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Khorne Chaos Marine Ceros APC (Rhino Proxy),The prototype that started it all!

8 Feb

khorne ceros

Well, I did say that I would be back for more 40K type nonsense, and since loads of you liked the Deathguard Ceros APC, I am going to show off the prototype that began it all, just so I can show the contrast and difference between the exact same base build. Like I told you before, the Ceros was made from templates so that each of them have a uniformity, which I thought added some degree of validity to it as a real thing and not a random scratch build.


Sure, its fine if you want to go crazy and create each thing completely different, I wanted that connection of familiar shapes, so when my vehicles are on the battlefield there is
no doubt these are cut from the same cloth.


This Khornate Ceros was kept plain for a reason, so when placed together, you would see that each tank would get progressively more extreme in what I do with them.
Of course you could just keep them identical and vanilla, but I think that would bore the shit out of me. Variation keeps things interesting, especially with Chaos
as this Ceros will probably end up as the most normal looking one from the bunch (I plan to make a unit of three Khornate Ceros, as well as my three Nurgle ones)


I am seriously thinking that the next one is getting a serious boost in armour, weapons and good old spikey bits. Also a big brass bull head springs to mind, or brass
daemon head. The final one will get the daemonic mutation treatment, full on spiked talons, screaming obscenities bursting out in rage as the tank is consumed by the
warp to become fused as one. My plan is to do that also to my Nurgle ones as well, just more gross and disgusting.


I’m thinking these evolution’s will get a little more ambitious, the Khorne ones might have a electronic gubbins added in for effect, or inter-changeable parts or whatever,
to me, this allows me to not get bored, try out new stuff and show off the versatile nature of these tanks. You’ll have to wait and see.
It is a shame that I don’t have any Khorne worshiping marines to show next to the tank, but I don’t know how many times I have had a Khorne force, far too many!


This time it’s fine, as this belongs to my son, so it’s all good. Maybe if I was to choose another, it would be Tzeentch so I could get really trippy and Egyptian like!
I do have a whole bunch of these Terror bird alien warriors from CP models that I would use as proxy Tzangors, so who knows? I think I’d do it just for the buzz of doing it,
I can think of lots of mad additions to the Ceros, like maybe a Sphinx thrown into the mix, or King Tut head with guns or missile launchers coming from the eyes and mouth!
If I sit down and make an extra Ceros, I’ll do that I think, just for shits and giggles! Then I would have to expand on it, with more Tzeentchy troops and daemons.
I do have the massive Dred to finish painting, that really needs doing, as I have another identical base model (Scotia Grendel war Golem) that I promised my kid, which I’ll get
the chance to Khornise it, which will be fun!


The good thing about the proxies, is that I was going to totally make a great unclean one and Bloodthirster from scratch, yes I know the newer models are quite massive, but
I’d get a real kick out of doing a good job on them, plus it would be at a fraction of the cost of buying them. The funny thing is, I haven’t even shown what else I have already
to add to my forces! Mantic future zombies (whatever they are called) are stand ins for both my sprawling cultists and proto-poxwalkers, plus loads of kit bashed cultists made
from the out of production Sci-fi Germans, gripping beast Saracens, hooded robed cultists from black cat bases, and various psychos that give me at least 80+ cult nutters to swarm
my enemies (and look cool as fook!!) I’ve more units of spawn, one of them made up from giant worms and maggots, others from faceless horrors, there is a shit ton!
I love the proxy approach, as it gives flexibility to have any cool stuff from GW, plus other manufacturers models that fit, and any customs.


Also it guarantees that your army is totally unique, stun your opponents with how fucking cool your army looks, and it cost you less than a quarter of most GW only forces! I am Win!!

Back to the Ceros. I know I said there would be three (3 Khorne, 3 Nurgs) but similar to the GW Rhino, I was planning a addition of a few extra bits to the Ceros template, and Voila! a new variant is born, a proxy Landraider! I have no idea what that would be named, something like “Battle-marauder” or “Un-relentor”, or something suitably big and destructive!
Maybe, I’ll just adapt the third Ceros of the units to that, saving me time. It all depends on how much enjoyment it brings making them, if it looks cools as fuck, then I’ll just make
the unit of 3 Ceros and a Landraider proxy (although, the Ceros could be used as one anyway, I just think it needs doing anyway! Just because!!)
Anyway, I think I’ll show off some 40k-ish terrain next time, possibly a set of Mining stuff, or Industrial towers. there is so much I can show, I can’t even remember all the stuff I’ve
made! Seriously!
Thanks for taking a look at my stuff, I do hope it inspires you to do your own things, or just gives you some cool things to look at, either way I hope you enjoy this content, I’ll be
back later, hopefully to release the PDF I keep stalling on, or show my terrain! Did I tell you that the modular industrial stuff and buildings are compatible with my “Grim’s Dungeons of Doom” scenery?

Well, put it this way, I have a hell of a lot of options for my set ups…..


28mm Future Tank, scratch built from junk and card!

22 Sep

I got bored one day and decided to make a tank from junk bits and cereal box card. I thought I might make a small merc force for 40K, just not spending much cash on it instead of forking out a wedge of cash from GW or similar, so as I usually do, set to work cutting, sticking and glueing one together. The main body what I started with was an old cigarette box with the lid set in at an angle. I just started to bolt stuff on bit by bit, layer after layer (I won’t bore you with a tutorial today, unless anyone wants to know) It is mostly cereal box card, but there is the odd bit of plastic, roll up filters, wire and paper (The main gun and side guns are made from just rolled up paper, I could have used straws or any kind of tubing, but it was the only thing I had at hand at the time!)

At  this point, I got bored again and shelved it until I had more materials, a little later than that, my nine year old daughter saw it and blagged me for it, after her pleading for a while, I gave in and gave it to her unfinished. Here’s what it looked like:



Later, she then decided that she DID want it painting! So I had no choice but to sort it for her.

I first gave it an all over silver spray undercoat a couple of times and left it to dry.


Next, I used a chestnut ink wash, then a brown wash,and last a thin 50/50 ink/acrylic black/brown wash to weather it somewhat to detract from the bright silver from the spray.


After the washes had dried, I started to paint it with some details, a bit of camo on selected bits (Forgive my camo, I’m not the best at it at all, but it’s ok) painted the wires and did some out lines on the flat panels to add interest etcImageImageImage

The base is made from a CD insert you get in the spools of disks, its clear and thin, but seemed appropriate as the tank is made from waste stuff anyway. I got to work layering dark grey flock, patches of brown flock, odd.patches of grey railway ballast and then static grass in tufts.

The tank was then varnished and glued on to the base. Voila! Done.

My daughter hasn’t seen it yet, so it will be a great surprise for her when she gets up in the morning!

I must admit, I am quite surprised every time I get some random bits to make something from junk, how well it turns out from just a few hours all in all, how people spend lots of good money on modelling materials that are just as good as stuff you might be chucking in the bin. I recommend it to everyone. Sure the tank is rough around the edges and if I had taken my time to get it right (Im not a one for precise measuring and stuff, with things like this, I don’t have any plans or drawings, just an idea that just evolves as bits get added until it looks near enough.) With more time and effort it would have been epic, but as its for my kid, I reckon she won’t mind at all.

I do plan on doing some more tanks, but these will be in 15mm and more like robotic tanks (Think terminator Hunter killers) Keeping this one would have meant I would have to put a force together in 28mm, something I don’t have space to do (yet another army….Later perhaps!) but I think that the same idea will work for 15mm as long as I keep the size down (Yeah bolting things on can quite easily lead to putting too much on and blowing the whole scale, so I will make sure to bear it in mind) Her’s the finished article:


Conclusions: It worked out better than what I expected considering, I would urge all you wargamers to try and have a go at making your own, have an experiment, all its going to cost you is some glue and paint, everything else is free (well, the basing flocks and static grass and ballast weren’t, but they cost pennies in this case, you’ll probably have them anyway)

I just hope my kid doesn’t expect me to get her a load of minis to go with it (And lets hope they won’t be at GW’s uber prices!!)

Next time I make a tank, i’m thinking magnets and lights hmmm…….




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