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CLOWN NEWS: South Yorkshire Police speak out about recent clown sightings

21 Nov


Police quell fears over Doncaster spooky clown ‘sightings’ – The Star.

In this article from the Star newspaper (and online) which states the Safer neighbourhoods team say:

“We are aware that there are a number of reports circulating on social media of a clown being seen on the streets of South Yorkshire.“There have been no actual sightings of a clown reported to police or any crimes committed.”

If this is “true”, then I find it hard to believe that no one has made any reports at all. I think its more likely that they are trying to downplay the clown crisis, just to stop the fear and worry. Methinks a request for information (freedom of information and all that) will be in order, just to see exactly how many reports SYP have recieved about it.

With the uproar of tonights clown sighting around here, not only were paramedics alerted, but also police officers, already with this fact, the statement is already false! Even my mother-in-law rang up to enquire about her concern when the thing started, and I also imagine that others have done so as well! Wait till some old dear gets a shock from a clown and keels over dead? Just harmless fun then is it?

Obviously people are scared, understandably so, its not everyday a costumed psycho taps on your windows dressed as a clown! Yes I know that the rumours are just that, rumours, but no one can deny that somethings going on. the residents round here were almost getting pitchforks and flaming torches to hunt down and lynch the culprit (which in today’s fiasco, there were two occasions to the same place, either the same one or there is another working in pairs etc.)

I still think its just a load of publicity seeking pranksters, scaring folks for fun. But even so, the intent to scare and harass must be considered some type of criminal act? How police can say no crime has occurred is strange, surely tresspass at least, they seem to have no trouble usually making up stuff to charge people with, why not now?

This article here detailing the Grimsby clown is a new one for the list, and a bit more well researched than usual, only thing is if that picture is the actual Scunthorpe clown, he’s not even scary! It’s like Mr Tumble has just raided a charity shop! Admittedly the Market Rasen clown is more creepy, but it seems that at this rate every town and city in the UK will end up with a clown, all you need is some silly fucker with a £19.99 clown outfit and a latex mask off ebay!


Keep any bits coming in, especially pics, locations or videos.

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Keeping the streets safe, from the skies….

1 Jun


So, while enjoying a bit of family time in my garden this last week (when the weather was nice) we clocked a low view of SYPD’s (South Yorkshire Police Dept etc) very own eye in the sky, no doubt looking for some local scrotes and villains we have in our area. It was pretty low flying, scanning for something I suspect, but I took the opportunity to take a couple of shots with my cam, all the time thinking to myself, “I wonder if there was an outbreak of the zombie virus, how would these feature?” A question that most have pondered before!

The reasons for this being with my 15mm zombie games, I think I should be getting one somehow. So, if you know where I can find a model of this helicopter (I’ll paint one up if I can find one close enough) please let me know, or if you have a suggestion that would suit, I’d love to hear it!

I love my camera, but don’t always have it at hand to take those on the fly moments, so this time it worked to my favour and got a few cracking action shots right from my comfy garden chair!! I did hear somewhere that it’s sometimes an offence to take photo’s of the cops (if it’s true or not I know not, but if anyone from the force wants me to remove and destroy the pics, I guess I’ll have to) I’m pretty proud of the shots, so it would be a shame to do anything like that, as I even managed to catch a glimpse of the crew inside…



Now, I’m not the best photographer in the world, but these are fantastic pics, I thought you’d like to see them! It’s not often one can get action pics this good unless you know your going to be in the right place (Like an airshow, or similar) to get them.

You can find out more about the invaluable work of SYPD’s chopper by clicking the link below!


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Sheffield Triples 2013 is almost upon us…

14 May


A big shout out to the Sheffield Wargames society and their annual wargaming extravaganza that is “Triples”! Yes, it’s almost time again for the north of England‘s premier war games show on thiscoming Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll be there to have a good look around, and work in the capacity of photographer and journalist for the day (well, in the capacity of for this fair blog, kind of like, I’ll be taking photos, and chatting to folks while i’m about!!) If your there yourself and spot me about, pop over and say hello!!

There has been some rumours of a Mad Max style affair and even mention of Iron Man being there (which my kids are quite excited about if its true!) As well as loads of great traders there, there will be the usual demos and tourneys, if you can get there, seriously you’ll have a great day out!!

For a more detailed look at what to expect, check out their website, link below!

‘Sheffield Triples’ – www.sheffieldwargamessociety.co.uk.

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Britanan All Stars Kickstarter Cancelled?!

8 Jan


Britanan All Stars – Relics:AL Fantasy Football Miniatures by Tor Gaming — Kickstarter.

Quick update…Tor gaming’s Stitch punk fantasy football team kickstarter has been cancelled!

Why? I really have no idea, I was pretty sure that they would get total funding for the unique little blighters, which is a shame.

I have been watching Tor games’s stuff for a bit now and I like their approach to minis, producing some good things, so I hope this cancellation is just a little glitch and they decide to bring out these little fellows soon!

Plus, since they are in Sheffield, I think I had better have a bit of South Yorkshire support for the company (as I’m literally a bus journey away!)

They are offering a good pre order deal on some groovy mutant crab men miniatures at the moment too, of which I admit would make excellent kaiju type monsters in my 15mm B-Movie games (especially the bigger one, I’m tempted to get that especially!)

You can see their other stuff and get some crabs (!) at the Tor Gaming website here


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Christmas lights turn on, pity there’s no zombie apocolypse!

16 Nov

Another shit effort by DMBC, who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery!

My wife and me, took my kids to the annual switching on of the towns Christmas lights yesterday. I gotta say it was pretty poor.

As we were present shopping as well, it was late night shopping in town which meant that these two things combined lead to an abundance of braindead chavs and associated human detrious amassed in the area around the crappy entertainment.

As the evening was cold, instead of freezing the kids by standing around, we went off on our way to later come back so they could see the countdown at 6pm. When we arrived back the crowds had enlarged, and the ever so thin pathways around them seemed to have thinned even more, so access was a real pain as you can imagine, as my two youngest are under 4 and were both in buggies. During the stressful plough through the crowd, there were a lot of really hostile people, ignorant and clueless standing, blocking our path. We just wanted to get round the other side, but even the council employees set on to oversee that access around the set up was kept moving, just tended to stand around with no clue as to how or what, absolutely useless.

As you can imagine, all these factors made me seeth with anger. Narrowly avoiding a few scuffles and heated slanging matches with the stupid in the crowd, we eventually emerged out of the other end. I swear at that point I was ready to do some damage to the next idiot who thought they would be safe in the confines of the crowd.

All I could think of was how I’d like to flame throw all of them and how much the experience had been almost like an encounter with the undead masses.

It truely is times like that, I am gutted there will never be the chance to go crazy on them in zombie form.

Thanks DMBC for ruining my kids experience of the festivities, you wankers! I’m glad I’m moving from this sorry excuse of a town next year.


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