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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mote – Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter

7 Mar

Next in on Crowdfunding Spotlight, is Mote, a virtual tabletop, brought to you lucky people by Idle Ideas Inc. Now, I’m quite old school when it comes to my gaming, but I do appreciate new ideas that might come to revolutionise wargaming in future years.

I’m not saying that I totally get it, nor would I switch from more traditional types of wargaming and RPG types of gaming, but I reckon times will change and more, and more will either switch to systems like this or grow up with newer tech and become used to the virtual side rather than the old ways. I find that this is a time of great change in the fabric of tabletop games and how they are played, but us old guard are pretty safe for the time being!

If the virtual gaming arena floats your boat, go and check out Mote (Jeez look at me, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!!)

Mote – A Powerful, Free, & User-Friendly Virtual Tabletop by Idle Ideas Inc. — Kickstarter.


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