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Crowdfunding Spotlight: 28mm Zombie & Survivor miniatures by Atomico on Kickstarter

15 Mar

Now, these 28mm figures I think are delightfully old school, and I must admit they exhibit a sort of naive quality that I do actually like! Its a new KS project by Atomico, a new name that I’ve not heard of before.

OK, so they’re kind of a bit chunky, but I think they have bags of character and potential. In a sea of 28mm zombie stuff, I wouldn’t mind adding these to my miniature collection. I might be in on this one, as I really feel the need to start my own zombie horde for a bit of skirmish gaming. I know there are going to be a lot of detractors going on about realism, and how such and such range is better, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere, and to be honest, I’ve seen far worse available out there.

Besides, I always like to promote the smaller projects rather than big well organised companies that peddle their wares on the various crowdfunding sites, so I do wish Atomico the very best of luck in their campaign!

Go and take a look and make your own mind up about them by clicking below!

28mm Zombie and Survivor miniatures by Atomico — Kickstarter.


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10mm Zombies: Pendraken zombie survivors preview!

18 May

For those of you who are anticipating the release of Pendraken’s 10mm modern zombie miniatures, take a look at the greens over on the Pendraken forum!

Sculpted by the very talented industry veteran, Phil Lewis, these little survivors are going to be a great addition to the forthcoming range in this scale. I myself will be looking forward for the chance to do some Z gaming using them, and lets hope that the buying public will see good sense and buy shed loads of them, so the guy’s at Pendraken see fit to keep supporting the range with other Z specific and modern stuff to fill out our 10mm post apocolyptic cityscapes.

Go on over to the Pendraken forum and join in the conversation!!

Something for the zombies to chase..

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Zombie Dawn USE ME 15mm Rules Review

4 Nov

Zombie Dawn Use Me 15mm rules Review

Recently, I got hold of the zombie Dawn set of the Use Me rules by 15mm.co.uk.
Up till then I had been using a homebrew ruleset based on the old Fighting fantasy system, but as we kept playing them I had to keep making up rules on the spot every time my players needed anything out of the ordinary to allow them special actions and such while in play. I will eventually set everything down for that, but they are a little unpolished, so I thought it was  time to invest in a simple set of zomer rules that kept the game going so we could concentrate on the action.
The little A6 print book is not fussy, and isn’t filled with uneeded fluff and just focuses on the mechanics of the sysytem.
The whole system revolves around the ELAN score, which is essentailly your action score for combat and any other action that the
model may use, initiative is worked out using the ELAN as a modifier to D6 rolls, as is shooting/melee. Movement is taken as any other action, of which you can choose two actions usually, so you declare what actions the character will perform in your turn (there are a list of possible ones as well as just movement, like hypertense and such) after all the players have taken their go, other than that there isn’t much more to it, I won’t go ito a full break down of the rules, but they look pretty smooth and understandable, and above all, Simple!
After reading it through a few times, I thought it was best to have a game to test it out in action.
We set up a simple scenario, with two players in two teams of three survivors against me playing all the undead I have availabe (about 45+) Even so there is a full even points system behind the rules, allowing even play, this first game would be a test, still my idea of zombie apocolypse type situations aren’t usually what I would class as fair! Part of the fun of the genre is the overwhelming odds of Zombies Vs Humans.
Anyway, the main set up was, the human players had come to the edge of the city parked the vehicle and then proceeded to loot the various shops/buildings for food and suppies, a gun fight had broken out, attracted more undead and now at the start of the game, had been stranded atop of two adjacent buildings, while the car (the only working vehicle on the streets, all the rest were either crashed, been syphoned of all the petrol, or just knackered!) was parked on the other street. As play began the players had to try and get to the car and drive away through the unblocked road way. Easy?

As play progressed, the first team suffered two casulalties just attempting to get off the roof! jumping 30-40ft isn’t wise when they could have just taken a couple of turns to get through a roof hatch or open window!! Player two fared better, loosing just one of thier characters to a zombie skirmish while the other two got separated and went in two directions. Player one’s remaining character managed to get to the car and pick up one of player two’s survivors. Instead of trying to pick up the stranded survivor, player one drove off in the car, leaving player two’s last survivor alone with the zombies, winged but unnoticed. Player two was a little miffed about the ordeal and a heated discussion ensued about the events, and yours truely decided it was time to end it there! This was provided that the next game we played was to take place directly after the events of this game, now dubbed “Chapter One”!
In all honesty, we all really enjoyed it, the rules didn’t get in the way of the action, and allowed us a smooth 2 hour game. Obviously we didn’t implement all the alternate rules in the book, and stuck to the basics, but it was a good game with plenty of options for more zombie fun in future “chapters”

At £3.50 for the rulebook, its pretty good value, and I will be investing in a few more of the other rulesets for other genres as well in the near future.
If you need a good and simple system for 15mm zombie wargames, you can’t go much wrong with it. Its cheap enough for the most tightfisted wargamer (and I should know, I’m one!)
Get your hand in your pockets and get a copy from 15mm.co.uk




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