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Project Brainstorming: Dynasty Warriors 15mm; Can it be done?

28 Jan


So, this year I have quite a few ideas for new settings for my wargaming projects, since this is 2014 , I thought I’d get the ball rolling and start getting my arse into gear sorting my lists of aquisitions in order, and to see if these plans are going to be doo-able within my meagre wargaming budget.

First up is Dynasty warriors 15mm. I friggin’ love Dynasty warriors on everything from the Playstation 2, right up to the 360, and I

Dynasty Warriors 3

Dynasty Warriors 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

actually possess most of them on many platforms. I couldn’t tell you how many hours I have spent over the years playing games in this series, I honestly never bore of it. Some of you will know what I’m on about, but for those of you who don’t know, the game is focused around a plot based around ancient chinese history, with the warring states of Wei, Shu, and Wu. It’s all done in a great over the top, semi mystical cinematic style. It has all the special moves and characters, and bags and bags of playablity (check it out if your not familiar with it, it’s good!)

I’m not saying I understand everything about it, nor can I pronounce many names correctly from it, but the gameplay is solid and very much a skirmish type wargame, so that was what gave me the idea in the first place. It seems a little overwhelming at first, but once you get into it, your hooked.( Well, I am anyway!) I really want to get playing the new online version, but my web access is limited as regards bandwith, and I don’t have a great reliable connection, so consoles are my way of getting a fix.

But, now I fancy the idea of doing the game in some limited form, but in 15mm wargaming. Could this be done? How to achieve it. Ok, so it might not be anything new, could be that it’s been tried before, but that’s why I’m brainstorming it here first, I want to throw this out there, along with all the info I find out about it, so if you think you’d ever want to do the same, you lot would have some useful links and such! I’m that kind me! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to enact the whole game, just a game based around the computer game, it’s a mass war battle game, so it’ll translate pretty easy I reckon.

Right, my first considerations are the figures, which’s bad if I can’t find enough of a close enough match for the figures I need, so i’ll kick this idea into touch and plan something else. I think the good thing here is that much of what i am going to need will be (should be) available from the many varied historical miniature companies, so that’ll be a bonus. Terrain won’t be a problem either, I’ll use scratch builds (generic eastern fantasy type stuff will do) or paper models, and maybe buy a couple of really nice bits if it’s available.

Also, I’m going to need a ruleset to use, or adapt. I haven’t got there yet, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

So, at this point, I have a short list of manufacturers ranges that might fit, some more than others, but I’m hoping that there’s a whole load of extra bits that I can get from other places and different makers of 15mm, I might get away with some generic fantasy stuff, or some japanese historical odds and sods? Again I’d like to throw it out there, so if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Here’s the list:

irregular Miniatures

Black hat miniatures

Museum miniatures

Essex miniatures

Eastriding miniatures

Magister militum

So, in that lot, I’m sure I’m going to find some pretty good matches, some not so. That’s as far as I am at the moment, I’m just looking for my basic troop types, pretty plain, armed with usual weaponry and a few different armour tyes. I do know that there are some dead ringers in there regarding this, so it’s looking positive (I’ll highlight them a little later)

So, if you know of anything that might help me with the plan, I’d be greatly indebted to you, and of course I’d share your efforts with everyone here.

Right, more stuff to do…..Maybe a game of Dynasty warriors 6, perhaps….

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Almost better, Normal service to be resumed!!

13 May

Well, what can I say. The title says it all, and that being that normal  service will be resumed shortly!

What’s been happening? Well, bar illness and sods law intervention, that in itself has been enough to set me back several weeks of various work all over, and indeed lots of great wargaming stuff have been making an appearance via the web (more about these later in separate related posts)

Like Snake Plisken, I aint’ dead, and neither is this blog, so please accept my sincere apologies for my absence here, and I’ll try and make it up to you!

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Wargaming an urban warzone? Take a look at these…..

4 Apr

I saw a mention of these the other day, and I thought it would be of interest to the 15mm zombie enthusiast (and 28mm too)

This Commission Figurines KS is really up my alley, I could see loads of real zombie wargaming potential here, even so they  seem to be geared for WW2 games, these great looking modular ruins in 15mm/20mm/28mm scales would do for great zombie and near future settings. They make me want to start a entire ruined city board so I can platy games based on the Resistance video games!

Bad news is, I aint going to have any cash in my account to get some by the time it finishes in a few days time, so I hope that they’ll stay commercially available in the future. Theres only a few days left to back it, so if your needing stuff like this for either post apoc or modern what if stuff, I’d get some now, as they are pretty well priced too!

Being modular, they can be positioned in a range of combinations (as I understand) that’ll give you loads of different layouts. They are available in all three scales, so whatever size you play in. I really do like the look of these and am pretty gutted I didn’t see them when I had the cash! I wish them all the best with getting the final bit of funding needed to get the new lazer cutter!!

Modular Buildings and Ruins for Wargamers by Walter Anstiss — Kickstarter.

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Beyond the Gates of Antares- Will I like it?

3 Jan


Beyond the Gates of Antares by Dark Space Corp — Kickstarter.

Well we see that Beyond the gate of Antares has started over on Kickstarter, and me for one am not sure whether I should be in on it?

It’s not that I think it’s going to be bad or anything like that,  just that it’s hard to work out if I l’m going to like it?

As we speak the total is at £41,845 of the total £300,000 to be raised (That is an absolute fortune, a third of a million quid…for a wargame, that is a hell of a lot of hard cash)

OK, so its got Rick Priestley on board, it’s looking rather slick and well executed. i like some of the ideas, especially the Pan-simians. It’s just that I don’t know if I have enough time and resources to devote to an entire new army or two this year, and from the looks it will have a hefty tag added to any initial investment. I kind of fear that this may become another GWesque operation. Especially having to get loads of new stuff from the off. I just know it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to get into properly.

It is fortunate that there is a £1 backing level so people like me can have a few test games to see if we like it (The tiers above £25 are out of the question for me…as much as I’d like to be schmoozed by the team!!)

It has been already noted on the net that the innovative  online campaign system could most definately be abused by not playing any games, then feeding the results to the system as one wished,  think of the trouble they would have if your undefeated commander was named Sir Fingerbanger Wankybollocks and led the eternal Sausage Jockeys? Would they have to write it into the background like they say?

Also as much as this “community” stuff they want to incorporate into the game seems to be a bit like, hey there people, I tell you what, you can do all the work for us, we’ll just cherry pick any good ideas, use them for ourselves so we can make a mini GW evil empire, and YOU can even pay for it yourselves!! Forgive me as if coming across a bit negative, but it seems a little like that to me.

Another point that puts me off is the name. Now, Beyond the gates of Antares isn’t too bad, it aint that good either. It doesn’t inspire me to give it a go. Call me old fashioned, but it’s not screaming out wargaming to me, or come and invest a sizeable fortune in this system! These games I fear are in a business sense, in opposition to something done as a work of love, so as much as the flashiness and interaction aspects maybe a possibly good thing, this also may be just a catch game to lure younger gamers to the fold, you know, like the ones near the end of the GW partnership that are finally kicking the habit and all!

Still,what do I know? It’s more than likely to do well, and become the latest big thing!

I will still back it at a pound, it seems too harsh to reject it altogether without giving it a chance. Might be that I will create a 28mm ape army after all….Proxies mind you, you don’t think I’m that thick..!

Check it out for yourself and tell me what you reckon. As ever I welcome your imput and comments, and I as ever will try and keep some of my attention on the KS and games development as time goes on…



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Dead 4 U: 15mm “not” Charger and “not” Tank Mutant Zombies!

23 Nov

Latest sculpts from me, this time a set of 15mm scale mutant zombies, inspired by various video games, movies and so on, I like to call these: Dead 4 U.

First up, a “not” Charger (inspired by Left 4 Dead video games)

A “not” Tank mutant zombie, again inspired by the L4D franchise:

My daughter reckons its the Hulk, which is part way there, just the Hulk isn’t a zombie! Heres a comparison shot next to a standard 15mm GZG human.

More new sculpts to follow…..




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