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Grinning Skull’s Chinwag: Interview with Jim Hintz of Lone Gunman Games…

3 Jul




Hello all, today we’ve got a new and hopefully regular article series here on the Grinning Skull, our very own Chinwag with leading industry persons and notable members of the community which I hope will entertain and enlighten you about our vibrant hobby.

First up is Lone Gunman Games’ head honcho, Jim Hintz. We recently had a chat to talk all about LGG and the state of the hobby…

Thanks for taking part in our first Chinwag Jim, I’d like to start by letting you introduce yourself to our readers, tell us a bit about yourself…

I was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. I was an only child with few friends so I developed a love for gardening early on. I still do quite a lot of gardening. I have probably done way more this year then I should have. I got someone to come in and help me rebuild some flower beds and do some of the heavier stuff. I am not getting any younger… 🙂
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Mini Sculpting: 28mm Ettin/2 headed troll; Fnar-frag the two faced!

6 Mar


Ok, you’re going to have to forgive my net connection, it’s not great at the best of times, but like I have told you before, I promised to show you some stuff I have been working on.

This is a personal WIP for my WFB orc and gobbo army, mainly my troll mob. I must admit that trolls are my fave lot out of the orc stuff, and have scored me many victories while using them in game. The only trouble I find with them is the fact that they are so darned expensive to buy, so I spend plenty of time searching around different places for old troll figures to use as proxies, so much that I decided to add to my ranks by making some myself.


I thought I’d make him of the two headed variety, after rewatching “Troll Hunter” I thought it would stand out more than the usual type, and that he’d serve best for part of my command section of my two units. First thing you might notice is the weird positioning of his hand. This is for a reason, I wanted him to be holding a goblin marionette puppet on strings. However that still might change if I decide otherwise, but for now thats the plan.



Also I wanted him to exhibit a left/right personality, sort of good cop/bad cop, so that’s why the puppet holding side has a goofy, child like  essence to it, while the other is more “business” orientated and ready for some pagga!


Also, I wanted his gait to reflect that being a troll, he really needed to be quite deformed and twisted, especially with having the two headed mutation, so the slight twist in his stride is intentional. I wanted him to match the other trolls I have, so he needed plenty of warty scales, which will highlight nicely when painted in contrasting colour, oh yeah, and popeye type fore arms too!

I think it’s great the fact that GW old school trolls have the definitive cartoon look to them, which I needed to try and match, especially with him being more of a character figure than the usual rank and file troll. Lots of you might know that I sometimes diss GW, but it also matches my own style of modelling in a cartoon look, and seeing as though it’s going to be used for oldhammer and 6th Ed WFB, I don’t see the problem. Before anyone mentions the base, he’s now glued onto a 40×40 monster sized base with gluegun glue, just because it is a quick and easy way of adding a durable texture instead of sculpting it on, oh the many uses of the humble gluegun!!

I really want to release my own range of 28mm trolls and troll kin in the future hopefully, maybe a KS (ok, so don’t moan about crowdfunding, I actually think stuff like Kickstarter is a fine idea and many out there are a bit sick of the whole thing, but it does serve a purpose) I have quite a few ideas for several different types of troll races that would fit nicely into the O&G army lists, as proxies for the various troop types rather than the regular Orcs and their ilk.

Next up will be a decent paint job once I finsih the puppet goblin, or war yoyo, or even a human casualty (still not 100% on what to do) but I’ll show you once the next bit has been done.

Next up, is my Oggam settlement board (once my connection will allow more uploads)

Tally ho miniature chums!

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Fun-Gi’s to be with: Myconids from Gloom Glade on Indiegogo

21 May

As you know, I love the strange and off the wall stuff, and I’m pretty surprised this one slipped past me entirely!

Myconids are a race of Mushroom humanoid from the glory days of gaming, and one of my favourite fantasy races. There are a few good examples in miniature form, but they are few and far between. There are some excellent figures here and I wish I had some cash in my paypal account to get me some! I would be tempted to create another warband using these along with the great Rapier Miniatures Mushroom models and a few scratch built types for good measure, it’d be a unique force, given with the fact I have only ever seen a few in all the years my gaming!

Like I said, I haven’t seen anything to advertise this cool indiegogo campaign at all, I am also pretty sure that more might sign up if they see this. Although the sculpts are not the best of the best, I get the way they are being conveyed and love the fact they are full of character! I can imagine these going well with snotlings too, maybe as substitute Trolls for WFB, so there’s a few good options for getting them on the table.

If you like Mushroom types, or just love the strange and quirky, go and take a look.

Myconids from Gloom Glade | Indiegogo.


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Kensei Oriental Fantasy Creatures on Indiegogo.

11 Apr

For those of you who like a little eastern take on your miniature wargaming, Kensei Miniatures have launched an Indiegogo campaign to get loads of great creatures into lead. I saw a few of the greens a while ago and was quite impressed with them, so it’s nice to see them finally going down the path of getting produced. Even so I don’t really do much 28mm gaming, let alone anything oriental inspired (I’m quite tempted to do some “Dynasty Warriors” style games in 15mm though!) I can see the appeal, and wouldn’t mind some of them to put on display on my shelves!

I really love the Oni and the big spider centaur lady, she’d certainly make a good leader for the few scorpion centaurs I have lurking in my lead mountain, and I could see the Oni joining up my Ogre mercs for my Warhammer orcs. As you can see, he’s a fearsome beast, and a cracking sculpt too!

Get on over to the campaign page and pledge if you like the look of these fantastic figures.

Kensei Fantasy Creatures | Indiegogo.

Peace out…..

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28mm Trolls and giant for WFB orcs.

24 Sep

I thought I would showcase some of my models from my Warhammer Fantasy battle Orc army.

First up, the trolls….


The one first in line at the left hand side is my own sculpt, I was short a troll for my unit of eight (you can see the black one at the back is still to be painted) Like I keep saying, I can sculpt big stuff, but really small things still elude me. I don’t think its too bad, I know with some practice I’ll get better and go smaller. Here’s a few more shots of it.



OK, back to the rest of the unit, When I was sorting my unit I wanted to keep down the cost of the models (hence, why I sculpted one) The next ones are from Ramshackle, and for two resin trolls costing just £2.50, they are ideal for budgeting gamers. The unpainted one at the back is also from them.



It seems like the sculptors there have a thing about big monsters having their asses hanging out! Still they are cool models with bags of character (The mushrooms are my own work and don’t come with the figures!) Next in my troll warband is this strange looking troll from RAFM, I like it just because its weird. Again the toadstools are mine, not what come with the model (this one was sourced from Ebay for a couple of pounds.)


Next we have a couple of Reaper Bones polymer plastic recasts from the first range (And don’t remind me about the latest million dollar Bones Kickstarter I missed out on, I would have liked to get my hands on someof the excellent figs in that lot!)


Not bad for a couple of quid each, cheap, and paint up OK too. Lastly I have a plastic GW troll from the skull pass set (The only real GW figure in the unit)

My giant is also from Ramshackle,  a resin model too, Its all one piece, but at just £12, it is great for us cheapskates who really don’t like paying through the nose for GW stuff.


As you can see, they really do have a thing about monsters with their butts hanging out, the giant even has its balls on show from the back, much to the dismay of my daughter! Still its a good model and would make a great giant for 15mm as well, doomsday cultist in 15mm for size comp (as do the trolls from them, my son uses one for his warmaster O&G lot)

Big un’s on the warpath!!




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