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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Reaper Miniatures Bones II Kickstarter

2 Oct

Now this KS is the one I’ve been waiting for! Yes, it’s the second Reaper Miniatures Bones 2 campaign over on Kickstarter.

Having missed out on the last one, which believe me, I’m still kicking myself about. If you don’t know, Reaper Bones miniatures are a cheaper alternative to their usual metal lines, made up from the majority of their already existing figures, just made in a soft polymer type plastic. The first KS was to expand the initial releases from a handful, to many new bones figures. So successful was the last campaign, the second one was sure to come!

Now, with this new KS, they again want to bring out lots more new figures, both big and small, but need us to help fund this task! What do you get for helping support this campaign? Oh my friends….lots and lots and lots of bones minis!!

I was pretty gutted I never got in on the last one to be honest, cash flow and  stuff gets in the way sometimes, so I ducked out, but wished I hadn’t, and I imagine lots of others did too.

So for a $100 pledge what do you get I hear you ask again? Well, take a look at this, and this is just the start, as the stretch goals get passed, they will be adding more figures to the core set, plus you can purchase add ons too. You know the score, more they raise, more goodies for those who pledge at the $100 level.

Expect the core set to expand a fair bit, they aint even at $1 million yet (the last one hit nearly $3.5 Million!) just what exactly will be added will be revealed when the goals are reached, but no doubt everyone in on this will bag plenty of nice miniatures. Yes, and before I get someone saying “You only do 15mm” etc, indeed that is true, but me and my boy do play warhammer as well, and while I love 15mm, lots of the core set will get used as nice proxies for our forces, as well as make a start on some new ones. I’m also seeing us revisit dungeoneering in 28mm (Oh my lord, what am I doing…..)


By now your guessing that I’ve backed this KS, and that is true as well, me and my kid are splitting this between us, and even so I’m a bit unsure about where I’m going to get the cash to pay for my pledge, I know that we’ll be well rewarded for what we put in. Reaper have a solid record for delivering a KS of this scale, so I’m in no doubt they’ll end up sending me a lovely parcel when everything is sorted.

Seriously, if your interested in this great KS, you should get yourself in on it, I missed out last time (I really wanted Cthulhu, but he never calls!) and realise my mistake when I saw what was up for offer. I say go for it and pledge, if you don’t have the money, go and find it, sell a kidney/grandmother/etc to raise it, you have a few weeks (well, that’s my plan anyway!)

Visit the link below to get swept up in bones fever….

Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones! by Reaper Miniatures — Kickstarter.

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Modular Wargaming Terrain MAKI Games Kickstarter

21 May

If only I was still doing Necromunda, or any other scifi gaming in 28mm, cos’ these look very promising indeed! Ok, the plain ones don’t really inspire, but by the look of things, these could turn out to be a very good system for gaming. Why some one doesn’t do something like this for 15mm I really don’t know, but I’m sure 28mm players will be stoked.

These have got lots of wargaming potential if your prepared to splash some cash, and I’m in thinking that they would be best used with quite a few pieces rather than just a few. Still, they look like you could knock up some pretty impressive set ups given enough of the pieces.

Maki Games: High Quality Modular Wargaming Terrain by MAKI – Games — Kickstarter.

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I am Iron Man!! One man’s quest to become a superhero! (Kickstarter)

3 Apr

Shaun Toub as Yinsen helps Tony Stark (Robert ...

Shaun Toub as Yinsen helps Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) with the makeshift Mark I Armor in the 2008 Iron Man film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The thing I enjoy about looking around the Kickstarter site and its projects, is that I will find some real interesting and funny stuff there, and this is one of the latter.

TheOnlyTonyStark is trying to build himself a more robust version of this plastic carrymat Iron man suit! Well, he’s probably not anything like Tony Stark, or Robert Downey Jr either, but I don’t want to burst his bubble!

As you can see, the foam prototype isn’t too bad, and our Tony here is trying to raise the funds to get a more final all bells and whistles suit made if he succeeds!

Why? I really don’t know, but admittedly it would be cool to own one! Personally he ain’t got a prayer, even so he claims that this is so he can do visits to sick children in hospital (He’s all heart!!!) surely that kind of cash (£2000) be better spent on helping a kids charity, or donating a valuable bit of kit to the ward, rather than piss it up the wall with the construction of a replica costume!

Having worked in the industry making stuff like this, I can say 100% that unless you have access to a machine shop/workshop you’d struggle with this, and the price might be an issue too. Mistakes can really jump the price up, if you haven’t had some experience or don’t do your research about materials and construction, wiring and tech, the costs could really spiral. Not that I’m saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing, as its obvious he’s got a good grasp on the idea, but creating something solid in fibreglass or plastic for this purpose isn’t that easy.

I personally wouldn’t pay £1000 to get a carrymat ironman suit, thats just ridiculous, there’s plenty of great LARP companies and individuals out there who would be able to do a high grade foam and latex covered version for near that, or maybe a fibreglass moulded one. Another chancer trying for a freebie in a time of austerity.

I guess he could try and blag the LARP or Cosplay community for support, but you need a thick head and deep pockets if you support our Mr Stark. It just sounds as if he’s trying to blag for a free costume more than anything, which you and I know, is doomed to fail!

I wish him all the luck in the world, cos yer gonna need it!

Now I’m off to plan for my kickstarter to embed my bones with adamantium…..

Iron Man – A real suit by TheOnlyTonyStark.

Peace out…Avengers Assemble!!!

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Grim’s Modelmaking Tips: My top 10 Cheap or Free materials for scratchbuilding

2 Oct

I know this article probably won’t be as useful to some readers here, already well into the scratchbuilding bug like me, but I would hope that some of you that may have little or no experience in this subject will find some or all of it useful in some way. I intend to put up a few of these articles using this cheapo method I have been using for many years.

To me, paying for some modelling supplies is a real pain. I begrudge forking out for anything that impacts on my budget. Call me tight, but this comes from many years ago, when I was really skint, barely scraping a life, paying bills for myself and such, I am very much into making things of all types, and get stircrazy when I get a great idea and can’t carry it out for lack of stuff to make it with. This has lead me to become very inventive in my use of mundane junk from all over the place. Now I can’t abide good stuff I could use to make models or terrain from going to waste . All you expert scratch builders will know how just one cool bit of junk can make you inspired to make a fantastic model, and I thought I would give my top 10 best free (or at least lowest cost) things to collect for your bits box (You might need to get a box to start with to collect up your finds if you don’t have one(or several like me) already!)

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