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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Star Bowl Fantasy Football Miniatures on Indiegogo

7 Jun

Hello there folks, I just saw this on frother’s and thought it’d be worthy of a mention (I just hope it doesn’t grass them up by doing so!) Still, what’s the point of publicising something like this on the net!

As you can see, this project is for a Star Wars inspired set of fantasy football miniatures. A cool idea and well executed too. If only it weren’t for the fact this is not an officially licensed product. This would not stop me from getting some if I wanted them, but I don’t think the Empire of the Mouse would be happy at all with this. Somehow I think that soon this is going to be pulled when someone realises this is a really dumb move.

If people think GW’s legal department is bad, when the IP lawyers get a sniff of this, a C&D might be the least of this guy’s worries….

It is a shame, but the reality is that to officially license the iconology is going to be a lot of cash, and if your launching a project like this on a crowdfunding platform to ask for investment, you probably don’t have the money to get the license in the first place.

I mean, just take a look at the concept pic, and the miniature of the Not Yoda. I really do feel sorry for the guy as he seems a very creative and talented fella, the worst thing about it is, if he doe’s achieve funding, the lawyers will probably sting him for more than he makes in total. Someone needs to tell him at least, before Mickey Rat’s guys get to him.

Star Bowl Fantasy Football Team Miniatures | Indiegogo.

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Star Wars VII: JJ Abrams to direct

27 Jan

BBC News – Star Wars VII: JJ Abrams to direct.

English: J.J. Abrams at Time 100 Gala

English: J.J. Abrams at Time 100 Gala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Latest Star Wars rumours seem to have been focused on who would direct the latest in the franchise. Now it has been chosen (Imagine I said that in the style of Yoda….) JJ Abrams!

Well, I would have to agree that it would seem one of the better choices of director, I’m no fan of Trek, but the reboot was pretty cool. He admits that growing up he was more of a Star Wars fan than Star Trek, so hopefully he’ll kick ass!

Trust me, it could have been worse, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. This will either make or break him in legendary terms in movie history.

we will see….


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Release date for Jurassic Park 4 confirmed

14 Jan

BBC – Newsbeat – Release date for Jurassic Park 4 confirmed by Universal.

Fans of Jurassic park should be stoked at this news, as another film is in the works. Its about time they finally got off their butts and got around to it after years of faffing about.

No real details of cast or plot, but as long as we have dinos Vs humans, that’ll do for me!

13th June 2014 is slated for its release (no doubt in 3D as is the trend nowadays) and with the involvement of Kathleen Kennedy, who is now Lucasfilm head, we can expect heavy involvement by them too.

Lets hope with the likes of Spielberg, Lucasfilm and now Disney, they can refresh the saga, and give us some more great monster movies!



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Quackers over Cthulhu, Disney style….

26 Sep

Quite accidentally I came across something funny, the web is a strange,but informative place.

It so happens that Cthulhu has an alternate version of himself, albeit in Walt Disney style, and a duck. The result is an entity called “Duckthulhu”


If any of you are old enough to remember the cartoon “Darkwing Duck“, a spin off of “Duck tales” with scrooge McDuck etc. Neither of the cartoons were any good to be honest, and if you did miss out on watching them, you really didn’t miss anything at all. The surprising thing is that this is from the comic version (which I didn’t know existed either) which I believe has quite a following.


I was never keen on any Disney pap, but Duckthuhu might grow on me. (Not like an organism, but a fondness!) Whatever will be next? In the mountains of Mouseness? All I can say is Mr Lovecraft would be surprised at how successful he was in the long run. It’s a shame that he died before he saw how much a part of popular culture he was to become.


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