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Brainstorming: Grinning Skull digest anyone?

9 Mar

Just taking a brief respite in my sculpting and model making to say something…So, this has been rattling around in my head for a while, ignore the title of the post, that just implies the basis of the idea rather than the outcome, so to speak.
Whilst I like the computer world and it’s weirdness of the web, the myriad of different thoughts, opinions and voices that aren’t stifled by censorship and big corporations and such like, what I dislike a lot is Ebook type publications. My problem with them is that I have a hard time getting into them and having a good read, maybe an ebook reader or tablet is in order for me, but for the time being, it’s a no go.
I like real books and mags, that tactile feel of turning the page, the smell of the print, and the ability to read wherever
you want. for me and others, books will never go out of fashion.
So, what am I harping on about? Well, even so there are lots of great small press wargaming publications available for free and low priced, the electronic nature of them puts me of. I want to read stuff in places there isn’t going to be a recharge point, or plug socket, even sat on the bog! I want stuff in print!
What I am partial to, is reading other peoples blogs, there are tons of really great articles on them, from all parts of the wargaming world, the blog writers put some great material out there, most of them are far from professional writers, but they still produce great stuff regardless.
Now even so I enjoy the occasional foray into the historical bits, I’m a scifi/fantasy nut when it comes to my wargaming, which is why I enjoy blogs from likeminded people, it seems to be the only real place that one can get access to this kind of reading matter nowadays. But, I’d much prefer it in print form. I still hanker for the days of independent games magazines of old, and while I realise that these times are gone due to the dwindling numbers of the buying public, I still think that there are plenty of us old guard left that would support some kind of small press publication I’m imagining, something dedicated to the scifi and fantasy end of the wargaming hobby, but I’m not thinking about it being in the form of a magazine, rather a softback book.
OK, I’m thinking a compendium of sorts, articles, How to’s, Tutorials, fiction, interviews, reviews, a bit of art and cartoons and so forth, all contained in a publication dedicated to scifi and fantasy wargames. Hell, you could even stick some quick rulesets in there too, there doesn’t need to be rhyme or reason to tie it together with themes, the only coherent theme would be around scifi and fantasy wargaming.
It wouldn’t have to be a regular magazine type of periodical, even if it were successful it doesn’t need to be more often than one year at a time. Just a stand alone book, or a digest dedicated to the independent scifi & fantasy miniature wargaming scene.
So how to produce this “digest”? Ignore my post title, I wouldn’t ever think of naming it the grinning skull digest, that was merely to get my message across, it wouldn’t matter too much what it was called, only the concept is important.
I think everyone has at least one or two great articles in them, even myself. That’s how I would envision starting to get the volume of material needed for something like this. All it would need is a group of likeminded people behind the idea, everyone involved would get full credit for their involvement, I would imagine that while new original material would be preferred, a bulk of what you’d need could be reproduced (with permission and consent) from the web from their original writers.
I’d like to think that the many independent miniature firms could be involved a great deal, and by allowing them to showcase their own rulesets, miniatures and such, a lot of additional material could be collated for the book, after all it’s free advertising allowing them to showcase their stuff and may reach new audiences and customers. Same goes for blog owners and writers, artists and photographers, and many other folks eager to show off what they are capable of.

Alright, you know that money is going to come into play at some point, but with the event of print on demand and things like kickstarter, now making stuff like this is even more easy to do than it ever was, so while cash is great, it doesn’t have to be a big issue. Besides, if there was any money raised from the book, it could be donated to charity to save any hassle, or put into the next one if it were deemed to go that in direction. No real money ever need to change hands, nobody needs to get paid, self promotion far exceeds the price or cost.
All I’m saying is that an idea like this could be good, it’s not set in stone, nor am I saying it’ll work out as cut and dried as I’ve set out. I’m simply just trying to start a dialog and discuss if it could be done.
I’d be up for involvement, and I’d happily donate my skills to it, but whether anyone else feels the same way is another matter. It was just an idea that’s been floating about for a while in my noggin.

So, hopefully I have put my point across, and now I’d like to throw the ball over to you lot, please lets start a conversation to the how’s and why’s, yeses and no’s and so on. Go on, feel free to stick your oar in and have a say, you
don’t even need to have a vested interest to jump in with an opinion. Have your say, please. If you think it wouldn’t work, just say, if you would change something, say it. All opinions are valid (apart from anyone acting like a dick, keep it constructive please!)

I never said it was ever going to be easy….

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What do you do when you’ve lost your hobby mojo?

5 Feb


No matter what lately, I haven’t been able to focus on all aspects of the hobby (I mean miniature wargaming, not the “GW” hobby!) I think that it’s been due to recent illness with my knee trouble, general awfulness and now some weird throat type virus that has fallen upon my kids and myself, but never the less, it’s left me more uninspired to do as much as I would usually.

I have a low attention span at the best of times, so I do find it hard to concentrate at the best of times, so things that throw a spanner in the works tend to throw me off kilter somewhat. Add to this, the usual chaos of the modern family life with it’s ups and downs, that kind of stuff can put my spare time input to almost a standstill.
But these last few days, try as I might, I can’t seem to find my mojo! I’ve tried as many different disciplines of the hobby as a whole, miniatures in a variety of sizes and scales, terrain and model making, even been trying to sculpt 15mm and 28mm figures, but I haven’t been fully into what I was trying to accomplish. I’ve tried to be inspired by music, TV and film, reading both books and comics, scoured the net for a muse, but everything leaves me cold and uninspired.
So what do you do when this kind of block occurs? Are there any more sources of new effort that I haven’t either known about before, or been unaware of? Is it time to start a new challenging project, or just hang up the hat for a while until my energy levels replenish. I’ve even thought about giving the entire thing up so I can concentrate on other stuff. It wouldn’t be the first time, there have been several breaks in the hobby throughout my life for various reasons, some long ones, some short, but to be frank, I don’t think that I will be giving up that easily this time. Even so I sound really negative about things, I’m not going to give it up, as this is something that I always come back to.
There’s not too many decent hobbies that I could do that would satisfy my artistic impulses, since a good 80-90% of everything I end up doing is craft or art based, doing other stuff that doesn’t scratch my creative urge, would just blow my mind and send me mad!
like I said, i’m not giving up, even though it sounds as if I’m a tad negative. I just want my mojo back! I just want to know what I need to do to get it back. Even though my efforts haven’t been all that bad, well at least I haven’t thought so, but this hobby block still eludes me.
I guess what I’m trying to say is what other methods do you employ to recharge your hobby batteries? How do you avoid the loosing of one’s mojo? If you know any useful suggestions, let me know! Mind you, with this new day dawning, I have the sudden urge to pick up my sculpting tools and get to it again…
Right, where’s the greenstuff….

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