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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Aftermath modular terrain Kickstarter

9 Jun

Here’s a good one I forgot to mention, aftermath modular terrain. Looks like a nice simple system that is ideal for all manner of modern, pulp and scifi gaming. Although its a 28mm set, I’d like to imagine  that they would consider a 15mm or 20mm version in the future. There’s lots of potential here, and it seems like there will be tons of variation when it comes to setting up.

With a good paint up and a bit of scenics and scatter they’ll look brilliant. There’s only 10 days left if you want to get onboard, and still over a grand left before this will see production. Go and take a visit and see if your cup of tea!

Aftermath modular terrain, RPG tabletop gaming: Warehouse by Aftermath Mods — Kickstarter.

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