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Northampton Clown News: Could the clown be coming to a Town near you?

30 Sep

So, an update with the bizarre Northampton clown. It would seem our creepy fiend wants to gain even more noteriety than just being Northamptons unsung hero/villain, by taking over the UK.

Now available are T-shirts and merchandise featuring the IT lookalike, in an attempt to fund the clowns travel of the country and appearances. Some have stepped in to the argument saying that any proceeds from the profits should go to charity, whilst others think “why not”! Such as this commenter noted in the article:

“Maybe this guy has bills to pay, kids to feed. He came up with a good idea, people wanted to buy some stuff, and he catered to them and now everyone has turned on him.”

Please help the Northampton clown, wife and kids to feed! Beep beep!!

A strange image popped into my head when I read that comment, I imagine that if the clown does have a wife and family to support, maybe they would look something like this pic!

On a serious note, what’s the real beef here? Fair play to the guy for trying to cash in on his fame, and if he wants to travel round the country spooking people in random towns, that’s fair enough (Although I’m sure some police forces outside of Northampton will not see his antics the same way…) but, since when does dressing up as a killer clown constitute having to do anything for charity? I say good on him at making a bit of coin in this day and age, but the nay sayers and caulrophobics will say otherwise (Or pennywise…)

Where is this going? Will the clown be guest starring in popular TV, or end up switching on Northamptons Christmas lights within the year? I just don’t get how he can better his antics. From the looks of things, he’s certainly going to cause more mayhem in the minds of more folks, but I still think of him as a one trick pony. Strangely, some of the article seems to hint that the man himself is a performer, is this a clue to uncovering the mystery of the clown? Is this some weird performance art?

Lets hope he has some clown minders in tow when he starts his UK tour, as there seems as if the anti- clown league are waiting to see what he’s spending his pennies on….

Northampton Clown sells merchandise to raise money to travel around the country – Mirror Online.

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Northampton Clown News: Clown on video

23 Sep

So OK, the clown craze seems to be an unstoppable force of nature, causing worldwide attention and interest. Even Alan Moore has been quoted as refuting claims that he is the clown, Will this never end? Well, I did say that I’d keep you up to date with news, so this is the only proper footage we have of the infamous Northampton clown.

I saw this yesterday, but didn’t think too much of it as it is pretty poor, come on clown, do something better than this lame video. At least try a bit harder, the world is watching. Still it’s pretty weird that the clown has garnered such a response.

I’m seriously thinking of adding a lookie likey 15mm clown figure to my range, just as a tribute. If the response to the clown figure is as enthusiastic  as news of the clown’s sightings, then it could net me a fortune!!

More news as we get it…..

Beep beep!

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We all float down here: Tales of Northampton’s creepy clown!

19 Sep

Some of you might not be aware of a social media buzz about a strange clown that’s seen about parts of Northampton in the last week. He doesn’t speak, just waves and generally creeps people out! No one knows who he is, or where he comes from, and thus the mystery widens… Thinking this whole business has been just speculation and nothing more than urban myth, finally the clown has spoken out over facebook about just where he’s going to be out and around the area, and a few pics of him have surfaced that prove him to be real.

As you can imagine, lots of people aren’t happy about a freaky clown stalking the place (mosty at night if I might add, to make matters worse) and are crapping themselves, some even wanting to beat him (or her) up.

What is this clowns agenda? Why is he doing it? Who is it behind the facepaint? No one seems to know.

I’m in the same boat as them as far as weird clowns are concerned. I wouldn’t say I find them that scary, but if I saw him in a dark alley waving at me, I’d be thinking about smacking him for sure. There’s nothing saying he’s doing wrong, but just “Why?” What’s the point?

Lots of people I know are Caulrophobic (scared of clowns) and given that one of the points, long ago clowns were symbols to scare away evil spirits, they give tons of folk the heebee geebees. He must know what he’s doing is causing fear even though he’s not doing anything illegal.

Again another hoaxer out to get 15 minutes of fame.

(If you read the source article link below, make sure you read the Northampton newspaper’s editors article too, showing some love for the clown!)

I’ll keep you posted on the matter, but please feel free to get in touch if you spot him or know anything about him, I’d be more than happy to do an interview (Mr Clown, that is if you read this!)

Northampton clown strikes again with another spooky visitation | Northampton News | Breaking Northampton Headlines | Traffic & Travel.

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