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Release date for Jurassic Park 4 confirmed

14 Jan

BBC – Newsbeat – Release date for Jurassic Park 4 confirmed by Universal.

Fans of Jurassic park should be stoked at this news, as another film is in the works. Its about time they finally got off their butts and got around to it after years of faffing about.

No real details of cast or plot, but as long as we have dinos Vs humans, that’ll do for me!

13th June 2014 is slated for its release (no doubt in 3D as is the trend nowadays) and with the involvement of Kathleen Kennedy, who is now Lucasfilm head, we can expect heavy involvement by them too.

Lets hope with the likes of Spielberg, Lucasfilm and now Disney, they can refresh the saga, and give us some more great monster movies!



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