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Mini Sculpting: 28mm Ettin/2 headed troll; Fnar-frag the two faced!

6 Mar


Ok, you’re going to have to forgive my net connection, it’s not great at the best of times, but like I have told you before, I promised to show you some stuff I have been working on.

This is a personal WIP for my WFB orc and gobbo army, mainly my troll mob. I must admit that trolls are my fave lot out of the orc stuff, and have scored me many victories while using them in game. The only trouble I find with them is the fact that they are so darned expensive to buy, so I spend plenty of time searching around different places for old troll figures to use as proxies, so much that I decided to add to my ranks by making some myself.


I thought I’d make him of the two headed variety, after rewatching “Troll Hunter” I thought it would stand out more than the usual type, and that he’d serve best for part of my command section of my two units. First thing you might notice is the weird positioning of his hand. This is for a reason, I wanted him to be holding a goblin marionette puppet on strings. However that still might change if I decide otherwise, but for now thats the plan.



Also I wanted him to exhibit a left/right personality, sort of good cop/bad cop, so that’s why the puppet holding side has a goofy, child like  essence to it, while the other is more “business” orientated and ready for some pagga!


Also, I wanted his gait to reflect that being a troll, he really needed to be quite deformed and twisted, especially with having the two headed mutation, so the slight twist in his stride is intentional. I wanted him to match the other trolls I have, so he needed plenty of warty scales, which will highlight nicely when painted in contrasting colour, oh yeah, and popeye type fore arms too!

I think it’s great the fact that GW old school trolls have the definitive cartoon look to them, which I needed to try and match, especially with him being more of a character figure than the usual rank and file troll. Lots of you might know that I sometimes diss GW, but it also matches my own style of modelling in a cartoon look, and seeing as though it’s going to be used for oldhammer and 6th Ed WFB, I don’t see the problem. Before anyone mentions the base, he’s now glued onto a 40×40 monster sized base with gluegun glue, just because it is a quick and easy way of adding a durable texture instead of sculpting it on, oh the many uses of the humble gluegun!!

I really want to release my own range of 28mm trolls and troll kin in the future hopefully, maybe a KS (ok, so don’t moan about crowdfunding, I actually think stuff like Kickstarter is a fine idea and many out there are a bit sick of the whole thing, but it does serve a purpose) I have quite a few ideas for several different types of troll races that would fit nicely into the O&G army lists, as proxies for the various troop types rather than the regular Orcs and their ilk.

Next up will be a decent paint job once I finsih the puppet goblin, or war yoyo, or even a human casualty (still not 100% on what to do) but I’ll show you once the next bit has been done.

Next up, is my Oggam settlement board (once my connection will allow more uploads)

Tally ho miniature chums!

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New oggam greens and size comparison photos!

14 Oct

I should have been working on a commission today, but I was a bit eager to carry on with my oggam sculpts to see if I could improve upon last nights work. So, working away, I managed to get two done, they are an improvement  on my last one, and I’m really getting into it now, I reckon I’m going to get quite a few done over the next few weeks, plus the specials I am planning and some extras. I think I will be trying my hand at some other alien types too, some plant types like my man eating plant, just more mobile (an audrey two inspired race, I think there were mutant plant ones like that in the old Gamma world TSR stuff that I’d like to emulate)

Any who, the pics:

These fellers are a little bigger than the one I did yesterday, the one pointing is a command figure, while the other is just a meat head. I know that you might think they are a little big, but I had always imagined the Oggam to vary in size, some big, some small. I love the way they are turning out!

I have noted also all the comments I have been given, so the legs have been improved (Still going to get better though!) and the hands have had a bit more care also. The faces are beginning to match better to my original style and suspect they will get better the more I practice and make them.

The next pics are some rough size comparison pics, with a GZG figure to show how its going to scale with average 15mm scifi figures, I couldn’t find a 1/72 (20mm) figure anywhere, although my son has some somewhere i’m sure, and I have had to use a GW goblin squig herder for scale too (Ok, not the best choice, but it was the first 28mm figure I could get my hands on quickly, but when I’m better prepared to take some shots with a bit more time, I’ll update them.) Also included are shots that Richard did for me of the sculpt I commissioned, the painted figure I suspect is roughly the same size of the GZG one, so you can get an idea of scale between all of them. As soon as I get hold of that one, I’ll do more comparison shots altogether for scale.

Here they are:

More later when no doubt I have sculpted more! Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think, your input is important and means a lot when proceeding with this project, after all, all being well you might eventually be wargaming with some of these piggies!


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My first attempt at sculpting an Oggam in 15mm, WIP

13 Oct

Ok, let me first say this. I have never sculpted anything in this scale. Yes, I have sculpted lots of bigger things, but never something this small. I know there is a few issues with this figure, but considering I haven’t done this before. I messed up with the legs, I should have done them first, and the hands lack finesse, but with a little bit more work it will probably be ok. Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism, tips or comments that you think would help. He’s about 15mm dead on, and I’ll do a size comparison later to show it next to another 15/18mm figure. Anyway here are the photos!









So, is it worth me carrying on with sculpting this size? One thing is for sure, I need to get some proper sculpting tools (I did this with a pin and a circle compass point!)


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15mm Oggam Sculpt (almost final)

14 Sep

I thought you guys would like to see the first finished 15mm Oggam green. All that’s left to do is the end of the blade, which I want to be a little less curved, a bit more angular. I am loving the final look, it evokes exactly how I envisioned to Oggam to appear. I will start doing more concept sketches for the other figures now I have a good firm idea of what troop types I really want. The idea is to produce the first set of Oggam as generic to scifi as possible, but keeping in mind the back ground factions etc. That way, anyone could have a force of Oggam to use in any system, and if you really wanted to follow the background factions and make your Oggam force any Oggam faction from that. I would introduce more specialised troops afterwards (these first lot are intended just to be infantry fodder) but other types will/should include: Uggaram Iron legion Ogborg (Bionic Oggam), Uggaram Iron legion Power armour (A bit like a cross between a dustbin and the robot dog out of “wallace and grommit”), League of Anthracks Fire warriors (Heavy flame throwers & flame proof suits) League of Anthracks Doom sayers of the Black Pig (Fanatic cultists), Scrofa tribe   Hoggit gangs (Tribal pig bikers), Empire of Og Imperial guard, Iron legion flying pig squadron (Jet packs) and a whole load of other troop types I have in mind. OK, so it will take some time, and yes I am hoping that my next attempt at getting funded will fare a lot better than the last. This time I will have a ton of stuff ready and will be prepared a hell of a lot more. I hope that any of you good people will help push forward what I’m trying to do. Please give me feed back and suggestions/advice, I take all on board (within reason) Anyway, here’s piggy!…


I know that these figures may not be every ones taste, but even if thats the case, please try to help in anyway you can think, it could be anything from a suggestion, to helping to contribute to any writing, ideas or even art if you like, to add to the whole background. If you can do anything like helping to put a better version of the PDF together, or helping to put a promo video together. I know its a big ask, but if work continues to build up over time, then there could be something special here, and you could be part of it. If you fancy getting in touch about any aspect of this project email me at: grimacereaper73(at)gmail.com and we’ll have a chat. If your a miniature company even, and you would like to help get these figures into production by maybe adding them to your range, please mail me (Yeah, OK I might be getting away with myself, but you never know….!)

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