Britanan All Stars Kickstarter Cancelled?!

8 Jan


Britanan All Stars – Relics:AL Fantasy Football Miniatures by Tor Gaming — Kickstarter.

Quick update…Tor gaming’s Stitch punk fantasy football team kickstarter has been cancelled!

Why? I really have no idea, I was pretty sure that they would get total funding for the unique little blighters, which is a shame.

I have been watching Tor games’s stuff for a bit now and I like their approach to minis, producing some good things, so I hope this cancellation is just a little glitch and they decide to bring out these little fellows soon!

Plus, since they are in Sheffield, I think I had better have a bit of South Yorkshire support for the company (as I’m literally a bus journey away!)

They are offering a good pre order deal on some groovy mutant crab men miniatures at the moment too, of which I admit would make excellent kaiju type monsters in my 15mm B-Movie games (especially the bigger one, I’m tempted to get that especially!)

You can see their other stuff and get some crabs (!) at the Tor Gaming website here


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6 Responses to “Britanan All Stars Kickstarter Cancelled?!”

  1. gaarew January 8, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

    It was canned because of too many complaints from the States, regarding pricing in £’s, team composition, stretch goals and other things.

    Gav is re-working it to be more user friendly for people who can’t work a currency converter, and it will be running again soon. As will another Relics kickstarter to fund the missing profiles from the rulebook.


    • grimace73 January 8, 2013 at 2:47 pm #

      Thanks for your comment! Thanks for clearing that up for us, and its good to know the figures will be brought out in the near future,There have been quite a few who have noticed the stitch punk team and pointed them out to me noting their cuteness etc! We will await good things from Tor Games in the future!!



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