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Survivors ahoy! Pendraken 10mm sci-fi civilians

28 Feb


I thought I’d share with you my last entry to the Pendraken painting comp 2013. This lot are from their sci-fi range, Male sci-fi civilians and female civilians. They turned out ok and don’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning I don’t think, but regardless of the comp the reason I got them was ready for the release of their 10mm modern zombie range coming soon (which I will be getting you can be sure!)

While there aren’t too many armed ones in the mix, they are fine for modern survivor types that one would need in a 10mm apocolypse. My plan is to run a long campaign in both 10mm and 15mm. With that in mind I need to replicate key models and scenery from 15mm in 10mm. What is handy is that Model railway N scale is pretty much a good match for 10mm, so it should be relatively easy to find the same sized modern stuff I need (plus I use a lot of card scenics, so a bit of jiggling the print out, I can match all of the cardstock layout like for like) N scale is pretty popular so there are lots of cars, buses, tiny bits of details and cool things I can add to the mix, I love it all and intend to use it so the 10mm games where I get the chance to pit zombies vs government forces. I can even do airport based games like in the movies and computer games as there are lots of 1/144 options for 747s and aircraft.

It will be sweeet!!!!

The main survivors in my 15mm lot will also need proxies, so that’s what is going to be a pain, but a bit of imagination and innovation I reckon i’ll suss it out.


As you can see, here’s what I have so far, I have a male armed civvy in a baseball cap, a civilian female and a mixed group of fleeing folks, they will do for scenarios like evacuations, riots, rescues and a whole host of other stuff where panicking bods are needed.

The single based ones are to represent my main survivors, or my cast so to speak.

So, as you can see, this is Beth 10mm, and Beth 15mm, She is a main player in the campaign. Beth is a tough cookie, before the event, she was a reporter for the Herald. She has seen her share of danger, betrayal and death since it happened, but has managed to keep some humanity for others in her situation. The learning curve was steep, but now she kicks ass.


This is  Joe (10mm little Joe & 15mm big Joe!), Joe used to drive his truck for a local logging company before the event. He had his issues with his boss, his on off girlfriend, and his heavy drinking. When the undead took all that away from him, having to decapitate his girl lead him to give up the booze and not waste what was left of his life. Joe still has his truck and is a sureshot with his double barreled shotgun. He used to love hunting at the weekend with his buddies, nowadays he still hunts but with things as they are, it could be his buddies he ends up hunting…..

So you get the idea, my plan is to get my main 15mm survivors with their little versions. Hopefully Leon and Dave have some good matches planned for their 10mm survivors, and hopefully some existing ones in their ranges now that should fit for what I need. It’s going to be a challenge, but will be great fun getting the chance to keep the campaign interesting to fit a whole heap of new gaming options into it that I would have problems with doing in 15mm.

More civvies to come and a few more 10 & 15mm characters. Even Joe’s truck comes in two sizes….

Peace out surivors…..

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10mm Pendraken Sci-fi Minotaurs

20 Feb


Having pushed myself to find some painting time in the last few days, I managed to get some 10mm Sci-fi minotaurs done for entry to the Pendraken painting comp. Although these are for use in 10mm, they scale perfectly to 15mm as bovine beastmen types in my scifi games. I can recommend these little fellers as fodder troops, especially if you have some other futuristic beastmen (such as irregular’s scifi goatmen) as a great soldier in such an army. These minotaurs are not blessed with armour or much else other than a heavy weapon (in 10mm they are anyway!) I’m planning on quite a lot more of these for my warband.

While I like their finish, I can honestly say I aint got much of a chance at a shot of the category prize, there are sooo many great entries, I doubt I’ll get a look in. They say it’s not the winning, but taking part that’s important, and that is indeed true, but you gotta be in it to win it!

Good luck to all the entrants in the comp!


Peace out….

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Pendraken painting Competition 2013 starts today!

1 Feb


You’ll be pleased to know that the Penraken annual painting comp officially starts today, and as you can imagine there are some great incentives for taking part, loads of prizes and potential bragging rights up for grabs!

I’ll be entering in a few categories (hopefully if I get it all sorted in time) and I expect the standard to be high as usual. I don’t think I’ll do badly, but there’s a few there who will give me a run for my money. I’ve never entered before so it’ll be a bit of fun in doing so, as they say its the taking part that matters!

If you want to take part, you’ll need to go along to the Pendraken Forum and make yourself a member, it’s a busy forum with most members there being very agreeable and helpful folks. Once you’ve joined, you’ll have to get hold of some lovely Pendraken 10mm minis (Just Pendraken figures I’m afraid) But you’ll have to be quick if you want to make an order, Leon and Dave are busy fellows so get your order in fast if you want to take part and get your stuff in time!!

I’ll let you have a peek at my competition entries here once they’re ready, and highlight some good entries I think are worthy of merit!

Visit the Pendraken Forum and get involved!!



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