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40K Death Guard Army: More devotees to join the cult of Nurgle. More Chaos Cultists…

16 Sep

Ok, so these lot are new editions to my cultist units, and a mixed lot they are. all the ones you can see here are virtually kitbashed from a variety of parts and models from all different companies to fit with the ones I already have. You might recall that my existing cultists are the trencher models from CP Models range, and as such those models have a sort of uniformity with the whole WW1 scifi vibe.

Wanting to continue with something similar, but add in some random chaotic elements for good measure, so I got hold of a load of bits and part sprues from some sellers on Ebay and got to work cobbling together new weirdos for the cult.

These first lot are the combination of the now out of production sci-fi germans plastic kit (sorry, can’t remember the company who made them) and some Gripping Beast Saracen warriors for the bodies. I only had the heads, arms and backpacks to work with from the German troopers, but wanted the look of greatcoats, so combining the two, I think worked well, and fitted with what troops I already had. I do wish I had more, but since they are cultists, I don’t mind too much since they are supposed to be corrupted planetary defense troop types, that had turned to chaos.

This bunch are where we get into more mix and match territory, kinda like total mental freaks from the civilian side rather than military. These were made from a whole variety of different parts. Some old plastic Warhammer fantasy empire models, WW2 Germans, the sci-fi Germans for their heads, Chaos marauders with the flails, and odds and sods from whatever I could find in my bits. They still fit the look I wanted since their faces are covered in gas mask type breathers, and are scabby enough to fit right in.

These three consist of the first being again like the previous, a mix of said bits from all sorts of bits, while the standard bearer and the end one were from resin figures I got from Curtis at Ramshackle Games. These were miscasts and broken, so I got to work repairing and adding to them to fit the army. the banner was made from Milliput and then painted up with a suitable Death Guard cult pattern that will be present in any additional cult iconography and vehicles (and trust me, I plan on making a proxy Rhino or vehicle dedicated and crewed by cult members with that colour scheme)

So, here is the entire lot so far. This isn’t all my cultists by far, I think I have at least 40 other models I could add, although I have none of them finished. I may save some of them for my proposed Thousand Sons cultists as they might be a better fit there (robed nutters much like the old Necromunda Cawdor gangers in style) and for sure I’ll be adding a whole box of the Mantic Plague zombies I have to act as either cultists, or proto-poxwalkers sort of like a precursor to what will eventually happen to cult members, they are just fodder after all, aren’t they?

I’ll be back later with more stuff, probably with my Assault Drill or maybe something else…

Ramshackle Games New post apoc 20mm bikers

16 Apr

I admit a liking for 20mm stuff, especially the idea of post apocolypse stuff. I could get well into the scale and genre big time, even so it could be tricky, given the limited options available. After spotting this over on frothers, I had to show you lot.

Which is why this new release from Ramshackle Games gives a bit of hope. Very “Dark Future“, so I can see some of you resurrecting your old boxed sets and using these, especially when the new Mad Max movie comes out (I also it to see a post apoc miniature revival then too!)

Overall, its a great set, and good value too that won’t break the bank either.


28mm Trolls and giant for WFB orcs.

24 Sep

I thought I would showcase some of my models from my Warhammer Fantasy battle Orc army.

First up, the trolls….


The one first in line at the left hand side is my own sculpt, I was short a troll for my unit of eight (you can see the black one at the back is still to be painted) Like I keep saying, I can sculpt big stuff, but really small things still elude me. I don’t think its too bad, I know with some practice I’ll get better and go smaller. Here’s a few more shots of it.



OK, back to the rest of the unit, When I was sorting my unit I wanted to keep down the cost of the models (hence, why I sculpted one) The next ones are from Ramshackle, and for two resin trolls costing just £2.50, they are ideal for budgeting gamers. The unpainted one at the back is also from them.



It seems like the sculptors there have a thing about big monsters having their asses hanging out! Still they are cool models with bags of character (The mushrooms are my own work and don’t come with the figures!) Next in my troll warband is this strange looking troll from RAFM, I like it just because its weird. Again the toadstools are mine, not what come with the model (this one was sourced from Ebay for a couple of pounds.)


Next we have a couple of Reaper Bones polymer plastic recasts from the first range (And don’t remind me about the latest million dollar Bones Kickstarter I missed out on, I would have liked to get my hands on someof the excellent figs in that lot!)


Not bad for a couple of quid each, cheap, and paint up OK too. Lastly I have a plastic GW troll from the skull pass set (The only real GW figure in the unit)

My giant is also from Ramshackle,  a resin model too, Its all one piece, but at just £12, it is great for us cheapskates who really don’t like paying through the nose for GW stuff.


As you can see, they really do have a thing about monsters with their butts hanging out, the giant even has its balls on show from the back, much to the dismay of my daughter! Still its a good model and would make a great giant for 15mm as well, doomsday cultist in 15mm for size comp (as do the trolls from them, my son uses one for his warmaster O&G lot)

Big un’s on the warpath!!




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