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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Burrows & Badgers: FreeLances Oathsworn Miniatures Kickstarter

26 Sep

It’s seems like it’s been ages since I highlighted a good crowdfunder, so in respect of that, i’ve decided that this weekend I’m going to, starting off with Oathsworn’s Burrows and Badgers Freelances campaign.

For fans of anthro type minis with a fantasy theme, these are a fantastic addition to their growing range. There’s Foxes. rats, cats, rabbits, otters, and more. Especially cool highlights include the adder mage, armadillo warrior, and slave badger amongst the new selection.

On a side note, Warhammer players (or age of sigmar) will find the rat figures a perfect match for Skaven forces, as I am sure that other games will benefit from these too, or simply download the Burrows & Badgers rules, free from Oathsworn.

I love the look of these figures, and are lovely sculpts. Unfortunately as per usual, I’m skint so can’t take part, which is a pity, but no doubt in the future I’ll be buying them direct when funds allow when they are on general sale.

This project is fully funded with only 9 days left, so if you want to get involved, go and check it out via the link below!



Crowdfunding Spotlight: Oathsworn Miniatures: Heroes Kickstarter

12 Sep

Oathsworn if you recall, ran the earlier Dwarven KS a little while ago, this time they are back with a new campaign, and it’s one that halfling army wargamers will enjoy.

There’s a lot of really nice figures in this lot, including the halfling ninja, which is inspired I think. I wouldn’t mind a whole unit of them, There’s only one pose though, so that might be something for Oathsworn in the future!! Seriously, there’s some gems in here and they give me a nice feeling of nostalgia, very old school indeed. Love the dwarf king and the ogre merc, there’s plenty of character on the faces of this set if the greens are anything to go by!

Go and check out the project page on the link below, and get involved!

Oathsworn Miniatures: Heroes by Oathsworn Miniatures — Kickstarter.

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