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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Greebo miniatures Hand of death on Indiegogo

10 Mar

I’ve mentioned Greebo miniatures before on here, and just thought I’d highlight their latest campaign.

The Hand of Death, mainly being composed of Rats and Turtles for use in fantasy football type games, are lovely little figures, heavily influenced by TMNT, but for me that indeed is a bonus. I’ve always loved all things Ninja turtles, and still do, so I was always going to love these minis. Even so they are intended for bloodbowl-esque games, there seems to be plenty of options for use with other styles of gaming, and some don’t need any adaption whatsoever.

I am a bit gutted that I don’t have cash available to get hold of some of these great figures, and am loving the Oni (above) even the eastern goblins are really good as well! Damn you greebo, for putting this on Indiegogo, at least I might have had a chance to get involved if it had been a KS!

You can check out all the options by going clicky on the link below!!

Hand of death – Rats and Turtles miniatures set | Indiegogo.

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Kensei Oriental Fantasy Creatures on Indiegogo.

11 Apr

For those of you who like a little eastern take on your miniature wargaming, Kensei Miniatures have launched an Indiegogo campaign to get loads of great creatures into lead. I saw a few of the greens a while ago and was quite impressed with them, so it’s nice to see them finally going down the path of getting produced. Even so I don’t really do much 28mm gaming, let alone anything oriental inspired (I’m quite tempted to do some “Dynasty Warriors” style games in 15mm though!) I can see the appeal, and wouldn’t mind some of them to put on display on my shelves!

I really love the Oni and the big spider centaur lady, she’d certainly make a good leader for the few scorpion centaurs I have lurking in my lead mountain, and I could see the Oni joining up my Ogre mercs for my Warhammer orcs. As you can see, he’s a fearsome beast, and a cracking sculpt too!

Get on over to the campaign page and pledge if you like the look of these fantastic figures.

Kensei Fantasy Creatures | Indiegogo.

Peace out…..

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