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Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Dwellers of the Pit: Orc (common)

15 Aug


An old fave of mainstream fantasy today, fleshing out more monsters for the Dungeons of Doom Fighting fantasy miniature skirmish game, the common orc. You might notice that I’m trying to bring some uniformity to the monster stats, this is for making monster cards later for my game. I thought I’d eventually have to do this for all the monster types I’ll need for the dungeon, so what better moment than now, just to get them out of the way before I get into doing the more obscure creatures. Orcs don’t possess any noteworthy abilities other than to serve as antagonists, common orcs are just that, common.



We all know what an orc is I’m assuming, so I’ll skip any proper descriptions, and take an excerpt from the original text from Out of the Pit.

Description: (Excerpt taken from the original Out of the Pit 1985 Puffin Books)

Orcs are disgusting, filthy creatures with vile habits to match. they delight in the pain of others, even weaker members of their own race, and they will torture their captives before setting them to work as slaves. The living quarters of an orc stronghold will be knee deep in filth and muck, and will be unhealthy, to say the least. Orcs delight in unsavoury activities. Their favourite food, for example, is a rare dish called elf intestines in gnome’s-blood sauce, though when this is out of season they have to settle for more mundane delights like rat-gizzard soup, or curried bat surprise!


Grim’s Dungeons of Doom conversions

There is nothing special about the common orc. It serves as a generic dungeon monster for adventurers to fight (as with most mainstream fantasy games and fiction and so on) They have no abilities other than to hit your players and be a general pain in the ass.



The orcs I’ve used here are mainly made up from some old GW plastic orcs, and you’ll notice the two at either side are actually some 15mm irregular miniatures trolls I use to shake it up a little. (they are quite old skool looking) hese will serve as my basic orcs for the time being, until I phase them out with some more individual models (you’ll always need more orcs…)

I don’t mind these plastic orcs, as they are just fodder, even so I’m trying to evoke an old nostalgic feel, where I’d prefer to stick metal individual minis in (I have a ton of them don’t get me wrong, just not too much time to paint them up, these are from various units of my WFB army, mostly sort of uniform and generic.) no doubt you’ll see the others in roles befitting them of greater orcs or personalities/leaders, that is when I get around to it…

I’ll be back later to detail the next generic monster for the dungeon, the humble goblin, and hopefully the next Grim’s Dungeons of Doom article detailing opening doors….

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Dwellers of the Pit: Young Red Dragon

10 Aug


Back again with another addition to the Dwellers of the pit, a series of companion articles to the dungeons of doom. This time, there’s no monster make or tutorial (I’m in the process of putting the next ones into order), just the stats for the FF dungeon skirmish. This time we have the Young red Dragon.



Every dungeon needs a dragon, although this one is just a mere child in dragon terms, he’ll still give a party of adventurers a run for their money!


Description: (Taken from the original Out of the Pit 1985 Puffin Books)

Red Dragons are hoarders who relish collecting coins, jewels and all other valuable items. When encountered, a Red Dragon will usually be in it’s cavern, sprawled across the top of a large pile of treasure. Red Dragons are automatically suspicious of anyone they encounter, believing them to be thieves intent on stealing their treasure, and will attack them immediately.

They can shoot fireballs from their mouths, which they send roaring through the air to explode on their target. These can be avoided by a successful test for Luck, if they hit they will cause 2 STAMINA points of damage (4 from an adult Red Dragon) These creatures can produce one of these every other round, and can shoot them up to twenty-five metres with surprising accuracy.

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom Conversions

First of all, I’ll add that all all red dragons should be IMMUNE TO FIRE to start with (these are fire breathers after all)

Since we have a mention of range for once, a quick conversion directly works out at probably 12 inches for the Young dragons fireball weapon (I’d say an adult would be 24 at 4 Stamina damage per fireball) and thats pretty much it.


To top off the article, I want to add the mini, isn’t actually a commercially available mini at all. I had this in my glass cabinet for a few years. After the great dragon cabinet incident (where a third of my 50+ dragon statues were lost by the shelves collapsing and the glass almost cutting my arms off at the wrist…but that is another story…) Well this small one survived and instead of putting him back in, I thought I’d give him a repaint (the paint job was below par) and I think he turned out ok. These kind of resin ornaments can be successfully used with your mini games, an most of the time are a lot cheaper than their gaming counterparts.

Anyway, please feel free to comment, like and share. I’m off now to finish my Dungeon door tutorial…

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Dwellers of the Pit: Giant Scorpion

9 Aug


Welcome to the companion series of articles that’ll build up a bestiary of miniatures for my game, and it’ll be here for those of you who want to use the info for your own projects.



The first article here is going to deal with the Giant Scorpion (mostly for my memory from Deathtrap Dungeon) So lets set the scene, dish the stats out, then we’ll talk more about other aspects.


Description: (Quoted from the Original Out of the Pit (puffin books 1985 & Beyond the pit weblink)

Giant Scorpions are fearsome creatures found in many parts of the world, from temperate wastelands to the burning hot sands of deserts. They are aggressive predators, and are not afraid of attacking humans. Around three metres in length, they are covered in shiny black brown armour. Their huge claws extend out on strong limbs, and above their backs hangs their deadly sting, as large as a mans head.

Special Abilities/Attacks:

Their typical attack is to grasp their victim with a dextrous claw and lash him with their sting. Each claw can attack independently, if it is taking lone prey, it will attack with both of them at once. If a giant scorpion gets a strong grip on its opponent (If 22 is rolled for its attack strength, or in the case of two opponents, if both attacks are successful) its sting will whip forward and inject a fatal poison that will take scant seconds to kill the victim(s). Once the prey is dead, the giant scorpion will drag away the fresh corpse into its bone littered cave  or shady corner, and eat it.

The Giant Scorpion from the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, Deathtrap Dungeon

The Giant Scorpion from the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, Deathtrap Dungeon

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom Conversions

Firstly, you’ll notice the stat scroll has the addition of movement stat (MOVE). Since this game is miniature based skirmish, there needed to be a standard of movement here, and as far as I can be sure, there is hardly any mention of game turn distance, its all rather loose. As a rule of thumb, I’m going to say, just as in many other games (WFB, 40K and other GW stuff) the standard for a human is 4. Remember, the pedigree of Fighting Fantasy, it’s almost a GW thing, so it makes sense to use a GW based term.


The scorpion has therefore got a MOVE of 6, meaning since this is a big creature, it moves faster than a humanoid/human but only proportionally (or it would be faster) imagine the big carapace plating, and remember the science of large insects (not having an internal skeleton at those sizes mean extra stress on the creature as far as I can think).

If an adventurer is unfortunate enough to be fatally stung, the victim can make a test against LUCK, failure results in gradual death within 3 rounds unless administered an anti-venom antidote. Whilst in this poisoned state, the victim is prone and can take no action. If the victim takes anymore damage or does not receive the antidote, they will perish (game over)

The giant scorpion is a true terror and is meant to be a deadly foe. Even so it’ll probably take out half your party of treasure seekers, but you have to give them a fighting chance against monsters like this!

If you want to know how it was made check out the Giant Scorpion monster mini make here.

So that’s it! Let me know if you agree, or what do you think the rules should be based on the original source material, please let me know and comment!

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