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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tom Savini’s Death Island movie campaign on Indiegogo

5 Sep

Tom Savini applies make-up to Ari Lehman, crea...

Tom Savini applies make-up to Ari Lehman, creating his vision of Jason Voorhees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a departure from the usual wargaming stuff, we go to the realms of movieland and the undead, Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for Tom Savini‘s Death Island!!

Ok, so if you don’t know who Tom Savini is, you might as well be a zombie! Serious fans of the horror genre will instantly recognise the legendary man behind this brilliant new Indiegogo campaign to raise $1 million to fund a new zombie film, Death Island.

Tom is a SFX pioneer, accomplished actor (Knightriders, Dawn of the dead (original & remake), From Dusk till Dawn) , director and producer, and this new movie will mark his return as director since he did the remake of Romero’s original Night of the Living dead. With the help of us lot, we could make this a reality and even get a speaking role in the upcoming film (Yeah, I wish..) But for the princely sum of $10, you will be added to the credits of the actual movie!

Speaking as someone who grew up with reading Tom’s SFX books, and watching his effects in many horror movies (Especially the original Dawn of the dead, in which not only did he do the zombie SFX, but played a biker too!!) It would be great to think that a lowly zombie fan such as myself could be involved, sure I haven’t the cash to pay the big bucks, but $10 is a great price for what you get, and you’ll really be helping out too! I’m definately up for this, and hope that some of you out there will dole out a little $10 zombie love for our Tom, to get a great sounding Zombie movie made (One with some proper pedigree too!!)

Involved as well, is the one and only Tony (Candyman) Todd, Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon, and more thought to be signing on too once funding is secured.  The plot seems to indicate that the themes will take the Zombie back to its voodoo roots, and add more to the movie mythology of these undead flesheaters! Brilliant!!

$10 is around £6.50 or so, so as soon as I get a few pounds spare, I’ll be funding for a space in the limelight!!

How about you? Get over and check it out people!

Tom Savini’s Death Island | Indiegogo.

Update: I’d just like to say many thanks to Tom for the link back from the project page! Good luck with the movie!!

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George Romero turned down The Walking Dead for the Zombie Autopsies

2 Dec
Français : 66ème Festival du Cinéma de Venise ...

Français : 66ème Festival du Cinéma de Venise (Mostra), 8ème jour (07/09/2009) George Romero pour une interview avec Laurent Pecha d’Ecranlarge.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why George Romero rejected The Walking Dead to make The Zombie Autopsies.

Well, to be honest, I don’t know why Romero keeps turning down opportunities to work on some big and successful projects instead of the last few car crash efforts he’s done in the last few years!

OK, Diary of the dead wasn’t too bad in parts, but Land of the dead could have been better and lets not get started on Survival of the dead, which was shit. (remember the zombie on the  horse….shit!)

I mean he’s been offered the Resident evil movies (which aren’t great, but average) and now it seems that he had chance to direct some of the Walking Dead too!

If you read this interview, he seems a bit precious about his style of zomers, which is strange as he kind of invented the entire zombie genre. Especially as with the walking dead “walkers” are pretty much as classic Romero style zombies as you can get.

He at least may have a potential decent new project in the works with “The Zombie Autopsies”, based on a book about scientists on an island, dissecting the undead while the apocolypse rages on. The plot links back to his love of using zombies to comment on issues in our western society, with the main themes in this being the global economy.

How the fuck he can’t just make a zombie film about zombies and not try and do some deep social analysis about humanity is anyone’s guess! I think it’s strange that for years he tried to shun the genre he created, only to find no real critical acclaim for anything else he did. Now all he does is zombie movies (mostly second rate ones) so you can imagine if he would have continued to keep doing them years ago, he might have produced a few good ones rather than leave it for others to make a better go of it.

The guy is still “the man” though.

He messed up my childhood development with those freaky fucking zombies…..


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