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40K Deathguard Army: Proxy Poxwalkers (Probably) : CP Models Plant Creatures.

17 Jun

So, more Nurgley Chaos goodness with this possible proxy unit of poxwalkers that I painted. Now, this lot were originally from CP Models (apart from the front model, which I’ll address in a bit) and are from their sci-fi range and are intended to be B-Movie type plant creatures.

(These models can be found here if your interested: CP Models Plant Creatures)

So, seeing though I had a unit of 10 of them laying around, I thought it might be a good idea to press them into service as a sort of fleshy, diseased and pox ridden shamblers, kind of overtaken by a chaos zombie mushroom/plant based contagion. However, I’m not too sure if they’ll make the final cut and instead be replaced by zombies and GW poxwalkers.

These models are pretty low on detail, so I had a hard time trying to get what I wanted out of them. That’s why I say probably they’ll end up as proxies. They do look OK when massed up together, I had thought they would be like the infected are slowly being turned inside out and becoming a steaming pile of gore, pus, flesh and tentacles eventually as the infection takes over. Which is why I added this next model to the unit.

This is a shoggoth from Black cat bases range. I’ve had this for years, lurking in the back of my stuff, just never really had a need for it until now. I’d like to think it’s what the rest would end up becoming, sort of like a chaos spawn flesh mound.

I’m in two minds about it. On the one hand, the are quite disgusting, but on the other, I’m not 100% happy with them. I know they are not fabulous paint jobs, but they were speed painted, so didn’t get a load of time spent on them.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and if it’s a good idea to use them, or maybe I should give them a few more washes in some extra gore…

Finished Carnivorous Plant photos!

29 Sep

Here is the finished model, I thought I would share the pics to show you how it’s turned out. With a few rocks, flock and static grass and moss, I reckon it’s a nice piece in the end!


The skull were suggested to show that it had eaten previous, at first I was against the idea, as the size of the skull would determine the scale (a 28mm skull would have looked too big for 15mm and way too big for 10mm if I needed it) so was a happy compromise with some skulls decapitated from some Twilight creations “bag o’ skeletons”, plastic  figures, you get 100 a pack, so I have quite a lot left in my bits box after my son wanted to make three units of them up for warhammer. They aren’t the prettiest, nor highly detailed, but ideal for conversions, bits and rank and file troopers for en masse skeleton armies on the cheap (I’ll talk more about the uses in another post later)

I painted up the heads and varnished them before I sacrificed them to the plant! These are more old school true 25mm scale, so smaller than a GW skull or similar, and wouldn’t look as bad scale wise with 15mm minis.


They make a great addition to the bases, hiding in the undergrowth!


I tried to make the whole thing look like the feeding tubers came in and out from the central mass whenever prey was near, like anemone and corals (as it was originally a fish bowl ornament) Well I hope you all like, here’s a few more pics.


Here’s some for size comparison. 15mm and 28mm figures for scale.





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28mm/15mm Alien Man eating plant WIP

26 Sep

I was sorting through some old fishtank bits and junk from my shed a week or two ago, I was going to chuck a load of stuff, but just in case there was anything useful that I’d forgot about, I checked throught it all the same. Amongst the grotty unused bits there were some cracking bits ripe for conversion in my models and projects, this plastic ornament was just crying out for it to be made into something weird and alien!


I set to work yesterday about creating a bit of alien plant flora terrain, the “feed me” kind of carniverous plant to use in sci-fi games. I love the tentacled anemone/urchin look, but reckoned it would need a bit of milliput to take it from bowl to goal!! I stuck it to a clear CD divider (A normal CD would have done, but it was the first bit I laid my hands on!) and started to sculpt some extra bits with my last dregs of putty. To make matters worse, it was starting to go off, so the time I had to use it was less than 15 minutes, I wanted to spend a bit of time on it, but it was my last bit and there wasn’t too much of it, so I was lucky it looked as ok as it did.



I added tentacles, eyes/blobs and small creepy tentacled masses to the base to simulate other smaller colonies of the organism spreading from the parent plant. In the centre of the tentacled feeding maws on the top of the ornament, I added a toothed eyeless mouth to each, with the largest one getting an open mouth with a long tentacled tongue. I had ran out of putty at this point, so the teeth in this mouth were made from the end of wooden BBQ kebab sticks chopped off. Not ideal but Ok. After it had dried and set overnight, I just gave it a green/black/brown undercoat a couple of times all over (plant and base) Then it was just a case of painting it up. I used colour starting from the tentacles with green going up to dark aqua colour, then blues blended to purple, then up to red and orange in the middle. I am still to attack it with inks and washes, shading and a few highlights, then varnish and basing (which will have a few extra bits to fill the gaps, but so far i’m pretty happy with the results so far, here’s the photos so far



Its inspired me to maybe make quite a few in different sizes and variety, and then I can use them for Lustrian deadly man eaters for warhammer games (That will probably mean I’ll have to get a Lizardman army to justify it…) Death world terrain for 40K, but mainly I will be using stuff like this for my 15mm games of all types (its pretty versitile as it goes, it can fit in to tons of different games and genres) I might even see if I can make a plant based alien force as it might look good as an actual giant behemoth plant (after all, it could move around, its got tentacles…) the uses are endless (well wargames wise) I’ll finish it tomorrow and give you all an update on the finished plant. As ever leave any comments if you have any suggestions, maybe some ideas for some good existing ranges of figures that would go with it (any scale) especially if you know of any plant type troops that’s out there.


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