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Crowdfunding Spotlight: 28mm Zombie & Survivor miniatures by Atomico on Kickstarter

15 Mar

Now, these 28mm figures I think are delightfully old school, and I must admit they exhibit a sort of naive quality that I do actually like! Its a new KS project by Atomico, a new name that I’ve not heard of before.

OK, so they’re kind of a bit chunky, but I think they have bags of character and potential. In a sea of 28mm zombie stuff, I wouldn’t mind adding these to my miniature collection. I might be in on this one, as I really feel the need to start my own zombie horde for a bit of skirmish gaming. I know there are going to be a lot of detractors going on about realism, and how such and such range is better, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere, and to be honest, I’ve seen far worse available out there.

Besides, I always like to promote the smaller projects rather than big well organised companies that peddle their wares on the various crowdfunding sites, so I do wish Atomico the very best of luck in their campaign!

Go and take a look and make your own mind up about them by clicking below!

28mm Zombie and Survivor miniatures by Atomico — Kickstarter.


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Crowdfunding Spotlight: 15mm-32mm Terrain Maps Aftermath Mods Kickstarter

31 Aug

Now I’m back from my holiday, I want to point out this new KS from the guys at Aftermath Mods. If you recall, earlier this year they had some success with the modular terrain warehouse campaign, and they are back this time with something that will appeal to modern wargamers and RPGers. These 2D maps are going to be useful for any number of genres and scales, and is especially handy for 15mm zombie gamers like myself, to allow a bit of indoor fighting if your a bit bored with having to play your skirmishes on an outdoor terrain board.

There’s plenty of map options, and if you need them pre-printed, there’s an option for that too! I think there’s a lack of stuff like this available on the whole, lets hope in the future, us gamers will get more maps like these, especially scaleable to 15mm as with the PDFs they are offering.

Whilst I do like the idea, my only criticism is that I’d like them to have more detail and colour on them, or even some way of incorporating a card building system to fit over the top that you can remove when a building is entered etc. That would be very nice indeed.

Still, there’s nothing to say you can’t do that for yourself with a bit of forethought. Anyway, they are a handy thing to have for games, and remember you can print out as many copies as you like and no doubt, create huge custom boards.

Go and check the project and give them a hand raising the remaining funds needed to make the campaign a success!

Terrain Mapping for your RPG and Heroclix games, 15-32mm by Aftermath Mods — Kickstarter.

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New Zombie Wargaming Community on G+

24 Jan


So, I have just recently started to use G+, I wasn’t really into it at all to start, but while browsing the groups, I noticed that there wasn’t a zombie wargaming group there. With that fact in mind, I started one! Yes I know there are quite a few very nice and already established isolated groups of Z gamers on the web, but as we well know, as with bacon and zombies, they make things better, even G+! I’m not sure they have a G+ bacon group, but wouldn’t be surprised at all! Hey if Gangnam style can have a G+group with hundreds of members, there can at least be a G+ Zombie wargames group!

A group like this can only survive and flourish if people are willing to join and take part, of course I will try my best to keep the conversation going and engage with as much Z related gaming as possible, but we do need others to get involved if it’s to be a great place to visit and take part. Hopefully it will cover all scales, styles and rules, 28mm, 15mm and the new 10mm too, even 6mm if you could get the figures! Post your galleries, links, batreps, in fact anything Z gaming related.

Above you can see the graphic that you can put on your own sites, just copy and link it to the group at https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/100825129961108758878 or simply just click and pay us a visit! Feel free to contribute your own slant on this genre of gaming, like I said, the more you put in, the more we should all get out! If your not a google member, sign up and get one! I’m just starting to realise just what you can do with the integrated services and tools, so it would seem that others are catching on too. While it doesn’t have the reputation and users like sites such as Facebook, there’s no reason to think over time G+ won’t gain more popularity in time.

So with all that said, please get involved if it sounds like your kind of thing.

Peace out….

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