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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Aftermath modular terrain Kickstarter

9 Jun

Here’s a good one I forgot to mention, aftermath modular terrain. Looks like a nice simple system that is ideal for all manner of modern, pulp and scifi gaming. Although its a 28mm set, I’d like to imagine  that they would consider a 15mm or 20mm version in the future. There’s lots of potential here, and it seems like there will be tons of variation when it comes to setting up.

With a good paint up and a bit of scenics and scatter they’ll look brilliant. There’s only 10 days left if you want to get onboard, and still over a grand left before this will see production. Go and take a visit and see if your cup of tea!

Aftermath modular terrain, RPG tabletop gaming: Warehouse by Aftermath Mods — Kickstarter.

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Get ready for Free Comic Book Day: May 4th 2013

25 Apr

If your a fan of comics, you might want to know that Free comic book day is on the 4th May 2013. It’s a regular drive to promote reading for kids to encourage them to read more. Comics are a great medium, and are a bit less daunting than a full book that maybe could put off a lot of kids, so on free comic book day they’re giving away lots to everyone through participating stores worldwide!

Free Comic Book Day 2007

Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Photo credit: Michael D. Dunn)

There are lots of retailers getting involved, as are there a whole heap of lovely free comics of all types. I myself will be taking my kids along to a store or two, in an attempt to get my spawn (They’re lovely really!!) to do a tad more reading than spend all their spare time playing on the PC or consoles.

Make a note of the date (Star wars day, May the 4th be with you!!) and check out the main site for details of the nearest places taking part, as well as check out some of the titles that will be available to pick up free on the day!!

Free Comic Book Day.

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