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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Aftermath Mods Mobile Magnetic RPG Module!

11 Dec


Aftermath mods are back with their latest KS, this time for a new product the mobile RPG module.

It’s the guy’s at Aftermath mods third successful KS, and the experience shows in the new campaign, coming across more confident and prepared than before.
This one I think is really one for the RPG crowd, even so there’s definately lots of potential for more wargaming stuff, the slant is more suited to those who use minis with roleplaying sessions. The USP of the module is the unique and variable magnetic play area, which can be altered and changed with each different encounter, and providing a complete portable playing area.
What I really like and can see great promise for the wargamer, is the wall sections that are available as a $25 perk, you could build up some mighty impressive scifi and dungeon layouts with a few packs (quite reminiscent of the old school first person shooter games like doom spring to mind with these)

Again, there’s loads of optional extras, perks and addons that are the norm with crowdfunding campaigns these days, lots of personalisation for those who want it.
All in all, if that’s perked your interest for more miniature potential in your RPG games, get on over to their project page and help them reach the target.

Good Luck fellas!


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LARP Roleplay magazine campaign launched on Kickstarter.

29 Nov

English: Photograph of monsters from the Mayfe...

English: Photograph of monsters from the Mayfest larp festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fae character in a live action role-playing game

Fae character in a live action role-playing game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RolePlay Magazine by Ryan Harden — Kickstarter.

Now, I was involved in LARP (or LRP if your kickin’ it old school like me!) for many years to what seems like a long time ago now, So even now, I have a real soft spot for the hobby even to this day. While I don’t play anymore (Having responsibilities and kids put an end to that) I’d still like to hopefully intergrate myself back into it as soon as my eldest can be trusted to be initiated in the circle of LARP!

That’s why I thought I’d spotlight this kickstarter. Roleplay magazine is what seems to be a mainly LARP centric magazine in both print and E format. Now this I will buy,as long as it gets funded. Its been a long time coming for the LARP community, but whether it will achieve its goal is another matter. I’m not too aware of the attitudes of US LARPers, but if they are anything like UK ones, there will be a fair amount of apathy from the community. All I can say is if I had any money, I would help out, but as I have none, I urge those of you that do to get it funded! I’m not tight, just skint!

I wish Ryan the best of luck, and as ever will keep you all updated with it’s progress, and if there is any other way I can help out I will for sure!!

As with any Kickstarter or crowdfunding news, please reblog, share, email, talk about it with all you can. This way everyone can help get these projects further!!



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