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Crowdfunding Spotlight: 28mm Renaissance Skeleton Army Miniatures Kickstarter

6 Jun

It might not surprise you that, here at the Grinning Skull, we like all things skeletal. So, it would be rude to not include these babies here in Crowdfunding Spotlight.

These figures are brought to you by Skull & Crown, a name that’s apt considering the subject! As you can see the inspired skeleton designs, lifted as if from the pages of the old woodcuts, paintings and engravings from the renaissance period. Also there is a distinct old skool vibe to them too, most definite thumbs up for both points!

These actually tempt me to get out my paints and minis  right now and do a bit of painting (although I always seem to have 10,000 things to do before I could even consider doing so…) taking out all my available skelly minis to get painted like I promised myself weeks ago…

You can get involved and check the figures out in more detail by clicking on the pictures or this clickky here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/23535743/renaissance-skeleton-army-28mm-miniatures-for-game?ref=category

Keep your eye out for these guys in the future!

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Dem bones, Dem bones: Bone Pile Respawner Markers

3 Dec



In this edition of Grim’s Dungeons of Doom, we are going to deal with the creation of bone piles for our mini dungeon. These can be used as debris or even better (as I plan on doing) as undead respawn markers. Every respectable dungeon should have a few of these to warn those pesky adventurer types, just how they might end up by delving too deep within it’s tunnels…

This is a dead easy and quick make, and will get you some nice looking pieces for really minimal effort.  Continue reading

Swedish woman accused of having sex with skeletons – Yahoo! News UK

28 Nov

Skeleton (Photo credit: dimitrij)

Swedish woman accused of having sex with skeletons – Yahoo! News UK.

As much as we are reviled by talk of necrophilia and such like death fetishes, I still find things like this funny!

Yeah, you can call me a sicko that I find stuff like this amusing, but lets face it, one can only wonder how people like this get such a buzz about having a fulfilling sex life with the dead.

Talk about this woman enjoying a good boning, well it would seem she does quite literally, as well as the occasional skullf**k too!

I wouldn’t know euro law‘s rules on this practice, but if she hasn’t been grave robbing to get the bones and she’s got them legally (which is possible, the last antiques fair I went to had a box containing about 65% of a real skeleton, which I would have bought if I’d had enough cash. It was only about £50 which is pretty cheap, but without any real documentation to say how old and where it’s origin was from, I wouldn’t have bought it.) is it still against the law to perform some bone rattling with it?

It’s something that you would have never thought about unless some dimwit like her gets into the public domain and brings up the issue. Not that I care, I just don’t think that unless necrophilia of this type is totally illegal, there wouldn’t be much they could do.

We of the Grinning Skull would just like to say; Dirty necro skeleton fucking lady, thank you for making us laugh!!

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Twilight Creations Bag “o” Skeletons…So many uses…

1 Oct
Twilight Creations' Bag "O" Skeletons

Twilight Creations’ Bag “O” Skeletons

A while back on one of the tomb kings forums somewhere, there was a guy asking everyone what they thought of Twilight Creations Bag “O” Skeletons for use with one of its games midevil. They sold them separate in bags of 100 plastic 25mm skellies, well, he wondered what if he were to get a bag and base them up to use as proxy models for Warhammer. A few agreed that it was a good idea, while most did not. Why? They varied in their answers from the minis were too small, made from crappy plastic, or were simply too gay on GW, and being diehard GW cultists, they would rather use bits of paper to represent the sometimes hundreds of troops in a large battle of the game, and would have nothing good to say about them.

Twilight Creations’ Midevil

That being said, at the time my son was looking for a low cost way of making a Vampire counts WFB army, so I got a bag of them off ebay (around £6-£7 for 100) to see if we could get him a few units on the cheap to get him started, plus the guy had a good idea, if he had been right about them, it would be a great way to get a big army of skellies for less than a tenner!

I can assure anyone who is thinking the same thing as us to go for it! Although they aren’t the best or the prettiest, cheap budget gamers (like me and my kid) will find these figures to be useful in many ways beyond warhammer and other games (Kings of war etc)

The figures come in the rubbery soft plastic that you find in cheap toys, not that that is a bad thing (Well, not too bad, no worse than Reaper Bones polymer figures as its pretty similar) Nor is the horrible tri colour choice they come in (This is easily painted over) Any way here’s a few pics to illustrate for those of you who haven’t tried them out.

One lone Twilight creations Skeleton from his bag!

One of the drawbacks of these figures is the fact that the spear is extremely bendy, and while in transit from the company to my home via the bag, it had bent out of shape, as had 30% of the rest. One thing is sure that if you want to have a full 100% made into your undead warhammer horde, a good proportion of them would have knackered spears, some are so bad you could mistake them for long bows! Another thing against them is that they are 25mm as opposed to 28mm, so will look a tad puny compared to GW and other mini companies stuff. Its not too much of an issue as they are only for fodder and nothing beyond making the enemy run away and/or getting destroyed pretty easy!  So, I first had a go at painting one up and basing it up, it didn’t turn out as bad as what the twoddle spouters were moaning about. Maybe they could afford to pay the ridiculous prices GW are now charging, but not so with a lot of us out there, and kids into wargaming too. My kids would spend tons of cash on GW if they could (So could I, but my thrift leads me to buy more for my money these days!) Right, back to the results.

Front view of finished Skeleton

back of finished Skeleton

back of finished Skeleton, plus added grave stone made from the end of a lolly stick.


A unit of skeletons, ready for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

As you can see the one I did, didn’t go badly at all, with an added 20x20mm base and a bit of basing gubbins, it is an ok figure, ideal if you need tons of them for any kind of game where you may need them in numbers. The example unit above with my attempt on the green base, my sons painting on the rest (Not bad to consider he had not too much painting experience before that!)

In the end I gave him 60 ish of the figures, the rest of them (mainly bent ones) I intended to keep for a rainy day in my wonderous bits box (Come on, we all have one, don’t we?!) As figures to cut up and use for other stuff, they are pretty good too, being the soft plastic, it makes them easy to cut with a craft knife, so as a result I have used quite a lot of them to add shields to scenes and models, replace the arms and heads to create new posed models with mantic bits from the skeletons they do, and GW bits as well (My sons unit above, has a musician using a GW head, and an arm holding horn from the skeleton musician on their sprue, which he converted) I also used some of the skulls off them to add to my Man eating plant terrain recently (Check out the posts)

The model of my man eating plant

A close up of the base of my carnivorous plant using one of the skulls from the skellies.

All I can say is get some and even if you don’t use them as proxies, chop em up, convert them, just experiment with them and have fun at seeing what you can do with them, I can bet they will have plenty more uses than I have done with them. At less than £10 for 100 (10p each) That’s great value for money that no gamer on a budget can ignore, so go and get some, I know if your still reading this, you probably do want some!!

Let me know whats your opinion about these models, or if you have had some experience with them and share with us what you thought!



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