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Grinning Skull Studios: Singularity Adventure Module GSAM02 Out Now!

23 Sep

Back again with a new release, Grinning Skull Studios present SINGULARITY Adventure Module GSAM02, our latest System-free Sci-fi module.


Have you ever woken up dead, but just never realized it? Well, that’s exactly what happens to the crew of the Scientific Research Vessel, Clausius.

When the player characters awake from cryostasis, their brains, addled by the cryogenic mind fog of hypersleep drugs, are in no fit state to realize there is anything out of the ordinary happening – other than the proximity alarms blaring, and the crew of an unknown vessel about to board their ship.

As they scramble to save their ship, the player characters realize there is more going on than meets the eye. Not only has the ship’s distress beacon has been activated, but when they discover the withered husks of the rest of the crew, they realize their last memories of leaving Earth don’t match with what they are seeing. Except for one crew member, that is. He has distinct memories of events long after they left Earth behind.

As the player characters desperately try to keep control of their ship and get to grips with the mysterious events that have happened around them, they realize the external threat is nothing compared to the existential threat that lurks within.

Complete with pre-generated characters, this one-shot sci-fi adventure throws the player characters straight into the action, and if they survive, they might just begin to question what it means to be human.

Suitable for most Sci-fi RPGs such as Traveller and starfinder, or just about any game!

You can find this new title and many others at our publisher pages on DriveThruRPG and RPGnow by clicking the links below:



Crowdfunding Spotlight: Dimensions Pen and Paper RPG by Juliet Fehrenbacher on Kickstarter

12 Jun

This is the first Kickstarter that I wanted to highlight for some points later on (in a future post on here) but, I’ll address those later and get talking about this project in it’s own right.

Tabletop RPGs and their ilk seem to be doing a roaring trade on stuff like KS these days, showing the rest of the industry that even the little guy can make a big impression in the gaming world, so coming across this RPG over there, I thought it could do with some love and attention in the sea of other games.

The premise is that of a multi-genre based system, that would suit loads of different types of play, which is all well and good, but I have to take some issues with the project.

There’s not enough emphasis on the setting. Ok, the project talks about the system, but not enough to set it apart from the competition (which these days, there is a lot) The Heroes of Terrestia could be a good USP, but is only mentioned in passing. The inclusion of more detail could help sell the game.

Also, even with all the details of the system, there are no examples of how it works, no sample primer of gameplay or anything that helps to give a flavour for it. Even so the art is lovely, it wouldn’t justify my backing it just off that.

My advice (for all it’s worth) would be that a PDF release on Drivethru RPG or RPGnow would help build a following first before a print version. Just my ten penneth worth.

Still, it could be a diamond in the rough, but without the supplemental detail, we’d never know.

If that’s piqued your interest, check it out over on Kickstarter by clicking the linky below, and I wish them good luck from one game publisher to another!


Will Tabletop Towns Kickstarter proove to be a box of delights?

14 Jan

Tabletop Towns. by Julian G Hicks — Kickstarter.

So, yet another kickstarter, this time with table top terrain designed to fold flat for easy storage and transport, these 28mm buildings are what seems to be constructed in box style and taken down in much the same way you would a cardboard packet, and I assume that how they’re manufactured in the same manner.

Don’t get me wrong, I love terrain, and I love card models, but looking at the price on the KS for a set, I could make many free models on the net for the same price. The thing about card terrain is how quickly and cheaply you can build up your battlefield, and as long as you have enough printable card and ink in your printer, you can keep replacing them and adding to what you have. I like the generic look to them, but fear they are a little too generic, and slightly plain. I can’t see too many gamers shelling out for £20 to get a full set of 6, they need to be a little bit more special than they are to warrant that. (Edit: It’s been pointed out that the price is and has always been £10, and not £20 as I had mentioned in the article, so my apologies to Julian about that!!

Yes, I do realise that the KS has costs, printing, art, etc, but lets get real, I could probably get this job done for a quarter of the costs they want to raise. Admittedly I could probably do fine doing the art/texturing, but they are just boxes that fold up and fold down, there’s nothing revolutionary about the design. Plus the stuff they’re made from is just card, I have had stuff printed before and know that for a few hundred, you could have thousands of these made. (Edit: of which I must add now, that the £10 mark is much more reasonable!)

However, if they were at a good price or marketed a little better, they do have some applications.

First, they might be bundled in greater numbers (say 25-30) boxed up and presented like, “A town in a box” or such, they could be a better product, it’s something that could be taken and played anywhere, and there would be enough terrain to justify it being a town in the first place.

Second, this might lend itself to the buildings being game components within a boxed game (complete with miniatures, and the game etc) Maybe they could licence the concept to other fledgling KS start ups or even bigger compainies.

The box shape would lend more to modern or scifi themes, I think they may get more takers for that than the style they’ve gone for.

Saying all that, I may have come across like a negative, but don’t listen to me blagging on and on, go fund them and get them if you like them! they are perfect for a lazy gamer!!


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