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Clown News: Creepy Staten Island clown, Manchester and Cambridge Clowns also on the loose!!

3 Apr



Here’s something I never thought I’d be revisting, but once again I’m back with more new Clown News, a feature that has been rather popular here on the Grinning Skull blog. Ok, so I thought as many did, that the clown craze was just a fad that had died out, but I was wrong.

Not to be out done by us Brits, across the pond, a familiar face seems to have taken a vacation to the US, and as you can plainly see, now the Staten Island area of NY has aquired their very own northampton clown lookie-likie! Could it be either that he’s taking a holiday, or that he has cloned (or should I say Clowned!) himself?

America beware, the clowns are coming!! (please note: this was trecently revealed as a publicity stunt, so still the UK seems the home of the creepy clowns!)

Creepy Staten Island clown spotted around borough, spooks residents  – NY Daily News.

Also back at the beginning of march, there was more clown madness in the North west of England, with even more reports of clowing around, another indication that things were far from over regarding creepy clown sightings…


And now there are reports of a new clown criminal on the scene, this time down south in Cambridge, will the craze ever stop? Everytime there seems to be a lull in the sightings, up pop more costumed weirdos! Full story on auntie beeb’s website here:


Even back in January, the MET revealed they were dealing with over a hundred clown related incidents…


Is this all an indication that we are about to see a resurgence of costumed chaos?

Only time will tell…..


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Cannibals and Corpses (No, it’s not a Roleplaying game, or a band. It’s real!)

3 Apr
Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de B...

Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de Bry for Hans Staden’s account of his 1557 captivity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from this weeks finale in The Walking Dead, what with their suspected terminus cannibal types, I thought I’d take it upon myself to guide you to a few choice real world tales of flesh munchers and cadavers.

On the theme of people eaters, that being cannibals to me and you, firstly I want to show you the recent report of what has been dubbed the cannibal cafe. You won’t see Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver here, but what you will see is human head on the menu (and I don’t mean the customers getting a BJ, it’s real human head!) The funny thing is that it seems like they did have customers, so it makes you wonder how widespread cannibalism is in the world. Sure, it’s certainly taboo, it would be naive to think it doesn’t happen anymore after thousands of years of human evolution, peppered with all sorts of human munching for various reasons of cuture, nessesity and madness.


The next bit of cannibal craziness is a most definitely 21st century spin on the theme, and some would even argue that this is even actually cannibalism (which in my opinion it is) This company hopes to take samples from the famous and then lab grow their meat to be eaten by others! I can’t see this being cheap since with the recent lab grown meat experiments costing a whole stack of cash, add on the cost of obtaining the original samples of the subjects, then the real costs of doing the do, then the hype and nonsense, then the cannibal costs (the privilage of eating long pig etc) then I surmise, this isn’t something you’ll just be able to get on the way back from the pub on a weekend like the humble dona kebab, and you’d have to be among the elite to afford it.

“It’s made out of people!” Making meat from celebrity tissue samples.

Of corpses, or not corpses (well, he is now anyway) with the story of the guy who was suspected dead, and woke up in a morgue. Well, two weeks after the incident, he died! It makes you wonder why he actually bothered, unless he’s going to wake up again in another two weeks and this is going to be a regular thing. I feel sorry for his family, it’s going to cost them a shit load in funerals!


More corpses, and the news that it seems likely that the infamous Black death was not as it was thought, spread by rat fleas, but it was airbourne. If you remember the old rhyme, ring O roses, “atichoo, atichoo, we all fall down” seems to be in line with some sort of flu type of strain and not infection from flea bites. Since when do you sneeze from getting bit by a flea? (I might be wrong, but the new synopsis seems more plausable in my opine!) What does bother me is, exhuming plague victims corpses doesn’t sound like a great idea since things like viruses, bacteria and such can lie dormant for thousands of years. Why is it a good idea to start digging up plague pits and fucking around with them? Whatever they do, the scientists can stay the fuck away from me! (and make sure they wash their hands!)


I’ll be back later with some recent developments in clown news…..


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CLOWN NEWS: Copycat Clowns on the increase, Chesterfield, Mansfield, and Doncaster bag their own clowns!

18 Nov

You might have thought that since the Northampton clown had been unmasked (Student filmmaker Alex Powell was revealed as the infamous clown and has since admitted it was him behind the stunt) that clown mania would have peatered out, but no, it has not the case. Following on from the Carrick fergus clown, it looks as if other pretenders have stepped for ward in Chesterfield and Mansfield.

To make matters worse, it finally has come full circle to me here in Doncaster, as I was informed that a creepy fellow is being hunted by the police just around the corner from me in Highfields, and someone dressed as a clown has been spotted tapping on windows trying to lure children from their houses! I daren’t tell my kids that there actually is an evil pennywise type just streets away, attempting to abduct kids, they would be petrified! Details are sketchy at this time, but as soon as I find more info, I’ll put an update up here. There’s even talk of there being not just one, but a couple of them, and that they are armed with knives! Although much of this could well be heresay, more info will no doubt come to light.

Now I fully expect that lots of other towns are going to aquire their very own demonic clown to terrorise the neighbourhoods where you live. I think that just the fact that us in the UK have this eccentric vibe for the strange and unhinged, this is going to spread. Where next and just how far will some of these nutters go. I for one will be keeping my happy stick (see wulf sternhammer from 2000AD) nearby just in case the Highfields clown tries to look through my windows!

If anyone in these areas knows any additional news about these wierdos, feel free to get in touch and let me know.

More clown news as and when.

Who is the Mansfield clown roaming streets at night? | Nottingham Post.

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Quick, Here come the running dead…!

17 Feb

I have done plenty of zombie related stuff in my time, from zombie themed LARP and airsoft events, and even some promo TV for a pub chain back in the day, but as we all know the undead are very “in” at the present. With every passing week there seems to be another madcap zombie idea comes to light that is meant to engage us fans of the genre and get us involved ready for the apocolypse.

This idea has been imported from the states to the shores of the UK in an attempt to make us a bit fitter and faster for the forthcoming zombie invasion. A zombie run!

The thought is that in these events, that we should get our running shoes on and peg it as fast as we can from the newer breed of faster more deadly undead toward the designated safe zone of the event. A sort of tag crossed with a short marathon. Several of these runs are set for the year up north and will no doubt be popular with those zombie fans with an emphasis on keeping fit.

Me for one am not sure that it’ll be for me, my fitness levels with running are a bit on the lacking side, I would much prefer to just pick something up and whack the bleeders repeatedly, or find a fast vehicle to deal with them! Lets face it, in the unlikely event of such an apocolypse happening, there would be very few “safe zones” and I imagine that with the amount of zombies one would have to contend with, you would not be able to run forever….

I do love the whole Z genre, but this I feel is pushing it just to cash in on the recent Walking dead phenomena, and even so I have been stated as saying things are better with an added zombie or two, there is a limit to what’s best suited for undead themes, this is pushing it to the limit! What ever next? zombie cookery classes? Zombie weight lifting challenge?  Zombie child day care or fashion shows?

Its bad enough that the media seems to be obsessed by poor zombie related projects (Warm bodies and World war Z, piss poor takes on the genre) S I fear it’s only a matter of time we see a total over saturation of sub standard zombie related material.

It looks like the zombie invasion has begun….

Check out Skulltopia events if you fancy the idea! Skulltopia Events.

Peace out….

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Stranger & stranger…Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures Kickstarter

22 Jan

Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures! by Tyler and Andrew — Kickstarter.

This is sure a strange one, a range of new miniatures by Agnostic Giraffe miniatures, it’s left me a tad puzzled! Even the promo vid is strange, everything about this is just confusing!

It seems that the intent of this KS is to get some of these weird creatures into production, in various sizes and forms from small, to large. What exactly these are intended for (Wargaming I assume) is a mystery, the funding levels are messed up and hard to quite understand, a good example being the level for getting all the small creatures, when there seems to be only one small design on offer.

As you know, I love strange and bizarre stuff like this, but it feels like these guys are on some acid trip, which in turn makes me feel quite trippy with all the confusion! I like the Mushroom guy, he’d go nice with my Orcs and Gobbo’s for Warhammer, the vulture thing is not great, as is a few of the others, but the Squig thing has promise (just needs to be bigger I reckon)

Still, they have some skill at 3D computer modelling, so maybe we are going to see some good things from these guys in the future. I would have like to see a sculpt or two, to give me some idea of scale etc.

Saying all that, they have made more money than I did on my Oggam campaign, so all power to them (I may back it for the  funky mushroom, hhmmm, thinking about it….)

Make up your own minds about these trippy minis, there’s plenty of time left to back them if you like what you see, go check it out….




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