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A true tale for Halloween: When I lived in a haunted house.

31 Oct


So, happy halloween readers, I thought I’d share this with you. Yes it seemed appropriate to post this up seeing as though it’s the season of all things ghostly. I can assure each and everyone of you that this tale is genuine (its no creepy pasta made up shite, its my true account of what happened to us before my eldest was born)

Of course, I’m not expecting that you’ll believe, I know what happened and it was one of the creepiest paranormal experiences I’ve ever been witnessed to….

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Zomtober: Week #4: Roving TV News crew.

27 Oct


So, I lead you to my last entry in Zomtober, rather than the usual hordes of dead things, I thought I’d make a little change and shake things up a bit by painting up some survivors instead.

This lot is from Irregular Miniatures in their 15mm Riot range (of which I have a lot of in my paint queue, you know rioters, cops, mounted riot police, dogs, etc) and is perfect for any zombie related skirmish scenarios as either a objective marker or even a crew looking to get the latest scoop on the biggest news story of their lives!


I love the way they have turned out, i’m still in two minds to if it was best to base them together, maybe it would have been a better idea to have them separate (Good thing is that they are cheap as chips, so I’ll maybe get a couple more sets to use too)


If your after these figures, get on over to Irregular Miniatures and have a look at their stuff, very reasonable and great service too!!

Zomtober is now over, but since I’m in a bit of a routine, you might see a bit more painting out of me (If time permits…)

Hope you enjoyed.

Catch you later.

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5th November, Bonfire Night, with no V for Vendetta Bull$#*t

8 Nov

Some of my kids and my nephew (and me), Enjoying our festivities on 5th Nov.

I have read a lot of stuff in the last few days concerning Bonfire night, and it seems like most of it is written from the perspective of people who know jack shit about it. I heard it referred to as English thanksgiving, which is just shit (Come on, think of a better one please that’s really poor!), and no end of V for vendetta conspiracy bullshitty US Election crap.

The proper meaning of the celebration quite possibly has its roots in old pagan lore and seeing as though its a week after Halloween, it seems to be an ending to the festival of Samhain, when fires were probably lit in a similar way to excorcise spirits at the end of the celebrations, like a cleansing rite. Bonfires were lit all over the UK during the various plagues, as it was an effective cleaning method when disposing with the bodies of the dead, and at times were encouraged to do it at the same time all over to create a nationwide “cleaning” of infected.

Lets not forget that during the time between Halloween and the 5th, we have another old traditional day/night, Mischief Night (usually on the 4th) which in latter years has been somewhat quieter than it was when I was a kid, this too harks back to the old and is probably where trick or treat derives from. Mischief night is where kids tend to be quite malicious and get up to all sorts of no good, with sometimes deadly consequences, fireworks through doors and windows, random fires set and property damage have all been done in the past.

Yes, please if you don’t mind, we in the UK know all about the back story of Guido Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, so I don’t take offense that you can only see this UK tradition from the angle of V for Vendetta, (Shitty comic, Shitty film too) but can you just stop trying to act like you really know what your talking about and trying to change it to suit your vague interpretation.

November the 5th is about burning traitors and terrorists, not exhaulting them. “Guy” Fawkes was one of them, and if it had been done in this century, he would be regarded in the same way as a suicide bomber or any other scum like that. Terrorism, plain and simple.

Now all you gimpy little anarchy types with your copy of V for vendetta up your asses, citing the events within it, smiling like a gimp with your V mask on, are just basically wannabe terrorist sympathisers. Yeah it happened hundreds of years ago, but the principle remains the same. this is how we deal with traitors.

I’m no supporter of government, nor any other organisation with political or religious agendas, but get a grip people you want to bastardise something that isn’t yours to bastardise. Fair enough if your in the UK for the celebrations, then you can take part yourself and see for yourself, my problem is all the bullshit written about it lately comes from people who obviously don’t come from the UK and have never experienced it. Culturally exempt, and this does not travel well.

It’s like me in “jolly olde” England (trust me, it might be old, but it ain’t jolly!) trying to have thanks giving or 4th July (yeah, we lost, but 50% of my ancestry is Canadian anyway, so I’m not too fussed!)

They are both something I do not give a shit about, nor will I ever take part in, so what’s the point in me even having an opinion about? Culturally and nationally I don’t have the deep understanding that ties me to it. Just like the issue with Bonfire Night, those outside the UK won’t deeply understand the tradition as they haven’t grown up with it, just as their parents did, and those before them. Ad infinitum.

Please stop trying to make this yours.

It’s not, and we are proud of our traitor burning, and ancient pagan roots.



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Attack of the 15mm Giant B-Movie Spiders and Ants from Poundland!!

4 Nov

Scratch built giant spider for the “little Un’s”

Hullo folks, after a brief internet hiatus due to various reasons, it’s left me with an oppotunity to do a bit of gaming, painting and making. This time I wanna talk about a really great set of miniatures for those on a budget, and with a love of insectoid B-movies.

Yes I’m talking about giant insects/bugs. Mainly those of the arachnid type, and ants too!

As it was Halloween, in our local Poundland, they were selling sets of mini creepy crawlies in sets of 52, and they were perfect for giant nasties for 15mm B-movie gaming:

Getting them out of the pack, the first thing I did was stick them to some pennies, ready for painting,

Giving them a basic a basic paintjob and some scatter on the base, here’s how they turned out, pretty good to consider they cost about 3p each (2p basic +1p for the base!) They are ideal for cheap arachnophobia/empire of the ants based skirmishes.

The Spiders

A few giant red ants

As you can see, I haven’t finished the bases yet, nor have I painted the lot, I’ll get round to doing the rest shortly, but I was left with a question nagging me, where was the mommy spider? Even so these were big spiders, there was always a big mutha waiting somewhere…So I made one from scratch!

Sure I could have gone and bought one from somewhere, but you know me, I enjoy making scratch built stuff, so why not a gigantic spider for the “little” spiderlings!

A proud mum and her kids posing for a family photo!

The big spider is made from the usual card, paper and cotton wool/pva, and based on an old CD . I’m pleased with the outcome, as it’s cost me nothing once more. I did price up a few spiders before from various companies, and they ran into a fair few pounds, this way is much better, as I can afford some more minis with the cash I have saved. One giant spider and 26 smaller spids and 26 ants all cost just over £1.50 (taking into account the 1ps for the bases) and they will terrify my players and opponents just as well as the more expensive alternatives!

More pics later when its totally finished, including some size comparisons, action shots etc.




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31 Oct

You know me, zombie mad I am, here’s a great article with more on the bath salts zombies and a bit of cannabalism added, reblogged from Storiesbywilliams, happy halloween!!



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Stories by Williams

zombiesI hear it more and more these days: “Is this the Zombie Apocalypse we were warned about?” Or is this just one of those rare occasions when pop culture and real news come together to create a sick, existential joke? In either case, I think we all know what I’m talking about. A little incident involving a naked man and some face eating? Yes, that one!

In that case, police indicated that drugs were involved, a strange new psychogenic named “Cloud Nine”. This drug is apparently a form of MDPV cocaine, also known by the street name “Bath Salts”. The “zombie man” Rudy Eugene was apparently loaded on the euphoric amphetamine when he attacked Ronald Poppo, bit half his face off, and then threatened to eat the police.

According to numerous stories on the subject, this product is a perfectly legal form of bath salt that is meant to provide an…

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