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Zomtober: Week #3. Better late than never….

24 Oct



Ok, Ok, so I am quite a tad late with this weeks zomtober entry. Real life gets in the way of any hobbyist persuit and while I have had ample chance to get access to my computer, I’m currently dosed with the flu, a damaged knee and aching bones.

Never the less, I did manage to get a couple of likkle zomers done (excuse the pics, they are just ok, not great)

As usual, I’m working through the old glory/blue moon manufacturing 15mm zombies I got a while back.




This time, we have the first crawler type I have in the horde, which I’ve made a bit more bloodied and gruesome, and the bare chested one which I adopted an easy brown/pale flesh gradient with minimal highlights. Easy and effective (plus saves messing around with tons of different pots of colour open etc)

I will be back with the last entry, all being well, on time on Sunday.


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Zomtober Week #2: Old Glory 15mm Zombies.

14 Oct


Hello there everyone, well this weeks Zomtober painting entry is a little late by a day, but here they are. Yesterday was pretty busy, so I wasn’t able to get anything done or posted, so sorry my bad!




These are the first of the pack of old glory 15mm zombies I got a few months ago,, and I must say that I love the sculpts and sheer variety in the packs. Even so I’m not a big fan of zombies with weapons, I kinda like the cleaver dude. All in all great sculpts with these zombies.

Well, bust today too, so no long post at all, so ciao for now!

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