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Grinning Skull’s $10 Advertising Offer!!

4 Sep

Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling great today and life is treating you well.
I’m here to let you know about our new hobby advertising initiative here
at Grinning Skull Studios, that is for any advertiser in the RPG/Wargaming/gaming field.

We are happy to offer a full page colour advertisment in our PDF releases for $10
per month (Our usual RRP: $30) limited to the first 10 advertisers who apply. We release at least 6 new titles monthly, and for jut $10 per month, your full page ad will be included in every title for the month.

Considered advert genres include:

  • All RPG media & companies,
  • All Wargaming media, companies, miniatures & equipment/supplies,
  • Video games,
  • All LARP media & promotion,
  • Horror media, film & fiction,
  • Fantasy media, film & fiction,
  • Sci-fi media, film & fiction,
  • Genre Websites,
  • Comics media,
  • Crafts & handmade items,
  • Anything that fits into our niche (please contact me for details)

All our customers are Wargamers & Rpgers, so you can garauntee that your ads will get FULL VISIBILITY from our targetted niche market. $10 wont get you much more than a small meal and a coffee these days, so get in touch with me if you’d like to
discuss more about this deal! (contact me via the page in the menu!)

Hey people, share a bit of love for the LARP crowd…

5 Sep
A contest for candidates to the imperial thron...

A contest for candidates to the imperial throne is about to begin at a live action role-playing game BBRI4 in Visaginas, Lithuania (July 27-30, 2006). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[TMP] “”Double Double”” Topic.

This topic over on TMP makes me wonder why so much distain is aimed at the lowly LARPer, sure it’s a strange hobby, and it’s quite hard for people to understand what the hell is it all about and such like.

But this is coming from a site that promotes miniature wargaming! It seems kind of like the bullied kid at school taking a pop at another geeky kid in the playground! I’m pretty sure that if we were to trace a map of evolution of the hobbies, I am sure that there would be related strands that cross over in the family tree.

Besides, most people I know who LARP, are actually avid wargamers, RPGers, Re-enactors, and the like, but from the outside we all look the same to untrained eyes. Sure, it isn’t for everyone, but until you “get it” you’ll never see the delights of the hobby, just the same as roleplaying games with your mates, or being a general, commanding an army of tiny little men.

There’s also a stereotype of LARPers, which is just that, a stereotype. Much like that of wargaming which likens them to unwashed, beardy types that are devoid of female attention. Lets just be clear about this folks, it’s easy to be ignorant and fear what you can’t understand.

The original post in the topic was instigated by the article on the beeb site here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23877430 about LARP going a bit more mainstream, which after years, is about time to be honest.

I’m not asking for any of you to like LARP if you really don’t, but just don’t be ignorant about it.

Go on, share a bit of love….

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Wargaming an urban warzone? Take a look at these…..

4 Apr

I saw a mention of these the other day, and I thought it would be of interest to the 15mm zombie enthusiast (and 28mm too)

This Commission Figurines KS is really up my alley, I could see loads of real zombie wargaming potential here, even so they  seem to be geared for WW2 games, these great looking modular ruins in 15mm/20mm/28mm scales would do for great zombie and near future settings. They make me want to start a entire ruined city board so I can platy games based on the Resistance video games!

Bad news is, I aint going to have any cash in my account to get some by the time it finishes in a few days time, so I hope that they’ll stay commercially available in the future. Theres only a few days left to back it, so if your needing stuff like this for either post apoc or modern what if stuff, I’d get some now, as they are pretty well priced too!

Being modular, they can be positioned in a range of combinations (as I understand) that’ll give you loads of different layouts. They are available in all three scales, so whatever size you play in. I really do like the look of these and am pretty gutted I didn’t see them when I had the cash! I wish them all the best with getting the final bit of funding needed to get the new lazer cutter!!

Modular Buildings and Ruins for Wargamers by Walter Anstiss — Kickstarter.

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