latest idea, my Treeman/ent warband for fantasy skirmishing. I’m trying to be as scale free as I can when it comes to bringing it all together, that way I can use these for both 15mm and 25/28mm if I fancy it.  First up are the two 15mm Irregular Miniatures ents from their fantasy range. You hve some idea of the size of these fellers when I say they are mounted on 40mm x 40mm bases, so they are quite chunky. While they aren’t the nicest sculpts, or even that well detailed, at least they do what they are supposed, big lumbering animated wooden brutes, they will suffice as big hitters lead by my Ent hero I sculpted before!



While I was pondering on them before I painted them, I swore that they reminded me of some famous celebrities. It bugged me for a while as I gave them a few coats of paint and my daughter said, “The hairy bikers. That’s who they look like!” She hit the nail on the head, that’s exactly who they reminded me of (minus the bushy tree canopy I stuck on them, trust me without that, they were Ent versions of the boys!! For anyone who isn’t familiar with the lads, the Hairy Bikers are successful BBC  TV chefs with many series under their belts, I wonder if the guys at Irregular were inspired by them to create the figures? Anyway here’s a pic to show you what I mean!


Back to the figures…These only cost me £2.60 a pop, so I think they are great value for the price, and could quite easily use these in big units as rank and file figures (which I may get a few more to add to the army on my next order) Next up 6mm treemen…


These lot are also from Iregular, they are Tree spirits in 6mm scale and are roughly the size of a 25mm figure, so will be ideal for a unit of rank and file lesser entlings. Even though they are 6mm, they’re still bigger than the average 15mm figure, and in heroic 28mm or similar games will provide me with cheap fodder foot soldiers in both scales. At 60p each, I will be getting a hell of a lot more to bulk out my Entish host. The sculpt is what you’d expect, nothing special, but these have more of a tree feel to them rather than human, een the face is more like a creature than that of a human, which is what I like, so thats a bonus!!


Ok, this one isn’t by Irregular, nor is it strictly a miniature, but I came across this resin figure on Ebay (or should it be tree-bay, or bay tree…) It came pre painted and shapes up to roughly the same size as the 6mm ents. All I did was base it up, give it some magic inkwashes and highlights, stick some modelling lichen on the top to match, and bob’s your uncle (and he was too!) Upside, he’s a good character figure to go in with the similar sized models, down side, it cost me a few quid (remember I am tight) Next time I get one, I’ll probably get some instamould stuff so I can reproduce it a few times, that way I will feel a little better for forking out more than I did for one of the 15mm ones!!


I have more stuff coming and to paint for this themed warband, next will follow the 2mm ents. Yes you heard right, 2mm! Why? little swarms of saplings of course, baby ents!

Trust me they’ll be ok when I’m finished…..

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That’s Ent-ertainment!! own sculpted Ent for my Entish hordes!!

20 Feb

If you remember, I showed you lot a pic of the Fanticide Blood tree warband a bit ago, and well, it did inspire me to go out and look at what miniatures of a similar vein are available out there. After hours of searching and looking, I found all sorts of stuff from all sorts of different manufacturers and companies, some good, some not so. So it dawned on me that, I should start a little fantasy warband of my very own to add a splash of Entish goodness to my collection. the idea is to create the warband/army so it can be used in either 15mm or 25/28mm for some fantasy based skirmishing battles, something I have missed doing for a few years. It’s different, unusual and something I haven’t done before having an Entish horde, and I suppose it’s exactly why the fanticide blood trees were done (plus, I can get some of them as well to add to my mix!)  I made a few mini orders here and there, and as ever I now wait for postie to fetch me my goodies.

Not being a patient sort, I thought I would get out the greenstuff and create myself one or two (or more) of these creatures for myself as some of them can be quite expensive, as well as adding my own personal touch to my fledgling army (or should that be sapling?)

Here I present to you, the first of my own sculpted Ents, Oak Horn the Grim




I’m actually quite proud of how it turned out, he has got a load of character and will add a great level of variety to my forces. It has made me want to create more of these for my use, although I will be making them all totally different, the tree theme should tie them all together nicely! Here’s a few out door shots, in a more naturalistic setting (My back garden that is!)




For those who would like to see some idea of scale, here you go a 30mm-ish Minotaur (You may recall Boris who features in a few of my size comparison shots from time to time!) and the Pendraken 10mm Minos (as I said before these are pretty much the size of a 15mm figure, so bear that in mind)


I’ll post the newer additions as and when I get them done, but I do hope you enjoy!!

Peace out tree lovers….

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Fanticide Blood Trees have given me ideas…

1 Feb

[TMP] Fanticide: Blood Tree Warband Arrives.

I spotted this on TMP and was quite impressed actually. A tree/plant based army has always interested me for something quirky to collect, and this seems to add more fuel to my fire! I didn’t want yet another project/collection for this year (Hell, I’m still painting Orcs and gobbos for WFB for christs sake….) I’ll just mention that my interest in these is just the miniatures, not Fantacide, I’m sure its a great game, it does have some interesting and original figures though. Putting aside the fluff, I’d be doing mine with a naturalistic “non red” slant, greens, browns etc. Mix in some other Ent types in various scales, from 6mm tiny types, right up to big buggers from GW‘s LOTR and other firms that make a mean ent, and that would make a fantastic army, usable in virtually any scale.  My choice would be 15mm of course, not a Warhammer army, just a big skirmish force.

The mushrooms are a nice touch, but I recon they’d be better as Myconid type fungi-men rather than a few based up toadstools! If wanted you could even add carniverous plants to the mix as well.

Looks like I found a new project!

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