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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Sexy Orcs Kickstarter by Ekmel Sword

20 Oct

WTF!? Exactly! I thought I’d kick off this post with these surreal and barmy miniatures from Ekmel Sword Miniatures from over on Kickstarter. Crazy is not the word for these sets of what are termed”sexy” 28mm Orcs on offer here, but hey, you know me, I love those crackpot mini ideas!

As you can see, these suave greenskins are quite dapper and Ekmel go further into the sexy aspect, even including a stripper orc and cosplay TMNT orcs (How that is sexy, I don’t know) As weird as they are, I can still see that these would be useful in some respects for civilians if you have an orc/ork collection. Some of the above would be quite good as bodyguards, advisors and the like (especially if you need some “Imperialised” Orks for your Blood Axe mob)

Bad points; They are quite basic and a bit naive in the sculpt, but not without charm, almost reminding me of the recent Cowboy Orcs KS and another project I can’t recall the name of from a few years back (which was a hand sculpted board game featuring lots of orcs, the name slips my mind, Chronobound or something…) The detail seems limited and most of which seems to be obtained by painting.

Good points; They have bags of character and are fun. Best of all they are weird (which is good) After all, if you need an orc stripper to go around your battlefield to T-bag the fallen foes!!

On another note, if the good folks at Ekmel are reading this, I’d suggest that the next set you create would be the females (not anime-esque versions, more like drag orcs or Monty Python inspired if you get me) They would compliment this first set and add more Orc civvies to what you can get.

Anyway, check them out over on the KS project page if you want to learn more or get some sexytime for your mob!


Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Dwellers of the Pit: Orc (common)

15 Aug


An old fave of mainstream fantasy today, fleshing out more monsters for the Dungeons of Doom Fighting fantasy miniature skirmish game, the common orc. You might notice that I’m trying to bring some uniformity to the monster stats, this is for making monster cards later for my game. I thought I’d eventually have to do this for all the monster types I’ll need for the dungeon, so what better moment than now, just to get them out of the way before I get into doing the more obscure creatures. Orcs don’t possess any noteworthy abilities other than to serve as antagonists, common orcs are just that, common.



We all know what an orc is I’m assuming, so I’ll skip any proper descriptions, and take an excerpt from the original text from Out of the Pit.

Description: (Excerpt taken from the original Out of the Pit 1985 Puffin Books)

Orcs are disgusting, filthy creatures with vile habits to match. they delight in the pain of others, even weaker members of their own race, and they will torture their captives before setting them to work as slaves. The living quarters of an orc stronghold will be knee deep in filth and muck, and will be unhealthy, to say the least. Orcs delight in unsavoury activities. Their favourite food, for example, is a rare dish called elf intestines in gnome’s-blood sauce, though when this is out of season they have to settle for more mundane delights like rat-gizzard soup, or curried bat surprise!


Grim’s Dungeons of Doom conversions

There is nothing special about the common orc. It serves as a generic dungeon monster for adventurers to fight (as with most mainstream fantasy games and fiction and so on) They have no abilities other than to hit your players and be a general pain in the ass.



The orcs I’ve used here are mainly made up from some old GW plastic orcs, and you’ll notice the two at either side are actually some 15mm irregular miniatures trolls I use to shake it up a little. (they are quite old skool looking) hese will serve as my basic orcs for the time being, until I phase them out with some more individual models (you’ll always need more orcs…)

I don’t mind these plastic orcs, as they are just fodder, even so I’m trying to evoke an old nostalgic feel, where I’d prefer to stick metal individual minis in (I have a ton of them don’t get me wrong, just not too much time to paint them up, these are from various units of my WFB army, mostly sort of uniform and generic.) no doubt you’ll see the others in roles befitting them of greater orcs or personalities/leaders, that is when I get around to it…

I’ll be back later to detail the next generic monster for the dungeon, the humble goblin, and hopefully the next Grim’s Dungeons of Doom article detailing opening doors….

More 15mm 40k Space orc(y) goodness. Squiggoth WIP

9 Jun


To carry on with my 15mm space orc lot, I thought I’d share my latest addition to them, my squiggoth. It’s a repurposed scotia-grendel 28mm warbeast (a Kev adams sculpt I think) that I had knocking around. With an added howdah and a large cannon (plus a few random snotlings as 15mm grots for crew, it’s shaping up nicely.

There’s still a bit left to do, a highlight here and there, a few bits to add and a banner or two, and of course the basing to do before I’ll call it a day and stop, but it does mean that slowly, but surely my orc force is getting there.



I’ll admit that I’m not the greatest painter, but one still has to keep their hand in it so to speak. I the type that will always be faffing until the end of time, trying to add to stuff in order to get a better finish. I’ll also hazard a guess, that I’m not the only one!









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28mm Orc Champion on Squog beast (Own sculpt)

1 Oct

This figure was an experiment and just messing about, I was short of riding beasts for my O&G army for WFB, so I decided to sculpt one to save on cash. The result was this strange squig type mount. I tried to keep the features orky, with its big stupid grin, I admit it could have been done a little better, but it serves the purpose to lead my orc and gobbo cavalry into battle! The Orc is a GW one and not my own, just the squog!





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28mm Trolls and giant for WFB orcs.

24 Sep

I thought I would showcase some of my models from my Warhammer Fantasy battle Orc army.

First up, the trolls….


The one first in line at the left hand side is my own sculpt, I was short a troll for my unit of eight (you can see the black one at the back is still to be painted) Like I keep saying, I can sculpt big stuff, but really small things still elude me. I don’t think its too bad, I know with some practice I’ll get better and go smaller. Here’s a few more shots of it.



OK, back to the rest of the unit, When I was sorting my unit I wanted to keep down the cost of the models (hence, why I sculpted one) The next ones are from Ramshackle, and for two resin trolls costing just £2.50, they are ideal for budgeting gamers. The unpainted one at the back is also from them.



It seems like the sculptors there have a thing about big monsters having their asses hanging out! Still they are cool models with bags of character (The mushrooms are my own work and don’t come with the figures!) Next in my troll warband is this strange looking troll from RAFM, I like it just because its weird. Again the toadstools are mine, not what come with the model (this one was sourced from Ebay for a couple of pounds.)


Next we have a couple of Reaper Bones polymer plastic recasts from the first range (And don’t remind me about the latest million dollar Bones Kickstarter I missed out on, I would have liked to get my hands on someof the excellent figs in that lot!)


Not bad for a couple of quid each, cheap, and paint up OK too. Lastly I have a plastic GW troll from the skull pass set (The only real GW figure in the unit)

My giant is also from Ramshackle,  a resin model too, Its all one piece, but at just £12, it is great for us cheapskates who really don’t like paying through the nose for GW stuff.


As you can see, they really do have a thing about monsters with their butts hanging out, the giant even has its balls on show from the back, much to the dismay of my daughter! Still its a good model and would make a great giant for 15mm as well, doomsday cultist in 15mm for size comp (as do the trolls from them, my son uses one for his warmaster O&G lot)

Big un’s on the warpath!!




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